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Antenatal class tomorrow and I am nervous!

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elbarto Tue 19-Jun-07 16:18:48

What happens at them? They are NCT ones and me and dh are signed up for two full days.

Am worried I will look a complete berk and everyone else will be much more clued up then me.


MuminBrum Tue 19-Jun-07 16:24:24

There'll be flipcharts and biscuits, and if you're lucky, a knitted boob. Some people will know more than you, some won't, but the whole point of being there is to learn, so don't worry. It'll be fine, and with a bit of luck you'll make some nice friends who are due around the same time.

elbarto Tue 19-Jun-07 16:28:22

knitted boob and also

TheApprentice Tue 19-Jun-07 16:31:06

We had two full days and had a great time. Think they differ depending on who is running them, but in our group we divided into men and women for many "tasks" which helped with bonding.

Nobody in our group knew loads and we were encouraged to ask "stupid" questions iykwim.

There were 7 couples and 6 of us still meet up each week for support 6 monthslater - its been a lifeline for me.

Good luck!

MuminBrum Tue 19-Jun-07 16:39:50

Knitted boob!

elbarto Tue 19-Jun-07 16:42:01

PMSL and uncontrollable !!!!

elbarto Tue 19-Jun-07 16:48:31

maybe I am a little immature for this

that has made me laugh though, thanks muminbrum!

MuminBrum Thu 21-Jun-07 21:14:16

So, how did it go? Were there any knitted items?

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