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spotting at 26 weeks - should I be worried?

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Chirpygirl Wed 27-Jun-07 13:01:33

I have had some spotting since I got up this morning, nothing heavy, I have liners and they are catching it. Should I be worried? the baby is moving and I feel fine but if I call the midwife she might send me in to labour ward and I have no-one to watch DD this afternoon so don't really want to unless I have to IYSWIM.

ta muchly

myjobismum Wed 27-Jun-07 13:05:13

ermmmmmm....its up to you really but if it was me then i would be inclined to call midwife - its not likely she will say go to hosp, more that she will tell you what else to look out for, or maybe she will even come visit you

best of luck

lulumama Wed 27-Jun-07 13:05:58

is it fresh red spotting?

it is probably nothing sinister , but you should be checked out

Princesspowersparkle Wed 27-Jun-07 13:06:57

Chirpygirl, I'd call your MW. Best to be safe.

Chirpygirl Wed 27-Jun-07 13:07:39

It was fresh this morning when I was in the loo but it is darker on the pads. It realy is only a small amount but I had some braxton hicks at the weekend so am hoping to god it isn't anything worrying!

Chirpygirl Wed 27-Jun-07 13:09:40

okay, 3-0, I'll call her (mutter mutter, only saw her yesterday, she's a pain...humph )

Princesspowersparkle Wed 27-Jun-07 13:10:41

If it was fresh then def call your MW. At the end of the day if she does send you to hospital you can take your DD with you. Not ideal i know but your health and the babies is important!!
call now- let us know how you get on! X

Chirpygirl Wed 27-Jun-07 16:40:21

Okay, am back from hospital, it is actually DH's day off but he was out on his bike and non-contactable, but he came back just as I was calling midwife. she told me to call labour ward and they told me to go in so have spent a really unproductive afternoon strapped to a monitor. Had an exam and I have an eroded cervix which was bleeding every time they touched it, but as the blood was from 'outside' they said I could come home and keep an eye on it.

They also said no more, ahem, relations, for awhile...and even wrote it on my notes in case DH doesn't believe me....

thanks for making me go as I know the baby is fine, and I knew that, but as it turns out, I am not!

lulumama Wed 27-Jun-07 16:41:23

cervical erosion is quite common, not sinister, won;t affect the baby

'relations' can cause more bleeding.

glad everything is ok x

Chirpygirl Wed 27-Jun-07 16:48:11

The doctor was so embarrased, it was hysterical, she eventually chickened out and got the midwife to tell me.

But then any doctor who, instead of saying she needs to do an internal exam says she is going to have to look 'down there' needs a bit more training methinks!

Chirpygirl Wed 27-Jun-07 16:48:49

and thanks lulumama!

lulumama Wed 27-Jun-07 16:49:12

you're kidding !! was she an obs or a med student?

<<hopes she was a student>>

lisad123 Wed 27-Jun-07 16:51:46

i had cervix erro in last pregnancy and this one too, but all is well. Glad it was nothing to worry about.
Good luck in rest of pregnancy.

Princesspowersparkle Wed 27-Jun-07 17:23:01

Phew chirpygirl- that is good news! x

Chirpygirl Wed 27-Jun-07 19:22:25

I'm not sure but think she was a student. As per fucking usual no-one introduced themselves or told me who the hell they were, which really pisses me off. And when you ask you get 'I'm the doctor', or 'I'm the midwife'

Very helpful, and your name?!?!?!

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