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When did you 'know' you were in labour?

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Alfiedoo87 Fri 07-Dec-18 14:40:41

Hi guys!
I'm due tomorrow and getting anxious about knowing when I'm going into labour.
I've had a few signs e.g.: bloody show, period like pains, a few tightenings but I've not 'felt' like I'll be going into labour soon.

Did anyone else have a feeling that they would go into labour that day/night? I've always been fairly intuitive but with this being my first pregnancy I'm totally clueless!

Thanks in advance ladies!

ohwownosnow Fri 07-Dec-18 14:43:30

Contractions became regular and more painful. You'll just know, trust me. I loved it. Best of luck! X

Alfiedoo87 Fri 07-Dec-18 14:47:44

@ohwownosnow how quickly did your contraction become more regular?
I can't wait to meet our little one now!

ohwownosnow Fri 07-Dec-18 14:56:56

My labour was a long one to be honest. They started off at 2am, became regular at 6am (4-5 mins apart) I went to the hospital and was only 2cm so went home. Went back in at 6pm and I was 6cm, by this point I couldn't talk during a contraction. He was then born the following morning at half 11. I managed on gas and air until the end when it went a bit belly up and needed a bit of assistance. It was jolly exciting and the happiest moment of my life when they placed him on my chest.

Alfiedoo87 Fri 07-Dec-18 15:42:56

Ooh crikey that does seem like a long one! I'd hate to be sent home 😭

FoxgloveStar Fri 07-Dec-18 17:39:41

For me it was full on from the start - 30s contractions every 2 mins for 36hrs. Went in to hospital after first 12hrs and got sent home (only 2cm).

You’ll know when you are in proper labour. Regular contractions is the main sign. When you get to every 5mins, Call maternity assessment unit for advise before heading to hospital.

BertramKibbler Fri 07-Dec-18 17:42:06

When I felt an uncontrollable urge to push

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Fri 07-Dec-18 17:43:32

waters broke and I was sat in a puddle. Then I felt like I was going over speed bumps really fast

Acopyofacopy Fri 07-Dec-18 17:44:28

If you are thinking “am I in labour?” then things have not started for real yet. You will definitely know.

MsMiaWallace Fri 07-Dec-18 17:49:02

When your stood up breathing through contractions whilst timing them!!

Darkstar4855 Fri 07-Dec-18 17:52:40

My waters broke first, contractions started within about half an hour. To begin with I was wrapping Christmas presents and just breathing through them. I knew I was in full-on labour when I couldn’t wrap any more! Mine was really quick: waters went at 3pm, at 9pm when I got to the maternity unit I was 5cm dilated.

Dirtygirtyisthirty Fri 07-Dec-18 18:03:11

No indication either time that labour was about to begin-first inkling was when waters broke! DC1 contractions started a few mins later and gave birth 5 hours after waters went
DC2 waters went then contractions started 15 mins later, gave birth 4 hours later

You'll know OP!

jessstan2 Fri 07-Dec-18 18:14:02

I had contractions. Slow and gentle at first and they built up gradually to being stronger and frequent. Then waters broke. Then I went into hospital and gave birth.

ApplestheHare Fri 07-Dec-18 18:19:48

I didn't know until the midwives at the hospital told me (and I was 9cm by that point!), so you might not know straight away. Just watch out for signs of labour and call the midwives if you're wondering. They'll be able to advise what's best. Good luck flowers

Alfiedoo87 Fri 07-Dec-18 18:52:24

Thanks ladies!
I know all the signs and have been looking out for them but I didn’t know how quick labour would come on. I think it’s just me hoping I’ll go into labour tonight! grin

Nothisispatrick Fri 07-Dec-18 18:57:17

I woke up with contractions. Quite mild and about 20 mins apart but I hadn’t had any painful Braxton hicks and I just knew. No one can really answer how long it will take, i was at home with contractions for 40 hours before going to hospital.

delilabell Fri 07-Dec-18 19:32:46

When they broke my waters. I was in denial before blush

lolacola13 Sun 09-Dec-18 07:04:34

Everyone said oh you'll know when it's for real but I genuinely didn't and it was my second! I had been suffering bad Braxton Hicks since 22 weeks so just thought it was those . They were irregular , but getting stronger although I hadn't noticed that much , had appointment for a sweep at 4pm so just held up for that I had an inkling at 2pm ish maybe this is the start of things and got into hosp for my " appointment "
And was 9cm dilated . Didn't have a clue . Baby was born 20 mins later . Lol.

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