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4tobe Wed 27-Jun-07 09:47:02

Any tips on how to relieve the pain? So uncomfortable to walk at the moment..

Wolfgirl Wed 27-Jun-07 09:49:59

ah, the pain, I feel for you. I had it severely with DS1. paracetmol! I lived on it everyday for the last 3 months. I could barely walk! and turning over in bed!!! well!! I would scream out 'involuntarily' in sheer agony. so big hugs to you 4tobe! I hope it eases off soon!


4tobe Wed 27-Jun-07 09:53:20

Thanks wolfgirl. Is it ok to take paracetomal then in pregnancy (how much daily?) It would certainly help just to be able to go shopping! Did anything else help you?

TheBlonde Wed 27-Jun-07 10:04:05

Massage worked for me

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