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Bleeding after sex

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Relaxdontdoit Sat 11-Aug-18 11:35:26

I'm 11weeks pregnant and I had sex with my dh on Wednesday and straight after I bled bright red! It didn't fill a pad only when I wiped but it was red!!! I went to my midwife appointment on Thursdays and told her but she didn't seem bothered tbh.
So anyway I've been bleeding on and off since Wednesday still nothing on a pad but when I wipe. Ive had no pains or cramps but I'm absolutely shitting it.! I've had 6 mcs and I don't want this one to be the start of one. I've been taking it easy and not lumping heavy things (I moved house last week so I'm trying not to move any furniture) basically I want to no will my baby be OK? Or should I be worried . Will the bleeding stop.? I do have a scan on Thursday my actual dating scan but I can't stop panicking and I can't bring the scan forward. Had anyone had this before and been fine? Sometimes the blood goes brown and then on the evenings it will go back pink or red?! I'm so scared help me please. Xxxxx

Easterbuns1 Sat 11-Aug-18 20:21:30

I bled with both my previous pregnancies. My first pregnancy it first happened around 6 weeks during / after sex, loads of fresh red blood and obviously scared the bejesus out if me, had early scan and all ok. This happened every time we had sex after that (about 3-4 times) so my then dh freaked out and wouldn't sleep with me again until the baby was born. Same second time round only he stopped sleeping with me after the first time. I had some investigation for general spotting and bleeding after sex after I had the children and was told I had an errosive cervix and this had been the issue during pregnancy too. Hopefully baby is absolutely fine, I know it's such a worry til you get your scan but bleeding early on isn't always a sign of the worst. Good luck for Thursday.

furandchandeliers Sun 12-Aug-18 15:01:07

I bled three or four times after sex between 7-12 weeks and each time I rang the epu and they got me in for a scan to check everything. Can you do that? It was fine and I'm now 16 weeks.

Relaxdontdoit Sun 12-Aug-18 19:21:48

Thank you for your messages the bleeding has stopped and my midwife told me just to hold it out and go for my 12 weeks scan in Thursday. I've had no pains or aches so I'm guessing everything is OK.
I hope its nothing to worry a out but I will bring it up at my scan and ask them to check everything lol.. Why don't midwifes reassure you much.? Even with my history of losing in the first 12 weeks she didn't seem to care! I still feel positive and band sex lol.. My oh isn't put off by it. I bloody am for life lol... only Thursday will tell if everything is OK xxx thank u for your replies xxx

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