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think im pg after mmc in april/erpc may

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alinjosh Tue 12-Jun-07 13:29:20

Hi ladies i had a mmc in april i was 10 weeks but baby died at 6 weeks i didnt have erpc until 14th may as they wanted to make sure baby hadnt grown or hb detected,i was told by hospital i would probably ov 10-12 days after the erpc which did coincide with fertile ewcm on day 10 after erpc we bd on day 9,10,11 and 12 and after but not sure on dates,i did a pg test last thursday to check if hormone levels were back to normal and got a negative,it is now 4 weeks and 1 day since erpc and have thick creamy cm,headache for 4 days now,slight backache and af type crampiness,bloated tummy also hard (it was soft after erpc as dr checked)cervix very high so af cant be on way or would be med/low,and i normally sleep on my tummy but for some reason when i am pg a cant as to uncomfy and been like that for lasrt few days,did a test yesterday afternoon and was neg did one this morning and was a v v v faint positive do you think im pg again.


firststar Tue 12-Jun-07 13:43:04

Message withdrawn

Bollymiscuit Fri 14-Sep-07 10:41:03

Sorry to hear about your MMC, I had an ERPC 5 weeks ago. I have no sign of my period still. I have had slight pains, but nothing to speak off. I did a preg test this morning as I have been feeling a bit off colour and my stomach is a bit bloated and hard, and have got a v.faint + test. Not sure if its still the hormones from the ERPC as I was tested 2 weeks after and my levels had dropped. Do you think I might be preg as we have not used contraception blushsince the op?

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