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Resting on my bladder?

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RGPargy Sun 24-Jun-07 11:03:46

Just wondered if it's possible at this stage for me to feel if the baby is resting on my bladder. You know when you're really really busting for a wee and you end up getting cramps in your bladder, well i feel like i'm one step away from getting the cramps, but without the need for a wee!

Is this the baby resting there and what can i do to shift it - it's really uncomfortable!


RG (17+5)

FioFio Sun 24-Jun-07 11:06:05

Message withdrawn

Aero Sun 24-Jun-07 11:16:04

Someone else had similar problems this week. Have a look here. at my post!

FioFio Sun 24-Jun-07 11:18:13

Message withdrawn

RGPargy Sun 24-Jun-07 11:22:50

Thanx FioFio and Aero. Thing is, i dont have trouble going for a wee at all. Fully functional there! It just seems that there's so much pressure on my bladder, but not for a wee, IYSWIM.

Must admit that from sitting forward to type on the laptop, it seems to have eased the pressure a bit.

Aero Sun 24-Jun-07 11:23:45

We are clearly very cool people Fio.

(did you ever have to lie flat to pee?) Oh the when I had to do this when we were staying over at a friends house. I seriously hope she's not a mner!

FioFio Sun 24-Jun-07 11:24:41

Message withdrawn

RGPargy Sun 24-Jun-07 11:30:14

Glad i'm not the only one then!

Aero Sun 24-Jun-07 11:33:14

Yes, the pressure pain wasn't pleasant from what I can remember.

Hopefully won't be long before your baby is a bit bigger and off your bladder RG.

RGPargy Sun 24-Jun-07 17:33:29

Ugh, if i stand on my head will the baby move??

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