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Stage 4 endometriosis and impossible pregnancy without lap or ivf

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Marya1998 Wed 08-Aug-18 21:48:46

4 years ago i had laproscopy to remove the cyst
Long short story had Decapeptyl after the lap and my period stopped for 9 months
The cyst returned i had lupron
And my period stopped for 6 months
Now i have the cyst
I will start to get pregnant next year with the cyst
When my doctor said i have stage 4 I start suffer from anxiety and depression crying every day for 3 years but this year is horrible because my journey will start soon the crying became one part of my life even when i have happy times like with my family i just go. Outside and start crying
We Absolutely cannot afford ivf or iui
Laproscopy is impossible now i had it before and i have severe phobia from Anesthesia
I met someone who said the only way to get pregnant with stage 4 is laproscopy before trying
I don’t only have stage 4 i have chocolate cyst
The pregnancy is more likely impossible to happen i am 20 years old but it really affected my life
I can’t get rid of negativity thinking
Any advice could help sad

Maidofdishonour Wed 08-Aug-18 22:00:46

I’m so sorry that you are going through this. I was diagnosed at the same age and thought that I would never have children naturally. I fell pregnant first time of trying. Twice! I think it very much depends on where the endometriosis is.

physicskate Wed 08-Aug-18 22:11:52

With both a lap and ivf you would need anaesthesia... I'd suggest counselling and another consult with the consultant to discuss you're fears and feelings about this.

As the pp says, it all depends on where the endo is...

What do your ccg guidelines say about ivf? In most ccg there is at least some provision, though you generally need to have been ttc for 2 (sometimes 3) years.

Marya1998 Wed 08-Aug-18 22:15:45

Good to hear that smile
What stage did you have ? Did you have chocolate cyst?
Did you have lap in order to help you to get pregnant before both pregnancy ?

Maidofdishonour Fri 10-Aug-18 17:49:18

I had a laparoscopy, laser treatment and a drug-induced menopause before I fell pregnant the first time. I have had 7 laparoscopies (mostly for chocolate cysts) over 30 years until I had a Mirena coil which was an absolute Godsend. I am now at then end of my second coil so I have been endo-free for 11 years and am almost menopausal. Absolute bliss!
What is your phobia regarding anaesthesia? Your best chances are to have the cyst removed as it might interfere with a pregnancy.

Marya1998 Fri 10-Aug-18 19:57:35

I would prefer drugs like lupron than laproscopy
They are supposed to treat chocolate cyst
My phobia because of brain death
I know it is stupid but this I cannot handle it
I had laproscopy 4 years ago and it was terrible
And now every thing returned the cysts and the adhesions
Oh i hate this disease 😷

italianwifey Sat 11-Aug-18 08:41:32

@marya1998 I had severe endometriosis (stage 3 I think) and had two laps. The most recent one was in jan and I was on a chemically induced menopause prior to the surgery. I have just talked pregnant naturally and I also have a sister in law and mother in law with 5 babies between them and they both had severe endo. Please don’t think it’s necessarily impossible! If I were you I would try to deal with the phobia first maybe through some
Therapy on the NHS, then when you feel ready and want to have the lap then go for it and fingers crossed things will be okay. There are lots of Facebook support groups and meet ups too that happen. Hope you’re okay

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