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How soon after giving birth do you ovulate?

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lilKelBel Sun 10-Jun-07 12:52:34

Hi - can't believe it but yes I'm having to think about when I'm fertile again - DH is just so very persuasive !

My DD is just 16 days old - born by Csection and I BF for 4 days.

When do you normally expect to ovulate after birth? Any idea at all???

I do plan to use proper contraception of course but just in case....

belgo Sun 10-Jun-07 12:58:24

congratulations on the birth of your dd! I personally recommend not even thinking about concieving again until you are sure that your c-section has fully healed - is this you second c-section? Will you have to have another c-section if you have another baby?

lilKelBel Sun 10-Jun-07 13:49:12

um, it's conceiving I'm trying to avoid actually! Knowing when ovulation starts up again would be most helpful in that regard...

It was my first section, second baby. Prob will have another section if/when we have another.

lulumama Sun 10-Jun-07 13:52:12

i would imagine that it would be a few weeks , at least 4...If you are getting in the mood, make sure your contraception is sorted, just in case!!

lilKelBel Sun 10-Jun-07 13:59:39

So if I'm 16 days into a (potential) 4 week cycle, it could be right now, couldn't it?

I'm a trifle worried as we did manage to do the deed w/out protection, today...

lulumama Sun 10-Jun-07 16:44:32

ye gods !!

good for you for getting back into the swing of things so soon after birth...but without contraception..eeeeeeeeekk!!

all i know is, i had a period after after both babies, at 8 weeks post natal...one c.s one VBAC...didn;t BF....so would have ovulated around 6 weeks post natal....

you'll probable be fine...!! hopefully!

TaylorsMummy Sun 10-Jun-07 16:52:59

bloody hell,your keen!! how the how did you manage that?? i seriously didn't even think about it for at least about,errm, 4 months??

LIZS Sun 10-Jun-07 16:55:53

Well, I had a period at 6 weeks (which according to MN isn't that uncommon, even when b'feeding) so must have ovulated around 4 weeks !

mears Sun 10-Jun-07 16:57:27

Think of the day you gave birth as the date of your last period. Since you are not B/F, you could ovululate within 2 weeks to a month of delivery.

elsieanjoanne Sun 10-Jun-07 17:00:10

I had unprotected sex six days after giving birth!!! i didnt fall pg!! although feel you should visit drs for some contraception if you dont want another just yet!

lilKelBel Sun 10-Jun-07 20:47:15

Thanks for the replies! Went for the morn-after pill just to be on the safe side. Blimey it took me by surprise though - it's been ages since I had to worry about getting pg!

midnightexpress Sun 10-Jun-07 20:57:48

I bf ds1 for about 10 weeks and was pregnant by the time he was 5 months old (I'd had 2 periods by then iirc). And beware, because we certainly weren't at it like rabbits and are both pretty ancient, so it can happen ( glad it did though)

elsieanjoanne Mon 11-Jun-07 14:24:54

glad you feel youve done the right thing, hope you remember your contraception till you want the family to increase

RoseQuartz Mon 11-Jun-07 21:04:10

I conceived within around 6 weeks from the birth of first child!.......hence just 11 months between child 1 and 2!! careful you 2 unless you want another immediately that is!! otherwise fire away, let it happen asap!! Congratulations on birth of little un...how lovely!!

fettleandminifettle Mon 11-Jun-07 22:25:58

Just learnt while looking into information around contraceptive pills today that your body can ovulate about 21 days after birth.


Congratulations on your new arrival!!

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