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morning sickness - help needed please

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strawberry Tue 24-Aug-04 18:36:18

I'm 7 weeks pg and have had awful ms for the past 10 days. I feel absolutely horrible. I can hardly move and in bed at every opportunity - which is not often enough with a 2 year old on the loose! I don't remember feeling this bad last time. I am actually being sick too so am concerned about not getting good nutrition for the baby. Also going on holiday in 2 days and worried about spoiling it for family, although must say dh has been star.

I did a quick search on mn but all advice on how to cope is much appreciated - thanks.

DelGirl Tue 24-Aug-04 18:40:40

Sorry you're feeling so bad Strawberry . I had horrible m/s all morning and just had to eat, still feel queasy now but it's not too bad. If it is really bad, isn't there something you can get from your GP? Especially as you are going away. Hope you feel better soon.

Aero Tue 24-Aug-04 18:44:30

I found Travel bands (for sea-sickness) helped a bit and also, just had to eat - good excuse for lots of ginger biscuits. Can dh bring you something to eat before you get out of bed? That should help too. Hope it doesn't last too long for you Strawberry - it is miserable - esp on hols!

notlob Tue 24-Aug-04 18:45:08

I suffered too but two things helped
- acupuncture wrist bands. They are available from Boots for travel sickness predominantly but it does mention MS on the box. I wouldn't get out of bed without putting them on.
- ginger biscuits. Again, I'd have 2 before I got up.

I think you may be able to but ginger capsules from health food shops too.

notlob Tue 24-Aug-04 18:45:40

Great minds Aero.

Angeliz Tue 24-Aug-04 18:47:45

I am nearly 14 weeks and stil feeling queesy at times (Though not too bad).
I find the only thing to help is eating, immediatley makes me better

Good luck and Congratulations

Aero Tue 24-Aug-04 18:48:37


sassy Tue 24-Aug-04 18:50:46

I suffered with hyperemesis and was hospitalised fo rehydration in both my pregnances. IME, nothing really helped but just wanted to resassure you r.e. baby's nutrition. I was panicking about this the first time and a lovely midwife said to me "Starving women in Africa give birth to perfectly healthy, 7lb babies - your will be fine." I'm sure yours will be too. Hope you feel better soon.

louli Tue 24-Aug-04 19:11:56

I had bad morning sickness this time around and found out that zinc rich foods helped. I ate quite a lot of cheese. Also used the travel armbands alot as well as eating stem ginger. Hope you feel better soon it awful especially when you have another little one to look after.

strawberry Tue 24-Aug-04 19:15:23

Thanks everyone. When pg with ds I remember being able to deal with ms by eating regularly but nothing is helping this time. I will definitely try the wrist bands.

vict17 Tue 24-Aug-04 19:17:02

I carried a bottle of diluted squash with me when I was out so that the sugar could keep my energy levels up if I was feeling too queasy to eat anything.

Piffleoffagus Tue 24-Aug-04 19:19:27

I had horrendous Ms with dd, none with DS TYPICAL!
I ended up seeing a homeopath and got some decent relief, but nothing else worked.
I had hyperemesis... oh the sea band helped too
And am ttc at the moment
must be potty....

strawberry Tue 24-Aug-04 19:24:39

piffleoffagus - did your homeopath recommend ipecacuanha? I looked on Susan Clark's website (from the Sunday Times alternative health column) and this is what she recommends for ms. If so, did it work well? Good luck with ttc

clairabelle Tue 24-Aug-04 19:49:04

Hi I too had hyperemesis both times round and just felt so generally unwell it was awful, had to be hospitalised both times but a couple of things did take the edge off it. Ginger tea from any health shop, really hot just a couple of sips, diarolyte for when I couldn't keep anything down at all and acupuncture which didn't stop it but certainly made a difference to the way I felt second time around. Huge lots of sympathy though.Fresh air was a help despite my desire to live in my bed, even if it was just sat outside the back door for 5 minutes, helped to clear the muzzy feeling. Just to put your mind at rest re baby nutrition it really doesn't affect it, supposed to a sign of a very healthy baby certainly mine were 8lb 6oz & 9lb 2oz and I was vomiting up until labour.

clairabelle Tue 24-Aug-04 19:49:38

Forgot to add hasn't put me off planning for number 3!

nutcracker Tue 24-Aug-04 20:10:15

I had really bad ms with Dd1 and slightly less with dd2. The only thing that made it a bit better was to make sure i was not hungry at all, even peckish.
In the morning I would drink a glass of whole milk very slowly through a straw which would stop me feeling hungry pretty quickly. I know it sounds disgusting, but it did work for me.

podgegl20 Tue 24-Aug-04 20:12:47

I was sick throughout both pregnancies. I do sympathise i found when i went anyway i was either laden down with carrier bags or looking for the nearest toilet! These are a few things that helped: ginger beer, eating something all the time, going for a short walk every so often,
ice pops and starburst sweets. Hope there are a few ideas for you to try there. Good luck, hope it passes soon.

beansmum Tue 24-Aug-04 20:17:21

try drinking ginger tea, i used to get my flatmate to bring me a mug of lemon and ginger tea in bed and i'd drink it before i even sat up. i'm sure your baby will be fine, they're pretty tough really.

i really miss being pg, it was so much fun!

gothicmama Tue 24-Aug-04 20:37:27

I found a cup of tea and ginger buscuit before I got out of bed in the morning helped a lot- hope you are feeling better soon

Tommy Tue 24-Aug-04 21:06:15

Another one for ginger biscuits here! I had a tupperware box of them (the luxury ones with big chunks of ginger in them) on my bedside table. Also, salty snacks throughout the day - my particular favourite was hula hoops. realy hope it gets better soon

strawberry Tue 24-Aug-04 21:28:17

I will get some ginger tea and more ginger biscuits (posh ones are good idea, Tommy!). I will hide them as ds and dh munched the last lot. Feeling v sorry for myself. Have had crackers and milk for supper and straight back up. Although had some pasta with ds earlier followed by Gaviscon which was ok.

We haven't told any friends/family that we are expecting so it is good to get support from all you mumsnetters!

Kif Wed 25-Aug-04 10:31:59

Don't worry about baby - sign of health.

My mistake was not prioritising keeping hydrated - got v. dehydrated, drip for a week (but wasn't keeping barely anything down for weeks)...

Carrs water biscuits by the bed... Matzos on my desk...

LittleB Thu 26-Aug-04 12:50:36

Hi, I'm only ttc at the moment, but a friend helped her ms by eating a ginger biscuit every time she had to get up for the loo in the night. This was pretty often due to her hormones and she found this really helped.

Bibiboo Thu 26-Aug-04 13:24:45

Try Jacob's savoury crackers - like cream crackers but in a blue packet, not sure what their proper name is. I ate packets of them dry when i couldn't stomach anything else. I found savoury/salty things much better when i felt queasy, but since that passed I'm a chocoholic all the way!

PotPourri Thu 26-Aug-04 21:05:49

Hula Hoops and mini cheddars really did it for me. Dry toast and tea before getting up is also good. And crystalised ginger, ginger tea or ginger biscuits. I also got a book on juices adn made myself some in my juicer. Fennel worked really well at stopping me vomiting - still felt quezy, but at least I wasn't actually sick.

Also, I am a runner, and used to go out for a short run every morning. I'd have 2 jacobs crackers whilst still lying in bed, then get up, gear on (all laid out previous night) and get out. I;d do my warm ups once I'd been walkign a few minutes. It worked a treat, only thing was that I hurt my back by going out every day, even though only for 15 minutes.

Keep hydrated, and even drink energy drinks if you feel weak. Your baby will be fine.

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