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When did you feel your baby kick?

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Yorkymidge Wed 08-Aug-18 19:23:23

I’m 15 weeks + 1 day and have not felt my baby move yet. I am classed as “obese” so wonder if this will make a difference? But people keep asking if i’ve felt anything yet and i’m a little worried. I think it’s natural to worry between scans and worry in case anything has happened to the baby? Just wondered when you all felt your baby move?

Thank you

Darkstar4855 Wed 08-Aug-18 20:21:53

Not until just over 20 weeks but it’s my first baby and I have an anterior placenta. Now 23 weeks and feeling wriggles and kicks all the time!

I think normal for a first pregnancy is 18-20 weeks so don’t worry, you’re still pretty early to be feeling anything.

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Aug-18 20:26:56

For a first pregnancy, it'll likely be over 20 weeks. Normal for it to take 23 weeks.

I'm a size 8 with a v short abdomen and my uterus was palpable at 9 weeks. My first kicked from 17 weeks, second I was 14 weeks and you could feel and see it externally by 16 weeks.

RamonaQuimbyage38 Wed 08-Aug-18 20:28:21

Like Darkstar4855 says. And if, like her, you have an anterior placenta you might not feel much at all. Also, some babies move a LOT more than others. My 1st one was like a bag of monkeys, all the time. But my 2nd one was snuggled up asleep most of the time, barely felt him at all.

I'm average build and currently 17 weeks pregnant with my 4th but I haven't felt anything definite yet.

It's definitely natural to worry, but try not to, it won't help...

SoyDora Wed 08-Aug-18 20:28:38

15 weeks is early for a first pregnancy.
I think I felt my first around 18 weeks, second at around 14 weeks and currently pregnant with my third who is currently having a good old wriggle (I’m just coming up to 20 weeks) and have been feeling him from 16 weeks ish.

SmallYappyTypeDog Wed 08-Aug-18 20:41:16

Just over 20 weeks and I have a posterior placenta and am quite slim. I kept wondering if I was feeling a movement but the first kick was unmistakable!

Congratulations on your pregnancy smile

jennac Wed 08-Aug-18 20:44:13

I'm 19 weeks with my first, slim build and haven't anything yet. Trying not to panic and telling myself everyone is different!

Izzyw1983 Thu 09-Aug-18 03:56:27

17 weeks got 20 weeks can feel movements... I think the normal guideline is between 16 and 24 weeks

Maryam18 Thu 09-Aug-18 05:50:00

I didn't feel anything until 24 weeks! Now I'm feeling the kicks all the time. I was worried that was late but my midwife reassured me that every woman and her baby is different.

kernowsailor Thu 09-Aug-18 06:13:26

I think it was over 22 weeks. But once it starts it never stops grin

FirstTimeBumps Thu 09-Aug-18 22:32:07

Currently 19 weeks and have felt what I think in the odd bump, usually late evening and really low down, which would make sense as that's where the MW found he/she when trying to listen for a heartbeat at 16 weeks. Just wishing there was a bit more umph to the bumps as that would be a bit more reassuring x

Yorkymidge Sat 11-Aug-18 09:34:05

Thanks for the assurance mummys! I think i’m just petrified of losing the baby - it seems to be such a long time between scans and something could easily go wrong.

ChromeWaves Sat 11-Aug-18 09:45:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChromeWaves Sat 11-Aug-18 09:47:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

problembottom Sat 11-Aug-18 11:05:52

I'm in my 21st week with my first and I haven't felt any movement yet but the leaflet my midwife gave me said it can be up to 24 weeks so I'm not worried. I'm a healthy BMI so I don't think your weight makes a difference.

At my 20 week scan my baby was doing headstands, bicycle kicks and even clenched its fists at the sonographer, it was very funny. She told me to brace myself as little one is very active!

Olive1988 Sat 11-Aug-18 11:32:03

I have anterior placenta and didn't feel baby move until 24 weeks. I ended up paying for a private scan as got myself worried so try not to worry like I did. I'm now 37 weeks and feel baby move all the time. I was the high end of overweight starting the pregnancy and will likely be obese now as have ballooned and it isn't affecting me feeling movements xx

SiolGhoraidh Sat 11-Aug-18 17:29:20

Felt the odd 'maybe that was something but could be wind' at about 18 weeks, but it was really after 20 weeks for me, 23 when I could say for definite they were kicks. That was with a BMI of 35 and an anterior placenta.

Yorkymidge Sat 11-Aug-18 20:09:38

Thank you for all your responses. I think i just need to ignore people and try to relax before my next scan smile

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