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Sch-7 weeks just and no heartbeat...but...

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ragingmama84 Sun 12-Aug-18 00:59:49

So I went in for an early scan as I had brown spotting and I was given an early scan however I was given a trainee to do it. She was nice enough but completely unsure of herself at the end of it. They found the sch 4 x 2 x 3.9cm. Although the supervisor didn't even bother to tell me that I had to push saying "what's the bleeding about" so she said it's a subchoronic haemorrhage, didn't say I would have further bleeding. The trainee kept saying to me please don't panic it could be fine it's just it's so small, so small to detect it. So go home and the same day I haemorrhage and have these ping pong ball clots come out of me with horrible cramps. Then it starts to tapper or slightly, then it's all about movement. When I actually did bedrest the bleeding slowed right down. And now a week later it's just ending. At the time (because she didn't say I would bleed) I was convinced I had the miscarriage until I inspected the clots that had come out, they were these ping pong balls just 6 of them and everyone I know said it's the size of your hand that comes out. Now I've been in emotional hell, turmoil have I lost my 7 week baby or is this just the subchoronic hematoma. I went and got my scan notes and they said sch- patient made aware of the further bleeding that comes with it. No she didn't! If she had maybe I could of handled this better. I really need some stores here that are similar with positive outcome. I posted about this on another area but thought this might get more experience or advice

frankiefumbles Sun 12-Aug-18 02:52:11

Sounds like you got some confusing advice/information there. Assume you are in the UK? My first port of call would be to ring my GP, tell them you are pregnant but bleeding and concerned there is a problem. You should be able to get a call back to discuss the issue and make some progress. This may be a series of blood tests to make sure your HCG is rising.

Re a miscarriage at 7 weeks, it's not necessarily the size of your hand (I've had two around that age/size now) but equally the description of ping pong balls isn't like anything I saw, so perhaps this is to do with your haematoma. From what I've read, the bleeding from that can last some time and be triggered by movement. My friend has currently got to 13 weeks and has bled for many weeks, so it's not always an issue. For your own sanity I think a call to the GP in the morning would be wise. If you can't get through to the GP then you'll need to find the phone number for the EPU at your local hospital.

ragingmama84 Sun 12-Aug-18 08:57:48

Thank you for the advice. My gp is a bit of a lost cause sadly she only ever says to ask the midwife or epu from my experience they're not very much trained in this area. The epu is where I got most of the confusion from. I do think a lot of it has to do with the trainee and her being so unsure and the fact that they didn't prepare me for the sch. They literally said nothing about it, whereas a few I have spoken to said they were told that they might get gushing blood and some clots varying in size (many saying they ran to er expecting a miscarriage diagnosis) and to rest as it can be made worse or not to get better without bedrest. Having a toddler means you can never really have full bedrest but second she was put to bed I made sure I have rested and it has levelled off now, turned more dark and brown and no real pain or discomfort. I have a re-scan tomorrow morning (that's what they called it anyway) and I guess I'll find out for sure. But I'm sure you can imagine that 24 hours is a long time in a scared pregnant woman's eyes. I'm just hoping that due to the haemorrhage and the lack of experience of the sonographer and her insistence that it was just so so small and had to zoom in so much to see it that she was unsure about not seeing the flicker, that I'll go in there and they'll see it and the sch is diminishing in size since I had those bleeds and clots (only one day of clots well about two hours of it about 5 clots probably). Problem is I'm looking for clues to prepare myself best as my toddler will have to come and I don't want to scare her too much with my reaction but there don't seem to be any clues. I woke up today feeling how I did before this all began don't know if that's because it has resolved itself or something worse. Thank you for reading and responding

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Sun 12-Aug-18 09:05:29

I had a very early scan and the sonographer pushed so hard trying to detect a heartbeat that she caused a haematoma. I was losing big blood clots and had to go on bed rest for months. It did heal and baby was fine.
I would advise a transvaginal scan for very early pregnancies and insist that someone experienced does it this time - you don't have to accept a trainee, certainly not after the last experience.

ragingmama84 Mon 13-Aug-18 08:37:48

Yeah I think it will still be vaginal as I would only be 8 weeks and I can't imagine anyone can see anything on normal scan at this stage. On route to the scan. Just hope they hear a heartbeat I can put up with the hematoma but to lose the baby and start over again would just be heartbreaking

Angelmiracle Mon 13-Aug-18 09:03:06

Good luck to you 🤞

Hannahlouise4026 Mon 13-Aug-18 09:54:52

Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 I had a sch in my first pregnancy which was discovered at my 12 week scan. The sonographer mentioned that it may cause bleeding or may just be absorbed by the body. I didn’t have bleeding, but if you were told that’s what it was I expect it’s due to the sch rather than a miscarriage. Hope your scan goes well x

Isadora2007 Mon 13-Aug-18 09:57:48

Thinking of you today and hoping for good news at your scan flowers

lizzybennett1926 Mon 13-Aug-18 10:00:24

I hope it's good news thinking of you

ragingmama84 Mon 13-Aug-18 12:13:18

Thank you to all you ladies, I really appreciate the support, you can't really imagine strangers coming up to you can you and just offering up their heartfelt support to other women, particularly not in this day and age women tend to be against each other all the time. So my long winded sentence is basically saying you're all amazing you give me some hope which is what I needed to get through it even though I knew deep down it wouldn't work out.

When she scanned me I was basically empty, the massive clots and horrendous haemorrhaging I have experienced all week was the SCH but they think on the Monday when I had that scan is when I lost it, I had terrible bleeding and clots and was in so much pain from it I actually passed out with my 2 year old finding me like that, scared the life out of her. She had already freaked out seeing me get on that scan table (she's very much a mummy's girl which I know is unusual). I have spent a week obsessing, researching (to the extent of how I researched in law school 😆) and loooking for reasons to why and how and looking for hope, not so much because I believed any of it more because to survive a week till next scan, you need something to hold on to.

So I've passed the baby naturally, nothing left to come, the sch has basically come out and reabsorbed back into me...she said it's literally all gone, nothing left to do. She said there's no reason why you wouldn't get pregnant again, in very near future if we wanted...which we soon as possible. Won't lie I would like to keep my body in pregnancy mode and get pregnant before my next period comes. But to be honest my period returns very quickly after being pregnant.

So thank you for the support, it really did help x

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Mon 13-Aug-18 18:48:39

I'm so sorry it turned out like this flowers

glitterbug17 Wed 15-Aug-18 19:53:32

So sorry for your loss @ragingmama84 sad xxx

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