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5 weeks and worrying

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sush Fri 22-Jun-07 12:15:23

Hello all,

This will be my 2nd post. Im new to all this. Im just barely 5 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am constantly worried something is going to go wrong.

I feel like I am obsessing about it, so much so that it will cause something to happen? I sometimes dont even feel pregnant (which causes me to worry in itself) - dispite having 3 positives tests (see obsessive!).

From the day I found out I am pregnant i have sleepless nights. During the day I keep worrying over silly i walking too fast, am i sitting right, am i doing something that might hurt the baby...its making me mad.

Im just wondering if its normal to feel this panicky at just 5 weeks? I cant believe I still have another 3 weeks till I get a scan, how will I cope? haha

Wishing you all luck and love with your pregnancies!

Sush xx

Mumpbump Fri 22-Jun-07 12:17:55

Hi and congratulations on your pg! I have had virtually no pg symptoms with any of my pgs, so that in itself is not a worry, although reassuring to have a few symptoms. Think it is natural to worry a bit though...

twoplusone Fri 22-Jun-07 12:19:54

Congratulations on your pregnancy..
It is natural to wrry about things, we all do..

JUst to pre warn you,I worry through every milestone in the pregnancies and I am on number 3.... (36+5wks pg) It is your mothering instinct coming out I suppose.

Princesspowersparkle Fri 22-Jun-07 12:20:56

Hi Sush!
Yes- very common to worry! Try not too but thats easier said then done! Try and enjoy it.
PPS (36 weeks today) X

mother2b Fri 22-Jun-07 13:38:35

i still worry about knocking its head and giving it brain damage because its still got plenty of room (14+3) dont worry about worrying to much, it just means you're going to be a caring mum

dal21 Fri 22-Jun-07 13:42:36

Hi Sush - congrats! It is perfectly natural - I am 26 weeks with my first and found the first trimester a fairly worrying time. I started to relax more after the first scan and started to enjoy the pregnancy. Pamper yourself, relax and you'll be fine

goingfor3 Fri 22-Jun-07 13:47:20

sush congratulations!

I'm on my fourth pregnancy and worry everyday, I have my 12 week scan on tuesday and I'm hoping I will calm down after that!

It's very natural to worry!

MrsMar Fri 22-Jun-07 13:53:29

hi sush, and congratulations! It's totally normal to worry, I'm 27 weeks and I'm only just (just!!) managing to relax a bit. When I get really worried I just think to myself my grandmother gave birth to four children during the war, babies are born every day in really dangerous and stressful environments, they (and we) are much tougher than you think. Don't worry about sitting wrongly/walking to fast/eating the wrong things etc... just be healthy, happy and focus on the fact that the vast (I'll say it again, VAST) majority of pregnancies end with no complications or problems! Good luck x

sush Fri 22-Jun-07 14:11:05

Thank you so much guys . I cant explain what a relief this is to know Im not alone and that its ok to worry.

Im just wtg for a sign that tells me my body is wkg fine and my baby is doing fine - like morning sickness and back aches..hahah. sounds crazy. I cant wait till i get a big bump and show it off to everyone. Have been dreaming abt this for a long long time. i want everything to happen fast and smoothly. funny aint it!! But i guess it will happen when it will happen.

thanks everyone. it is reassuring to know that im not alone.

tonight Im going to tell the news to my parents and inlaws.

Take care

MrsMar Fri 22-Jun-07 14:41:33

You'll be eating your words in a couple of weeks (or maybe not) when you're feeling so ill! hehehe! Sorry, that's evil, but it's a good illness. With every meal I threw up, I thought "more good preggy hormones!" Freaky I know, but it was the only way I got through it!

Oh and welcome to the knicker watching club - I still check every time, force of habit!

sush Fri 22-Jun-07 14:58:36

haha . I know what u mean. I cant wait to throw up! . hey can u tell me at what stage can one start using creams & oils to prevent strecth marks?

beansprout Fri 22-Jun-07 15:00:59

Congratulations and welcome!!
I do know how you feel! I'm 8 weeks so what you are saying is very familiar. I do worry but I also tell myself that it isn't going to change anything. Try to just do other things that will take your mind off it. Your other symptoms are likely to kick in soon enough and they can be reassuring in a strange kind of a way!! A lot of us have never felt so happy about feeling sick!!

betsycoe Fri 22-Jun-07 16:27:02

Congratulation Sush,
yes worrying is very normal.

I'm 26 weeks with my 1st and and was worried at the start as I didn't get any early pregnancy symptoms (completely normal if you're lucky enough not to get them) and had daily cramp like abdominal pains until 14 weeks (which again, as long as the pains are mild and you don't have bleeding is very common).

I finally stopped worrying at about 10 weeks when I realised that if something was going to happen there was nothing I could do to stop it. Part of me was still worried right up to the first scan but once that was out of the way I started to relax.

Oh, and if you can help yourself (I know I couldn't) try not to read posts relating to MCs and missed MCs as you start to think that every twinge is bad news!

feb Fri 22-Jun-07 16:40:01

congratulations on your pregnancy sush
worrying starts in pregnancy and doesn't stop, ever, it's an inevitable part of motherhood!

