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tandem buggy suggestions - newborn and non mobile 2yr old

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Woooozle100 Tue 19-Jun-07 14:41:37

Due in october. Dd will be 2 and 4 months then. She has special needs and has no mobility. Thus we're looking for a double buggy with a seat that will adjust back for her as well as seat that goes flat for a newborn. Think I'd prefer a tandem style one as would mostly be naviagting busy streets and hospitals (though have been using Quinny Buzz for last couple of yrs and that is pretty wide) Oh and something that will last a couple of years (dd is tiny - more the size of 1 yr old)

Saw the Phil and Teds in the shop and wasn't as impressed as seeing it on website. Looked like Dd1 would be compromised in her seating.

Any suggestion gratefully received. Ta

TuttiFrutti Tue 19-Jun-07 16:05:25

I was in pretty much the same position a few months ago, as my dd was born in Feb and ds (then 22 months) wasn't walking. He doesn't have special needs as such but is a VERY slow developer and only started walking just before his second birthday, so I knew I would need a double buggy.

I tested 3 tandems (Phil & Teds, Mothercare one and Jane Powertwin) and I liked the Phil & Teds best. I bought one, use it every day and love it. Of the 3 I tested, it was easily the niftiest round corners and lightest going up kerbs.

Why didn't you like the one you saw?

Woooozle100 Tue 19-Jun-07 16:12:23

Ooh I thought it looked lovely - but that there wasn't much support in the second seat. It looked a bit stuck on and not as good / supportive as the main seat.

Made me think that its a fab option to buy first time round and add on if breeding again - but not so good to buy purely as a double.

I didn't try it out though, so will do. Certainly not ruling it out. Thanks for yr comments

Woooozle100 Tue 19-Jun-07 16:12:24

Ooh I thought it looked lovely - but that there wasn't much support in the second seat. It looked a bit stuck on and not as good / supportive as the main seat.

Made me think that its a fab option to buy first time round and add on if breeding again - but not so good to buy purely as a double.

I didn't try it out though, so will do. Certainly not ruling it out. Thanks for yr comments

Ceolas Tue 19-Jun-07 16:14:59

I had a cosatto tandem a couple of years back. Not the lightest but both good sturdy seats.

Know what you mean about the p&t

Ceolas Tue 19-Jun-07 16:16:01

this one

Woooozle100 Wed 20-Jun-07 08:19:30

Ooh thankyou. Ta for link - that place is pretty local for me so will go and look

Wags Wed 20-Jun-07 08:26:44

Think my friend had this one... it was like a tank. Could see her a mile off in the park, head down heaving this thing along. Also didn't have a very tight turning space so she seemed to have to do huge circles to turn it around. I may be wrong, Pooka where are you can you help ejb? I had Phil and Teds, loved it but would be worried about the seat for your DD, its quite upright although I think the new model may be more adjustable. I needed single width as I have 2 dogs and I couldn't have done tandem style then 2 dogs by the side - far to wide!! Met some Mums last week who were waxing lyrical about their 3 wheeler tandem buggy and of course I can't remember which one it was. Again, Pooka if you are reading, what were those double buggies that C's friends had in the park last week?

Wags Wed 20-Jun-07 08:27:43

Sorry, just realised that tandem is one in front of the other.... doh!!

Wags Wed 20-Jun-07 08:28:43

So of course the 3 wheeler ones I am talking about were side by side not tandem. Jane tandem is lovely by the way, really moves and turns well, nice seats look on ebay for second hand ones maybe?

bagpuss Wed 20-Jun-07 08:37:49

I had the same as Ceolas the first time round. It was like a tank but good for walking as it was so sturdy. When dd was a toddler we bought a P&T as we needed a new 3 wheeler and were also thinking of having another baby. It is a really great buggy if you are only using as a double for a short period. Ours is once again a single now and I think it has been one of the best things we have bought for our children as it has had so much use.

Wags Wed 20-Jun-07 08:39:30

Read your post again, definately Jane. My friend has a 3 year old one for her twins and its still looking fantastic and she still uses it as her girls are quite tiny, having said that Jane has nice wide seats. Also think you can use it with the seat option for the older child and the car seat clipped in. Check that tho as I only ever saw her use it with both car seats together.

Woooozle100 Wed 20-Jun-07 09:03:16

thankyoo thankyoo. This is all really helpful stuff

Ceolas Wed 20-Jun-07 09:06:12

I think either the Mothercare or Graco tandem you can use the car seat on the back.

Ceolas Wed 20-Jun-07 09:11:23

Mothercare Phoenix works with car seat

Wags Wed 20-Jun-07 09:15:50

Go Jane .... go Jane.... go Jane

Woooozle100 Wed 20-Jun-07 09:47:12

ooh saw something on the interweb yesterday where they were doing one rebel car seat with the Jane buggy for 438.99
Wish it came in black though - dull old fart that I am!
Dyou reckon 3 wheeled makes it easier to push / manoevre?
I'm wishing now Quinny did something like this - ie I could just buy another frame and use all the seat / carrycot / carseat bits from before

Wags Wed 20-Jun-07 10:24:06

The Jane is really easy to manoevre as the front wheel can either lock or swivel. Its a dream out shopping and my single one is great in the park on rough ground as well. Maybe all 3 wheelers are the same? My Phil & Teds is the same. The Jane one does come in boring colours as well, I now have the Single Jane Pro Slalem with a buggy board in a very plain navy - can't do bright colours myself!! I will have a chat with my friend just in case she is going to sell hers - but have a feeling she still does use it. Another friend sold hers in fab condition, not really used much as her eldest was 3 when she go it. Went for about £200 I think on ebay. She loved it when she did use it just found that her eldest didn't need it much. My friend with twins loves hers to bits so only heard good things about the double ones.

betsycoe Thu 21-Jun-07 13:43:47

Hi Ej,
have you tried an Out n about nipper or Mountain buggy twin?

I pushed these around the buggy showroom and they are as manoverable as the single versions.

tiredmumov3 Thu 21-Jun-07 16:17:36

i i got the powertwin with a rebel car seat when ds 2 arrived i really wanted the travel system option with room for dd and it is brill i set it up so dd was facing baby in his car seat i loved that i could see him whilst pushing and dd loved that she could"look after" him whilst she rode.18 months on its still great and after a quick service by dh its gonna be used for baby number 4 in november. great product and worth the cash as a previous poster said they sell on ebay really well when youve finished with them.

BHANNAE Fri 22-Jun-07 21:31:12

I have opted for comfort over practicality and bought a new duette. Full size mamas and papas seats and they can face both ways or to each other or both to you or both forward.
I also have a carrycot for the newbie.
It is no longer than a twintwo by jane and single width obviously but is much more robust and lush for my precious babes
I bought cityscape and kiki brand new carrycots and seats and you can get the new chassis on its own from classie chassis for £130.
The bonus is that when one is at nursery or with granny etc you can just clidk a unit onto any of the single chassis
I have somewhat of a pram problem so will be buying several others for different jobs but my boy was a late walker and still sleeps during pram trips.
Had a p&t and hated it-both seats uncomfy and low.Mountain buggy urban double is a smooth ride but side by side however it fit through my doors better than a single mutsy and you can recoup money well.I could go on lol
You can pick up the older duettes on ebay-I have one of these chassis too-and the swivel wheels are easier.They are usually quite cheap and worth testing out.If you buy one on ebay and dont like it then if you sell the bits off seperate you would probably make a profit
Wow that was long-sorry x

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