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Think I need to give birth - I want to sniff and lick coal

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cupcakesgalore Mon 18-Jun-07 20:00:08

Daren't clean out my fire in case I can't resist it. Anybody else having sim. weird cravings. This is a new one for me. I'm mearly 38 wks - do you think it's linked to being pretty anaemic?

huskygirl Mon 18-Jun-07 20:09:20

hiya my weird craving has been sponge for the last few weeks. Not cake sponge but cleaning sponge. When I see one i just have to touch it, i also chew them, suck water out of etc! WEIRD! havent actually swallowed any tho. I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. I'm sure everyone on the Due in July thread thinks i'm bonkers! The urge is really strong though! I've read a bit about that Pica disorder and i think some cravings can be connected with nutrition deficiency, not sure about sponge though!! haha!

agnesnitt Tue 19-Jun-07 00:05:51

Vodka >_<

I don't crave being drunk, it's the actual smell and taste of the stuff. It drives me insane. I have a bottle in the freezer in the outhouse, and I refuse to go in that freezer as I end up opening the bottle and having a good long sniff. It's not healthy >_<

Also, undercooked rice. I like it still crunchy in the middle, preferably with large amounts of curry sauce to go with it.

Oh hell. I was doing so well, but I may have to go cook a pan of rice now!

Help me!


Darciesmum Tue 19-Jun-07 00:12:16

don't think i had any crazy craving like that late in pregnancy just refresher icelollies

quokka Tue 19-Jun-07 04:54:06

I heard someone preggers liked the smell of new carpets and would go carpet shopping nearly everyday, just to have a good sniff

BHANNAE Wed 20-Jun-07 15:10:52

huskygirl, I have done the same thing with sponges for all 3 pregnancies lol.
I did have a thing for the ramer sponges that go hard when dry but dh has made me resort to car sponges as once the smell/taste goes I discard them and it was getting a bit expensive lol.
I have them EVERYWHERE in the car , bed, bathroom etc and have been known to drive to Asda in the middle of the night to re stock
Am due in september and dont start the craving for sponges until around 20weeks.I took them in hospital with me but after the births I didnt want them anymore.Bought 18 fresh ones yesterday-cleared out Asda(garage ones dont taste the same-different texture etc) so am not going to be all jittery for a couple of weeks!
Glad Im not the only one

PrettyCandles Wed 20-Jun-07 15:24:11

In the last trimester of my last pg I craved to touch and smell ds1! I was desperate to stroke his skin, and to smell his hair. At first I held back - my cravings were not an excuse to invade his personal space - but then I discovered he liked it...oh bliss. I could indulge and satsify my craving whenever he was around.

NBuGgeration Wed 20-Jun-07 15:26:23

Mines the same as Huskygirl.
I've had it in both my pregnancies. The smell of a new cheap sponge

Oh and in my last pg I liked to chew on my toothbrush.

I expect the same later in this pg, lol.

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