MrsMar Fri 22-Jun-07 19:44:49

I'm not sure about the stretch mark creams, haven't used any and don't have stretch marks yet. A friend did warn me that hers literally appeared overnight, nothing up to 36 weeks, and then whammo! And she thinks nothing would have prevented them... I suppose it doesn't do any harm to try though. Bio oil is meant to be very good.

rozzyraspberry Fri 22-Jun-07 20:13:13

Sush - IMO whether or not you get stretchmarks depends on your skin type. I covered myself with creams during my first 2 pregnancies but still got stretchmarks. My mum, who has similar skin type to me, also got stretchmarks when she was pregnant. I really don't think that the creams make any difference other than making your skin more comfortable.

Saying that I am now 7 weeks pregnant with third baby and am using these creams again . Well I can live in hope - I don't think there's any room for any more!! I am also panicking about every twinge, lack of symptom etc like a lot of the others on the Feb ante-natal thread!

dal21 Fri 22-Jun-07 20:23:44

I am using mamma mio tummy rub oil - and fingers crossed no marks yet. I started using it quite early to combat drier skin! Can highly recommend it!

sush Fri 22-Jun-07 20:42:26

Thanks guys. Im glad i joined mumsnet. where else wud u get so much support and good guidance.

I will try to get that oil tomorrow .

how should I prepare for my 1st scan. what shld i expect and what are the important questions to ask?

ayrshirelolo Fri 22-Jun-07 22:32:08

Congratulations Sush! As everyone says, it just means you are a caring mum in waiting,it's natural to worry, i had nightmares about M/C until two days before dd was born (we had her first birthday party last weekend). This time i'm 8 weeks and in Scotland have to wait till 12 for scan! Eeek! Just drink loads of water before you go for the scan so you need to pee (you'll get a better pic)and let the experts do the rest! Remember to enjoy it, oh, and take a tissue... me and dh blubbed as soon as we saw dd waving at us!
good luck

cheechymunchy Mon 25-Jun-07 11:09:23

Hi Sush. Congratulations!!! I'm with you all the way as I've just found out on Saturday that I'm pregnant (5 weeks today) so we're pretty much in the same boat, timewise. This is my 2nd.
Sush, I ain't feeling a thing! Keep pressing my boobs to see if they hurt as that was the giveaway for me ths first time. I couldn't sleep on my stomach. I've gone off breakfasts but am actually waking up with my stomach rumbling, which feels odd. Apart from that, nothing. Isn't it frustrating? This morning I've taken to wearing a specific bracelet just to remind myself that I'm pregnant. Doesn't that sound odd!

sush Mon 25-Jun-07 12:54:04

Hey cheechymunchy, Congratulations to u too. nice to know we are in the same boat. this will be my 1st pregnancy & boy am I scared. Every morning I wake up thinking - this will be the day i will throw up or feel nauseous. but so far no sign of them...I dont feel pregnant at all. I wish I would, just waiting to throw up everything i eat

just like u , i wake up in the middle of the night with my stomach rumbling too. i got this Burgen linseed and Soya bread from Tesco’s and they are very filling and tasty too. so I munch on them in the middle of the night. it seemed very odd to me but now that i know someone else is also feeling the same, I know I am normal.

I know how u feel when u say its frustrating. maybe we are the lucky ones who dont get morning sickness.

conkeyhead Mon 25-Jun-07 13:11:17

Hey Sush

Congratulations by the way!! I think I'm about one week ahead of you (seeing doc weds) and am also worrying despite it being my second (convinced today my jeans are squashing baby!!). But wanted to say, the worrying never stops, I have to work really hard at not being a mental case about my daughter - 4 (that madeleine story sent me nearly round the bend!!) Just part of parenting but there are soooooo soo soo so so many good things, it's worth it.

And secondly if the sickness doesn't come, don't complain. I was feeling so sick all last week, had to commute to work, be jolly in the office all day (as no-one knows) and just wanted to curl up! It's not good! Also, my best friend during her first and second, projectile vomited for 3 months and even had to drive with a towel on her lap!! I know it's good to have symptoms though to feel more like you're pregnant, perhaps pray for Jordan boobs???

cheechymunchy Mon 25-Jun-07 13:24:49

Sush, I'm absolutely knackered here. I never had morning sickness with DS. The smell of cooked breakfasts used to make me queasy and I had one day when I got home from work and had to go straight to bed because I thought I was going to pass out. I remember, DH took one look at me and said " Jeez, babes, get yourself into bed now.". But no sickness.
I'm getting occasional little pin-pricks of stabbing pains where my ovaries would be, but am trying to ignore them. Only happens 1-2 times a day.

sush Mon 25-Jun-07 14:15:40

conkeyhead , I know how bad vomiting can be. When my aunt was pregnant with her 2nd child ,she would carry a small bucket with her all the time. It was so bad. I guess I should be happy that I am not in that state yet. And for Jordan boobs – no I don’t need to pray for them, I know I will get them , most probably by 6-7 mnth.

cheechymunchy, u take care . we will swap symptoms every week to see how we are doing?

by the way i am not familiar with any of these abbreviations - DH & DS. I have seen it being used in most of the discussions on mumsnet but dont know what they mean. is there a list of short forms to be used in here?

conkeyhead Mon 25-Jun-07 14:46:40

darling husband, darling son (and darling daughter). I had to ask too!! ;-))

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