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Chicken pox possibility around time of due date..

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cupcakesgalore Thu 21-Jun-07 17:02:29

My youngest's best friend has just come down with chicken pox which means that if my DD gets it around 14 days after contact, she will be due to have it around my due date - 2 wks. away. I've had it and I'm not concerned about baby now, but does a newborn breastfed baby have full immunity?

3sEnough Thu 21-Jun-07 17:04:19

I had the same - dd2 came out when dd1 was on day 4 - very spotty, very contagious. After many consultations and many immunologists they agreed that if I BF exclusively and if I was immune - the baby was safe for the first month. DD2 didn't get it!!

geekgirl Thu 21-Jun-07 17:09:18

we had this too - dd2 came down with it an hour after ds was born [rolls eyes]
Apparently they do have full immunity (as long as the mother is immune of course) for a couple of months, breastfed or not.

The worst thing was that she had it really badly, kind of threw us into the deep end of parenting 3

cupcakesgalore Thu 21-Jun-07 17:25:29

Thanks - reassuring to know. The worst thought is for either me to not be available for DD, or for DD to not be able to cuddle the new arrival. Sounds like it will be ok - perhaps she won't get it - she didn't catch it from her sister or her brother!

chitchat07 Thu 21-Jun-07 17:34:37

Thank goodness you know you're immune. I thought I had had chickenpox, but it turned out I hadn't. Thanks to a wonderful nurse who I had gone to see for a pre-pregnancy check-up I had it included in my blood tests and my blood test results showed that I hadn't had it, so I was immunised and kept using contraception until it was safe to get pregnant. When I was 8 months pregnant and attending ante-natal classes, this woman sat down next to me at the bus stop with a child in the pram also right next to me, chatting away and THEN telling me that the child had chickenpox!!!!

If you're unsure whether you've had chicken pox, ask for a blood test BEFORE you get pregnant, because if you catch it while heavily pregnant, the injections they have to give newborns is really horrible.

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