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Mood symptoms at 15 - near 16 weeks - bit twitchy...

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cheerfullysleepless Sat 11-Aug-18 13:10:28

flipping broken record of a poster recently so please forgive me! Struggled v badly w anxiety first trimester and whilst intrusive thoughts side of things gone still bit hyper vigilant and overly aware of everything i'm feeling so wanted to get a bit of a sounding board on anyone in similar boat. Lots of helpful women said did also have increased heart rate which midwife said was normal and wondering if anyone also has odd sense of sort of slight edginess. Not full on anxiety as I have had and know how grim that is but sort of alertness lots of the day - I wake up fine and go to sleep fine and it doesn't get in the way of getting on with stuff etc but just rarely feel completely relaxed - like I need to stay focussed or something. Not explaining very well! Also still bit teary every few days over nothing but so much better than 1st trimester. Does any of this ring any bells?!

cheerfullysleepless Sat 11-Aug-18 13:13:17

Think is possibly just heartbeat making me feel on edge but can best explain feeling as if I'm worried about being late if we don't get a wriggle on etc but almost all the time!

flashz Sat 11-Aug-18 13:14:19

Could you be aneamic?

cheerfullysleepless Sat 11-Aug-18 13:23:39

someone mentioned that on another thread actually and I don;t think so but am going to check, thank you!

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