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Would anyone like to rant with me about how much early pregnancy sucks?

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Stormwhale Sun 04-Nov-18 21:22:04

I am so grateful to be pregnant, I really am. I can't wait to meet this baby and it is 100% loved... but my god I hate early pregnancy.

I am 9+5, have been nauseous and fainty since bfp, I have had thrush twice, now possibly have a uti. I have put on far too much weight already due to existing on carbs. I'm tired, spotty, greasy, hormonal and generally feel fucking shit. I am nervous all the time whether the baby is ok, and time is moving so so slowly. I am also worrying about my dd (5) and how much the pregnancy is impacting on her already and trying constantly to keep normality for her. I'm just exhausted and being a shit wife to dh to boot. I look fat not pregnant and really don't like what I see at the minute.

I just want to skip to the bit in the middle when I feel more human and start to feel baby move. I loved that bit with dd.

If you are having a rough 1st trimester, feel free to let it all out. I will not judge.

Spargle Sun 04-Nov-18 23:03:37

I’m just mostly feeling sick. I’ve not managed to do any work since turning 5 weeks, which is a bit hard on our household income (I’m 7 weeks now), and I don’t know when I’ll next be any use at all! I, too, am delighted to be pregnant, and consider this a small price to pay, except that I really do feel dreadful a lot of the time. I can’t stand any pressure from my clothes on my abdomen, so I’m even in maternity trousers (under bump, held up with braces because I felt too sick to keep trying on trousers until I found a pair which fitted properly). Also, food is mostly dreadful, and once I’ve successfully eaten something I don’t tend to be able to eat it again, so I’m bored with everything I can eat, and running out of options.

Roll on 12 weeks, when I am confident I will feel better. (Nobody even suggest otherwise. I will deal with otherwise if it presents itself, but it’s not yet allowed to exist)

Sparkles1992 Sun 04-Nov-18 23:08:21

I'm 13+5 now first pregnancy and was so shocked how awful and tired I felt for about 8 weeks! Finally feel like it's started to lift now! Just a few more weeks and hopefully you'll feel a bit better smilesmile

Singlemummyto5 Sun 04-Nov-18 23:13:44

Don't get too excited ladies I am now 18 weeks and still feel this way constantly lol

HJE17 Mon 05-Nov-18 01:01:55

20 weeks, still not feeling great. I know it’s worth it, but it really is horrendous! DH is on dirty nappy duty still... the odd times he hasn’t been home when my DD (15 months) has pooped, I’ve gagged so hard I seriously alarmed her. And twice I actually threw up while changing her. Ughhhhhhh!!!

TwittleBee Mon 05-Nov-18 04:44:53

I hear you OP only 4+4 here but already been struggling with sickness, dizziness, headaches, bloating, sore boobs, acne and tiredness. Had it bad with DS but feel it's already worse this time round, never had the acne or headaches with DS! Also if last pregnancy is anything to go by then I'll be having this up to last week before I drop (so 36 weeks bleugh)

It's also the not telling anyone which makes it all so so much harder. Especially when you're 100% sure people are hearing you chuck up and can see how awful you look.... I mean... just look at this bloat (attached photo), I'm usually very slim and completely toned on my belly so wtf?

SockQueen Mon 05-Nov-18 07:44:46

Yep, it sucks. Working nights tonight and it's going to be such a struggle. Last time it got better about 15 weeks, which seems an awful long way off!

Stormwhale Mon 05-Nov-18 07:45:43

It's nice to know I'm not alone. I am just finding it so much harder this time around as I already have dd. I can't just take a day off work and rest like I did last time. It just feels like it's going on forever and the end seems so far away.

@twittlebee - Also feeling massive. I'm sure I wasn't this big with dd, it's impossible to hide now at nearly 10 weeks.

socksortights Mon 05-Nov-18 07:55:12

I have my people !!

Honestly I feel vile and I am struggling to function. I work full time and have an 2.5,year old. It's so hard. I feel constantly sick.

I too look 6 months pregnant when I am actually 10 weeks. I am huge.

I hope we all feel better soon. In the meantime carbs are our friends x

Jellybean100 Mon 05-Nov-18 08:23:46

Can I join in? Feel like utter shit! Trying so hard not to have time off work, but my god I feel awful. I’ve been sick maybe only a handful of times but I FEEL so sick I hate thinking about food and never know what to eat. I’m actually not bloated at all yet and I think it’s because I’m barely eating.

TwittleBee Mon 05-Nov-18 08:39:14

Stormwhale its how I feel too, swear I wasnt this big or with this many symptoms with DS!

Carbs are so our friends, only thing (that and mints) not making me wanna puke constantly. Which is obviously what is causing the mega bloat

KateTTC123 Mon 05-Nov-18 08:42:49

Oh god I hate early pregnancy! Im 11+5 and have been off work for 5 weeks now. Puked so much I've torn my throat so now I regularly puke blood, which is exactly as scary and gross as it sounds! I'm on sickness meds but they only take the edge off. With ds this stage lasted until week 17 which terrifies me! I've lost 10lbs in 10 weeks and just feel miserable. Can't be alone with ds incase I need to run and puke, can't drive and go for days on end not even having the energy to shower! Ds came at 29 weeks too so I'm constantly scared of having another preemie; I hate early pregnancy!

