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How much spotting is too much? *pictures*

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MsHopey Sun 16-Sep-18 19:19:22

I've been spotting on and off daily for over a week now. I'm supposed to be 7 weeks pregnant today.
I had implantation bleeding this time and spotting throughout my first pregnancy and have a beautiful baby boy.
I'm just wondering how much is too much as it is starting to worry me and is a little more than I'd like. Each picture is a different day but bottom right is today and it looks a bit red instead of pink!
I'm starting to get scared.
Sorry for the pictures but it's easier to see than explain.
I haven't had any major cramping.

biscuitaddict Sun 16-Sep-18 19:34:05

If it's worrying you get it checked out. I think I would make a call if it was me. May be EPAU or gp? X

MsHopey Sun 16-Sep-18 19:35:54

EPAU in my area only accepts patients referred by the GP.
I have been stressing and I keep hoping it'll go away but it dies off and then comes back. I don't want to waste any ones times but I am worried about it and I'm scared every time I go to the toilet in case there's more blood.

Gobletoffire Sun 16-Sep-18 19:47:23

Hi OP. It looks like there’s less blood today but what’s there looks slightly more clotty maybe? I would call your GP first thing tomorrow to be on the safe side. X

AnneOfCleavage Sun 16-Sep-18 19:48:39

I too would get this checked out. When I mc I had cramps and spotting quite quickly so the fact it's been over a week it could be implantation but it does look like quite a lot. Second pg I had spotting again but no cramps and had a emergency scan and there was a heartbeat at 5+6 and I continued to have spotting on and off til 16 weeks but scans showed all was fine.

You mentioned you have a baby boy so it sounds like it could be that you're over doing things and need to rest a bit but definitely get it checked out. Does the mw know you're pg again? If you have logged it with the surgery then hopefully you have a direct number for her for you to call and get reassured rather than trying to get a gp appointment.

All the best OP 💐

Strawberrybelly Sun 16-Sep-18 19:52:07

I would go to the Gp tomorrow. You need to get it checked out.

MsHopey Sun 16-Sep-18 19:53:49

My booking in appointment is Thursday but I think I'm too anxious to wait that long, I don't have a direct number for yet sad
DS is 14mo and a handful, possibly over doing it but not really sure.
I'm 7 weeks now So I would have thought implantation was done with but you never know.
Surgery opens at 8am so hopefully I can get a morning appointment and be referred.
It did have a few tiny clots in which were red which has scared me more than the other days I've spotted.

TinyMarie Sun 16-Sep-18 19:54:21

I agree that it's best you get it checked out otherwise you will just be worrying until your scan which won't do you any good either.

Gobletoffire Sun 16-Sep-18 20:13:46

Yeah don’t wait until Thursday OP, call tomorrow and get yourself checked xx

figelnarage Sun 16-Sep-18 20:47:37

Didn't want to read and run. Good luck OP x

MsHopey Mon 17-Sep-18 06:30:19

The bleeding has stopped again.
But for peace of mind I'm going to go to my GP. I'll phone them as soon as they open and explain the situation and hopefully I can get an emergency appointment.
DH is finishing work early to have our DS if I need to go in for a scan as no under 16s allowed in the room.
🤞🏻 everything is okay but I want to know what to expect and what's going on.

Patienceofatoddler Mon 17-Sep-18 06:31:57

Wishing you the very best of luck.

BeeMyBaby Mon 17-Sep-18 07:04:16

Some women just bleed when pregnant, with my dd2 and DS I had similar (but a bit more) bleeding, if I dtd then it exasperated it, I think it was something to do with the cervix. In my area they didn't offer early scans as there is not much point as nothing can be done really at this point. The first time they offered a blood test to check my hcg levels were still increasing which were 2 gp appointments 2 days apart and then a week for the results. The second time I paid for a private scan at 9 weeks for piece of mind (it was £50) as I had also had extreme cramping (which I think must have been a uti).

LucyLou19 Mon 17-Sep-18 07:09:51

Any bleeding needs checking out lovely xx

sawbucks Mon 17-Sep-18 07:10:01

If your GP can't/won't refer you I would go for a private scan if you can afford it.

MsHopey Mon 17-Sep-18 08:47:07

I've managed to get a GP appointment for 9:40 today, thankfully.
Hopefully they either make me feel better or refer me to the EPU.
A little bit of spotting worried me but I thought it could have been normal. It's the redder little clots in yesterday's that has stressed me more. So hopefully we can find out what's going on.

SleepyMcEdie Mon 17-Sep-18 08:50:42

I had bleeding like that on and off from weeks 4-10. I phoned my GP who referred me to the EPU for a scan 3 times. All was fine and they could never pin point what was causing it.

TinyMarie Mon 17-Sep-18 08:58:16

I think you're definitely doing the right thing. Wishing you all the best at your appointment.

CaMePlaitPas Mon 17-Sep-18 09:34:12

This looks pretty normal to me, it doesn't look like blood coming from the cervix. Have you had sex recently? There are often blood vessels which burst on and around the opening of the cervix. Go and get it checked for piece of mind but if it was anything more sinister it would be a lot darker, you'd be soaking through a pad and you'd be having cramps/period pains. Good luck OP x

MsHopey Mon 17-Sep-18 09:58:57

We had sex yesterday afternoon and I had the bleeding in the evening. But only on the last picture. The rest was no sex as I haven't really been in the mood.
I've got a scan booked for 12 today which the GP says is the quickest they've ever managed to get one for. She says all bleeding should be checked.

Aprilshowersnowastorm Mon 17-Sep-18 10:00:30

Hope everything goes OK op.

Stormwhale Mon 17-Sep-18 10:03:14

Good luck op. Fingers crossed for you that all is ok.

Supermummy06 Mon 17-Sep-18 10:09:02

Always best to get bleeding checked out. I had bleeding at 6 weeks and got a scan the following day and everything was perfect ☺️ Hope everything is ok xx

SmallestInTheClass Mon 17-Sep-18 10:09:23

Good luck OP. I had this at 9 weeks, was monitored and later in pregnancy was found to be low placenta, which was managed until DD was born.

SummerRayne17 Mon 17-Sep-18 11:15:30

I've had bleeding during pregnancy that ended up with both good and bad outcomes. Will keep my fingers crossed for you that all is ok at your scan xx

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