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Is there a way back from this? I feel disgusting

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socksortights Wed 17-Oct-18 21:18:53

I am so pleased to be pregnant. I am only 7 weeks and it is a high risk pregnancy.

I am really ashamed to admit that I have felt so sick that I have been basically eating plain pasta, cheese,crisps and bread. Also whilst trying to get my type one diabetes under control I have had a few hypos (I think this is okay now) so therefore I have been consuming a lot of calories to rectify those low sugars.

Due to the above I have gained so much weight. I should be feeling over the moon that I am pregnant, but I just feel disgusting.

I was 9st 11 before and I am 5'8. I just braved the scales and I am now 10,8

I feel so unhealthy -Can I rectify this or is it too late?

Obviously I am not going to go on a stupid diet, but if I can manage to overcome the sickness and revert to my old diet - will I lose some weight? I want to feel well enough to go to the gym too (I did throughout my last pregnancy)

Please tell me someone else has got through this?

MemoryOfSleep Wed 17-Oct-18 22:59:52

Try and eat more healthily from now on but cut yourself some slack-carbs are easier to keep down. Each pregnancy is different, just do the best you can. x

Thismummyruns Thu 18-Oct-18 03:35:56

Just this!

I'm not diabetic but in a similar situation and have been basically bed bound for 3 weeks due to my symptoms. My weight has spiralled.

Once I feel remotely 'normal' (praying) I intend on returning to light exercise for the above reason though I know weight loss isn't the goal now but mainly for good mental health- I miss being outdoors!

Squeakyheart Thu 18-Oct-18 04:10:12

I put on tons of weight in first trimester as so nauseous and carbs were the only thing I could tolerate. Then was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and ended up on insulin, lost some of the weight I had gained so only put a stone on during pregnancy and now I've had baby I weigh less then when I started! Hope you start to feel better in your next trimester and then you can start to get control of your intake etc so you don't feel so bad

DannyWallace Thu 18-Oct-18 06:59:02

Your focus right now is eating something appropriate to keep your blood sugars under control and keep yourself feeling well (or, as well as you can in the first trimester).

You'll probably find over the next few weeks that you start to feel a bit better again and can start eating a more varied diet again.

Don't worry about weight gain. A lot of it will be bloating too. It will start to even out when your diet starts to change back x

MountainPeakGeek Thu 18-Oct-18 07:03:07

You're still a perfectly healthy weight for your height. Don't stress about anything but try to get back to a more varied diet if/when you can.

OpenThatTrapDoor Thu 18-Oct-18 07:14:05

I’m a type 1 diabetic, mid way through my second pregnancy.
Hypos are really common in the first trimester, weight gain treating them is really common so try not to worry about it too much, keeping your levels as close to target is the priority.
Bland carbs are all I can really stomach in early pregnancy too, I just tried to keep them within the maximum carb limits agreed with my diabetes team as far as possible. It should get better though!
Are you seeing a diabetes antenatal team regularly? In my area it’s weekly for the first 8-10 weeks and then fortnightly for the remainder of the pregnancy.
Happy to help with any questions if I can.

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