Stormwhale Mon 05-Nov-18 10:04:27

I'm so glad I started this. If it lets just a few of you get it off your chest it was worthwhile! I feel better after a rant.

I just don't think I'm a glowing pregnant woman. I never got the glow with dd, I just looked and felt like shit. The middle was easier, and at least I started to feel her move etc, but still not fun. Then the end was bloody awful with spd.

I am absolutely not doing this again. 2 dc and my uterus will shut up shop. Anyone else feeling the same?

Lovewinemorethanhusband Mon 05-Nov-18 10:06:20

Totally feeling the sucking this morning !! Spent the night in hospital due to dehydration and feeling like death warmed up, I absolutely hate being pregnant only 28 weeks to go !!

Changingagain Mon 05-Nov-18 10:11:32

Oo can I rant too please. 6w3d with second and I feel sick constantly as well as falling asleep as soon as ds is in bed at about 7.30. Another 6 weeks seems far too long I'm ignoring any mention that it could last longer.
I also almost certainly have early Gd, so no carbs sad

lifechanginglemoncake Mon 05-Nov-18 11:16:32

I second all of this. I have been really lucky not to be sick at all so far (10+5) but the nausea is horrid, the tiredness is horrid and I seem to swing from crying at random stuff on TV to being annoyed with DH when he has been nothing but supportive.

Also starting to get really irritated with feeling uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep. It's nothing I can put my finger on, but more just my body feels different and I think the general anxiety of early pregnancy and the vivid dreams make it worse.

Ugh - this is my first pregnancy and at the moment I am not keen for the rest of it or another one in future. Can't imagine doing all this while looking after a DC.

At work now and just can't focus. Feel just as tired as I did before bed and my brain is just full of nausea and baby thoughts. Who am I and where did my past self go??

Livingthedream89 Mon 05-Nov-18 13:07:11

I feel this thread was made for me! First time pregnant at 6w+4 and I feel horrendous. Just been sent home from work as my vision went blurry, I kept being sick and my headache was horrendous. Have no idea what to expect as it’s a whole new world for me but this is grim. So excited to be pregnant but feel not enjoying waking up every morning like I have had a hige night out the night before!

VaselineHero Mon 05-Nov-18 13:21:42

I'm 10weeks with first and also feeling awful. Puke most evenings and horrible nausea for hours before. I actually don't know how those of you with DC already are coping.. I can barely look after myself.

Penny04 Mon 05-Nov-18 13:24:03

I'm 15+4 and currently sat on the train having been sent home from work, I've been sick 4 times today and can't keep anything down, who said the second trimester was meant to be better!

The pregnancy glow is totally lost on me, so far it's been sickness, spots and extreme exhaustion! Bring on April and my lovely baby!

PBobs Mon 05-Nov-18 13:25:14

I've got a cold sore that's almost as big as my massive bloat. Not happy.

TwittleBee Mon 05-Nov-18 13:29:47

Awkwardly had to sit through a team meeting followed by CPD and just kept wanting to run out and be sick. Luckily my yoga and breathing techniques came in handy to help keep at bay (along with the peppermint tea to hand) but I certainly didnt pay attention to a thing and looked like an idiot when my director asked me something and I didnt respond!

Also wearing a massive jumper to hide the bloating bump which is just making me overheat and feel more sick! bleiegeghegeh

JellycatElfie Mon 05-Nov-18 13:34:21

Ladies.. I don’t envy you! Early pregnancy was a fresh hell for me. This is my second pregnancy and was so different to my first. I’m now 37+3 and the nausea/tiredness/generally feeling shit has returned along with back ache and cramps grin wish you all a healthy pregnancy x

VaselineHero Mon 05-Nov-18 13:35:41

When i was massively bloated a few weeks ago I bought some elasticated trousers from M&S for work as my others were cutting in. The bloat has mostly gone now due to puking so now I'm walking around in what must look like clown trousers!

Stormwhale Mon 05-Nov-18 13:42:32

Well I think we are all doing bloody well. Sorry if it seems sexist, but I can't imagine men managing to work, care for children, maintain a home while feeling like this. My dh acts like it's the plague each time he gets a sniffle.

HugoBearsMummy Mon 05-Nov-18 14:01:51

I'd go as far as stating I hate pregnancy lol so you are not alone- I'd rather give birth 5 times than carry the baby for 40 weeks!!
My second baby too, and definitely my last. I felt raging sickness from 6 weeks till 14 weeks, permanent hangover feeling. Was greasy and spotty all over my face, neck and chest. All that has now disappeared but instead I have terrible heartburn, like I'm swallowing acid, have days where I have serious 'concrete gut' I don't know how else to describe it LMAO, but can sometimes barely bend to get my shoes on as my belly feels so big, solid and 'tight', oh and need a wee every 5 mins. Like you I had bad SPD with my last pregnancy so I have that to look forward to next. Joys!! All be worth it though... 16 weeks to go for me yippee!

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