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5 weeks pregnant, obese and panicking!

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dellabrew Tue 07-Aug-18 12:03:57

Hello I'm new here! Just found out I am pregnant - wasnt planned but I am so pleased and excited....but also completely terrified..! Really wanted to lose weight before we got pregnant, my BMI is 43 and I am completely freaking out over all the health risks etc - stupidly spent all morning reading horror stories. My sister had a baby early at 28 weeks and he sadly only lived for a short while, I'm just terrified of it happening to me. (She had no weight issues, but found out afterwards that she had Strep B which they think caused early labour). I rang the doctor this morning to book an appt and the receptionist told me I just need to see the midwife at 8 weeks - which is 3 weeks away, and I'm really panicking feel like I need to talk to a doctor but she said that I cant yet - is that normal?! Sorry for the big long waffle I just need some reassurance here...!

Thegirlhasnoname Tue 07-Aug-18 12:13:02

Midwifes don’t see you in my area until at least 8 weeks so normal here.

My BMI at booking in was 41 (not that heavy but quite short stupidly!) and at 28+3 I have gained a grand total of 2.5lbs, so heavier people can successfully grow babies without all of the complications which google will tell you about - I don’t have gestational diabetes either which the Internet likes to state that all bigger mums get.

Easier said than done I know but try to stay away from Dr Google and congratulations ☺️

Emma765 Tue 07-Aug-18 12:16:40

Stay away from Google! We're all different.

My BMI was 31 when I had my first contact appointment which was at 6 weeks.

The nausea and lack of appetite, along with not drinking has meant that at 24 weeks I have a sizeable bump but my weight hasn't changed.

I once worked with a woman who I imagine had a BMI higher than 43 when she got pregnant. She mainly carried weight due to her rose wine habit and actually lost a huge amount in her pregnancy.

Try not to worry. And good luck!

emmaluggs Tue 07-Aug-18 12:19:13

I had a a high BMI when I was pregnant, yes there are increased risk factors but they don’t mean everything will happen. Being pregnant can be an anxious time whatever your weight. Stay away from Dr Google and just enjoy your pregnancy. When I had my test for diabetes there were plenty of slimmer ladies having the test, so things like that are not just for overweight there will be many different circumstances that will add up to a risk score - it’s just means a few extra tests or appointments but it’s to keep an eye out not to diagnose.

In area it is the same, you don’t see a Dr, and earlier midwife will see you is 8 weeks. They will go through everything with you and you’ll have the opportunity to talk about your worries and concerns (make a note of any questions beforehand).

Congratulations though and stay away from google x

AnneLovesGilbert Tue 07-Aug-18 12:20:34

Congratulations on your pregnancy, it's good news! smile

My GP surgery has nothing to do with pregnancy at all. They refer you to their website where you can self refer to the various hospitals in the area and you contact them direct. With my PCT you fill in a document with your details and dates, email it to them and they send you a letter with your booking appointment time.

The only thing you might want to talk to your doctor about is a prescription for high dose folic acid. It's recommended for people over a certain BMI and you need a prescription for it. If you weren't ttc you probably weren't taking folic and it's really important so start now.

Best of luck with your pregnancy!

AJPTaylor Tue 07-Aug-18 12:28:53

I didnt have quite as high a bmi as you but with dd3 i weighed less at 9 months than at 2 months. I felt rotten until 5 months then found it impossible to eat much due to size of baby vs my shortness.

GetThisBabyOut Tue 07-Aug-18 12:55:27

You should be on an increased dose of folic acid just FYI - 5mg not 400mcg. Pretty sure it needs prescribing by the GP so actually the receptionist is wrong in this instance - you will need an earlier appointment. Just phone them back and explain you have a high BMI and need to discuss medication.

Munchkin08 Tue 07-Aug-18 12:58:17

You can still joint slimming world when pregnant as long as the midwife agrees, it really stopped my gaining weight while pregnant and encouraged me to make healthy choices. Congratulations

moonlight1705 Tue 07-Aug-18 13:03:42

I'm 15 weeks and a BMI of 44 - the only thing that has been discussed is the fact they couldn't get as clear a picture on the scan as with less obese women.

I've Googled and got myself into a tizz originally but look at the actual statistics - obese women are 4 times more likely to have a birth with shoulder displacement but what that really means is 0.4% in comparison with 0.1%.

I've found it to be the best diet I've ever been on - no longer hungry at all times, craving fruit and have lost 4kg in the 15 weeks.

I did get the extra folic acid though. Good luck and do PM me if you want to chat to a similar BMI person!

dellabrew Tue 07-Aug-18 13:07:10

Thanks so much everyone you are all so kind and reassuring! The funny thing is I feel GREAT in myself - which might sound crazy to some of you, I'm not at all sick and feel weirdly energetic although not sure if that's just excitement grin and absolutely none of the less lovely symptoms that so many experience...although I guess I better not speak too soon..! Just trying not to get too carried away right now, feel like rushing out and buying prams and things which I know isn't wise …but...!

peodar Tue 07-Aug-18 13:23:33

Congratulations! GP won't do anything useful, most areas are fully midwife led now. You may need to have extra appointments and will need a glucose test later to rule out gestational diabetes, but it's all just precautionary. Also take extra folic acid and calcium.

I lost weight last time, had 1 meeting with a consultant and they were happy to discharge to midwife led care in the natural birth centre. I'm even heavier on conception for current pregnancy and they didn't even bother with the referral this time!

Pepper123123 Tue 07-Aug-18 20:22:39

Google is not your friend. Do your best to avoid it.

I am in the obese category. Not sure of my BMI but I know it's bordering on 40.
Neither the midwives or the consultant have even mentioned my weight.

My pregnancy is progressing normally and there's no reason why yours shouldn't either.

Pregnancy is such a worrying time, but please try to remember that our bodies know what to do.

Stargirl90 Tue 07-Aug-18 20:26:33

Congratulations!! Try not to worry. My bmi was 40 at booking in. My pregnancy is going well, baby was healthy at 20 week scan. I am now 23 weeks, nothing has been mentioned of my weight and scans were all fine and easy

Sictransitgloria Fri 10-Aug-18 11:59:37

@dellabrew I really needed this thread so thank you! I am so anxious about my weight and complications etc. Doesn’t help that I am a health professional so feel I will be judged more harshly! My bmi is 40, I am going to try and exercise (low impact) and eat better as I already have swollen feet at 7 weeks.

dingdongdigeridoo Fri 10-Aug-18 15:56:41

I’m on my second pregnancy with a high BMI. Try not to worry. