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Multi coloured colostrum!

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FlossALump Sun 24-Jun-07 10:07:27

ATM one breast is making normal for me white creamy colostrum. The other side however is making almost luminous yellow stuff. Are the two of them not communicating with each other so they can both sing from the same hymn book? It really is quite disconcerting!

whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 13:14:54

Yep, normal I'm afraid, mine did white, yellow, and blue colostrum and milk pre-birth.

The colostrum can stain quite badly btw, so wear breast pads!

Jbck Sun 24-Jun-07 14:27:21

Mine was a muddy grey thru to almost green & one stupid midwife freaked me out when she saw it. She turned her nose up at my beautifully expressed bottle & said 'Oh I've never seen it that colour I'll need to check it's ok to give to the baby'. A lovely breast-feeding lady came & re-assured me she'd seen all shades from bright orange to almost black & none of them ever harmed a baby. Maybe you're extra-special doing 2 colours at once

paulaplumpbottom Sun 24-Jun-07 14:27:50

Mine did that, normal I guess

MuminBrum Sun 24-Jun-07 14:30:58

Both my nipples exuded drops of buttercup yellow colostrum from about seven months on. It was the most extraordinary colour but once DS was born it turned a more normal milky shade!

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