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HAQUE Tue 26-Jun-07 15:05:25

I have had vomiting and diahorrea (spelling?) for one and a half weeks, feel very worn out as 20 weeks pg and have two year old to keep on the straight and narrow. Phoned doc today who is not in the slightet concerned, told me just to have light diet and if still same in a few days go see her. she is normally very good but I'm still worried, how long do I let this continue? Any suggestions what I can take to stop this?

KezzaG Tue 26-Jun-07 15:19:53

I had a bug while pg and the MW told me all would be fine as baby will take what it needs etc, but to call the gp if it went on longer than 3 days as they would need to rule out food poisoning. Mine cleared up within 48 hours, but if I was you I think I would call the MW and get a second opinion, especially as you are now concerned about it. Poor you, hope you feel better.

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