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snide remarks/nasty comments from people re:pregnant AGAIN!!!

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RoseQuartz Mon 11-Jun-07 15:40:07

Hi there,
Does anybody here have a large family? Was just wondering as dh and I are sick and tired of people poking their nose in and saying something totally ridiculous to us....some have gone as far as telling us we have enough children and should not have any more!! And the most often asked question is: are you going to have any more, or when's the next one due?!!!! It's about time you bought a new television!! Do you know what causes it!! Ever heard of birth control!! Flippin heck your husband must like being on his face!! DH is normally so calm, but one day at the local shop one woman really went under his nose.....she had a walking stick and she raised it and pointed it towards his manhood and said it needed chopping off! This was in front of a shop load of dh got a bit annoyed and told her, its normal for people to have kids you know, not all women are like you, after all you've never had it have you!! He he, she was dead embarrassed and hasn't said a wrong word since!!aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh their comments drive us both nuts, and we dread them finding out that I am expecting baby number SEVEN!!!Another comment is ' how many more are you going to have'? even the local midwife came round and told us somebody had asked her if we were going to have any more children? Anyway have any of you got some really 'shockingly good' answers that would knock anyone's socks off if (well no its not if, its WHEN)they dare say anything when it becomes common knowledge that I am pregnant again!! Please share them with us, the more disgusting they are then so much the better!!! thanks

compo Mon 11-Jun-07 15:41:16

how many have you got?!!!

Tortington Mon 11-Jun-07 15:42:24

FUCK OFF you nosy bastard its none of yur business.

witty eh?

MellowMa Mon 11-Jun-07 15:45:20

Message withdrawn

snowpatrol Mon 11-Jun-07 15:53:48

hiya Rose, i am pregnant again with no 4 but intending to have at least one more after this baby. I'm a childminder too, so often im walking down the street with 8 kids and people look at me like i'm something they have just stepped in, so i know exactly how you feel. I try not to worry about what other people think, i think as long as you have enough love and time for all your kids and can afford for them to have a comfortable life then it is noone's business but your own.

beansprout Mon 11-Jun-07 16:06:40

I have a friend from New York who is one of 17 (!) children (14 survived). When questioned on this he just says, "hey, my mum and dad were horny, what can I tell you?"!!

My dad is one of 10 and dh is one of 7. Some people just have bigger families. If I see I big family I just assume that the parents really love their kids. The size of my family is constrained by what I can cope with and I respect and admire people who have big families.

theressomethingaboutmarie Mon 11-Jun-07 16:11:53

Hi Rose,

I think that these people must think that they are either a)hilarious b)the first to comment on your growing family. It's none of their damned business so you should say that to each and every bloody one of them!

Congratulations to you and your DH who clearly have a great family life.

marathonmum Mon 11-Jun-07 18:08:05

RQ just rise above them. they are sad people who just want to impose their lifestlye views on you.

I got really upset when my Mum and dad were rude to me when I told them I was expecting Number 4. I expected to be insulted by strangers but not family!! Most people ask if it was an accident or planned. its so personal isn't it.

I dont give a toss what others think of me. Try and be the same if you can. It's their problem not yours.

Hopefully you will bring all your children up to have better manners than these people.

filthymindedvixen Mon 11-Jun-07 18:15:54

if it's any consolation, some of us are quite jealous of your large family!

lissie Mon 11-Jun-07 18:22:23

ditto FMV, id love a big family!

francagoestohollywood Mon 11-Jun-07 18:22:41

Congratulations! I often find that people ask (silly) questions just to start a conversation. It doesn't necessarily mean that they want to pass judgement on your choices. I'm by the old woman pointing at your dh's manhood though.

handlemecarefully Mon 11-Jun-07 18:40:55

However excellent retort to the rude old walking stick wielding woman!

sparklygothkat Mon 11-Jun-07 18:44:25

I am pregnant with no4 and so far just have had the 'you must be mad' comments.

filthymindedvixen Mon 11-Jun-07 19:34:09

congrats to you Sparkly - I had no idea!

CarGirl Mon 11-Jun-07 19:39:49

"are you this rude to everyone you meet?"

"shall we start discussing your sex life as I don't discuss mine in public"

"We want at least enough for a full sized football team"

"we need this many to pay for your pension, there are too many old people now"

NikkiBFG Mon 11-Jun-07 19:42:23

I want a lot of children so I don't end up in a carehome like you will

KerryMum Mon 11-Jun-07 19:43:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RnBee Mon 11-Jun-07 19:46:52

perhaps I'm being a bit thick but I don't get the 'Flippin heck your husband must like being on his face' one. Anyone??

None of their business!

RoseQuartz Mon 11-Jun-07 19:58:24

RnBee Re: "Flippin Heck your husband must like being on his face".....what they meant by that was the man making love to the woman in the missionary position, so he would be face down (on top of the woman!!) in other words!!! No you're not thick at all hun, its these people who have nothing better to do than interfere with others who are thick!! Thanks for your reply! xx

maxbear Mon 11-Jun-07 20:07:05

I have two children and people look at me as if I am mad when I say I want one more. I am secretly a bit jelous though as I have always wanted lots of children, even more now that I have some, but the agreement between me and dh is for three. I might start working on him if I still feel the same after dc 3 but then ds is only 3 months so maybe I should just wait and see if I feel the same after the second bout of terrible two's!

sparklygothkat Mon 11-Jun-07 20:08:18

FMV am nearly 19 weeks now.

RoseQuartz Mon 11-Jun-07 20:09:09

Hiya you definitely have what it takes to come up with great answers!!!
Have written them down so that I can go over them again and again so that I can be ready to hit back when the next idiot approaches with their comments!! thanks xxx

RnBee Mon 11-Jun-07 20:22:18

Thanks RQ! I thought that must be it but couldn't believe anyone would actually say it

My mum had 7 kids so also often had comments, but nothing as rude as that!

madamez Mon 11-Jun-07 20:26:35

"Well, we've worked out how to have sex properly you see"...

Or, ask a really rude question such as, "Do you find it easier to orgasm when you take it up the arse?: and when the person splutters and says, "That's none of your business" then go "ooh, you know, that's what I meant to say..."

tribpot Mon 11-Jun-07 20:28:53

My childminder is pregnant with number 6. One of the doctors she saw at the hospital said "have you never heard of contraception?"

I dared her to look puzzled and reply "No, what's that?"

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