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last trimester worries

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bumbly Tue 26-Jun-07 09:42:24

well so far been not putting any weight on and measureing small

to compound it been very busy with house moving..and ikea furniture building...non stop 12+hour days on my feet...

is all this bad for me and the LO?

i feel tired at end of day but have always been a pretty active not exhausted but just very tired

am rushing around - but not to the point of breathlessness...but i know my heart rate is pretty high (90-100) most of the a little out of breath...

suddenly got worried that am starving the LO with oxygen...

furthermore keep sleeping/waking up on my back as when i sleep on the reputably safer left side i wake up with pins and needles in my arms of all things

so is all going terribly wrong in this now last important trimester?

could LO still be putting on weght even though i am not???

is moving light boxes all day actually bad for you or should i keep looking at it as a way of keeping fit and preparing for labour?

anyone else have a very hectic third trimester and it end up all ok?

am worried been harming LO!!

Princesspowersparkle Tue 26-Jun-07 09:50:42

Hi Bumbly
Poor you!

I imagine LO is still putting on weight- remember that they will take all the goodness etc before you, so even though you might not be getting enough, your baby most definitely will be.

I would try and go a bit easier if you can, although if you have been active throughout the whole thing, you are probably still OK to. Remember that all your joints and stuff are a lot looser now so try and take more rests and that.

I keep waking up on my back too and I've given up worrying about it. I think the harm is more to you (ie breathlessness etc) rather than the baby so if your body is happy to lay like that then so be it. I get crampy hips if I lay on my sides all night. Just be comfy.

I'm sure all the things you are worrying about is just the pressures of the last trimester. Try and take some time out for yourself and relax before baby arrives.

Take care

PPS (36+4) XX

PS: My friend did not stop right up til baby was born and he was fine. I don't know how she managed it! X

Uki Tue 26-Jun-07 11:39:44

Hi Bumbly

You sound like you have enough energy for all that so I don't think you are doing your baby any harm, Just don't push yourself if your not up to it.

You sound a little stressed, Isn't there someone who can help you a bit???? i'm 34 weeks and have been really busy too, but now I'm chilling out, and catching up on 10 hours a night sleep. I get the pins and needles in my arms too though, although all my pillows help a little.

I agree with princess and the baby will be taking your nutrients before you, but you probably need to eat a little more too, try some power shakes, yogurt, fruit, sustagen and get some more protein eggs, fish, etc. my SIL was measuring small too and this helped her.

why don't you plan some fun things to do before bubs comes, luches, movies, etc. You should be enjoying yourself.

MrsMar Tue 26-Jun-07 11:43:16

Bumbly, your life sounds like mine... currently got builders in so the house is a mess and I'm constantly running up and down the stairs to let them in the front do, am fighting a losing battle with the dust, and to top it all got painters starting today, so I've had to strip two rooms this morning, move about 400 books from bookcases and take down four sets of really heavy curtains. I'm totally sweaty and breathless all the time! What is it that drives us to these crazy schemes at a time when we should be putting our feet up?

bumbly Wed 27-Jun-07 09:25:37

thanks for the messages of support. Glad to hear am not the only one rushing around with books in my hand and doing rooms up etc

To top it all up noticed my feet really swelled up yesterday so today will try and do a little less; although with "things" supposedly happening in 4-5 weeks time, (aargh!!) time is short...

Am so behind getting ready.

I hope am not getting eclampsia. I do know my hips are killing me though.

Uki Wed 27-Jun-07 11:52:30


newborns sleep alot, so don't worry you will be able to get stuff done then too, in fact you will probably like having housey stuff to do as otherwise you will be watching them sleep all day. It gets a bit boring after a week or two

Hathor Wed 27-Jun-07 12:00:23

Please don't worry. You sound very fit and active - that will make the birth and looking after the baby easier.
I used to get pins and needles - all that weight pressing on one side at night, and difficult to turn over: try padding under the bottom sheet with an old duvet to soften the bed.
Put your feet up sometimes and give yourself a relaxing time doing something you enjoy.
Even if you are not putting on weight, I am sure the LO will be. Your body is amazing at looking after the baby as first priority.

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