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SCH 7 weeks

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ragingmama84 Thu 09-Aug-18 12:06:50

I had a bit of a nightmare weekend and few days. Thought I was further along than I was had some brown discharge and spotting so went into to the dr. Turns out I was only 7 weeks and with a inexperienced person doing the scan someone had to take over, they said didn't see a heartbeat but thats not always a cause for concern. she didn't say anything about the bleeding so I pushed "why am I bleeding does it have a name for it?!" so she said its a SCH haemorrhage but left me with no information or guidance. Just said come in next week and well scan again hopefully you'll see the heartbeat. I remember her putting her hands on my legs which were still being covered by the sheet saying we just don't know could be all fine, maybe not, come in next week and we'll scan again. Then I find out (I'm a research junkie!) that you're meant to be on bed rest with this, and it has a size. She was more focused on saying that the foetus was just so small probably couldn't see the heartbeat, I also think that the woman who did the scan was so inexperienced (actually training) that Im not sure if its cause of that or too small or because the it was dead! horrible thought but the truth and she left me with nothing and they knew I was bleeding and just said come back next week, basically just deal with the bleeding no guidance at all! So I'm clearly freaking out going from maybe everything will be ok to maybe this bleeding is my miscarriage. Looking for advice or similar stories.

** I seem to be the go to for nhs screw ups I got a rare blood clot back 6 years ago from them leaving me in gallbladder issues with sepsis for too long two years on and off they left me and now I have the blood clot and this feels like a similar situation. But I'm just looking for some experience here really I don't really trust the nhs anymore so anyone who has gone through this?

lambdroid Thu 09-Aug-18 16:08:28

I had bleeding in my first pregnancy at 25 weeks and was never given any reason, or even any suggestions why!

In this one, I had some at 4-5 weeks and also wasn’t offered a reason or an even early scan. I just had two blood tests to make sure my hcg levels were rising. I’m now 7 weeks, but no scan until 13 weeks.

Unfortunately I think that often, they genuinely don’t know, and in the early stages there really isn’t anything that they actually can do other than wait and rescan, especially if nothing is visible yet.

Much sympathy, the waiting is awful. I’ve definitely heard plenty of positive outcomes for scans with no heartbeat seen at 7 weeks though.

ragingmama84 Sun 12-Aug-18 00:45:28

Yeah I'm trying not to be too hopeful or too negative. I've been told it depends on the skill of the technician (trainee) and the equipment (national health service) I really don't know but I do know that I had lots of clots (sorry tmi) but they were not like what my friends with miscarriages said they had which was the size of their hands not size of ping pong balls and it only happened on one day then general bleeding and now it's tapering off. But what I have noticed is when I sit still and do bed rest the bleeding is almost non existent so that makes me think the bleeding is the sch. But the no heartbeat is what really concerns me, it's measuring 4mm which is just 7 weeks and maybe because she was training she just didn't have the skill level and the supervisor only took over at the end for one minute. That trainee was so unsure of herself and really insisted that "it's just soooo early, it's just sooo small to detect it" maybe right at back of uterus and made it harder. But my fear is going on and being told sorry it's gone you know. I still have all the aches and pains and serious fatigue but Breast soreness is less now which concerns me, but I never had morning sickness and in my first pregnancy I didn't even notice I was pregnant till I was 12 weeks I just thought I was a bit poorly with tummy cramps. I'm just looking for some I don't know ways of feeling like I'm still pregnant and it was just too small and not great technicians or I've lost it and should prepare myself

lambdroid Sun 12-Aug-18 05:30:01

It’s a really, really horrible thing to go through. I’d only known for 2 days when I thought it might be over, and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.

My mum had a few miscarriages and advised me to try and prepare for the worst, but it was really hard. I think you just have to do whatever you can to get through the waiting. And try not to google.

You have all my sympathy. I hope it all works or for you.

ragingmama84 Sun 12-Aug-18 09:04:55

Yeah I've had a week, longest week of my entire life and I had a nhs screw up that had me walk in a healthy 28 year old with gallbladder pains leave a 30 year old (on and off every week I rushed into hospital) with a rare blood clot that has me on oxycodone and a scary (so says the nurses and dr that ask me why the hell are you on such a high dose) of clexane anticoagulant. So not so much trust for the hospital.

I have tested as much as I can with a mummy's girl toddler at night mostly and when I have it has lessened. I woke up today with pretty much no bleeding and when it did last night it was very dark red and brown almost. I actually feel how I did before this all began, general aches and pains of pregnancy, that bloat!! Boobs don't hurt but feel quite tough. I don't know I hope it's getting better and a more skilled technician or st least a second go at it will find a flicker of heartbeat. My concern is if I get the same women who did it the first time as she was so unsure of herself and that she didn't see the heartbeat almost tellling me it was just too small and she couldn't, little concerned she might not again and be wrong. It seems wrong to have someone inexperienced do early scans with complications such a delicate thing that could destroy a woman should be done by someone that knows what they're doing. I don't know I guess I'm looking for clues to prepare myself

ragingmama84 Mon 13-Aug-18 12:18:39

Iamdroid I wanted to let you know immediately. I had my scan and as I had feared all week long the baby was gone, when I had the scan last week I had got home and started having agony and clots and that must of been the miscarriage and rest of it was the sch working it's way out and what was left reabsorbed into my body. I had deep down prepared myself for it and grieved for it, so much. Not a minute went passed when I wasn't grieving for my little 7 week baby. So when she told me, won't lie I cried but it wasn't a surprise and I'm able to look to the future and never forget my lost baby. I got them to give me the scan pic to take home. My poor two year old has really suffered along with me, just want to get her back to normal now. Wouldn't mind getting pregnant again soon as well 😉.

But thank you for your support it really helped me, a shining light in that terrible darkness so thanks again x

lambdroid Tue 14-Aug-18 14:54:14

I’m so, so sorry to hear that.

Please look after yourself! Take some time to feel however you need to feel to deal with such a horrible thing. I know my tiny terror was a huge comfort to me during the uncertainty of my experience, I’m sure yours will be to you too.

Hopefully we’ll be hearing from you again with some positive news. Xxx

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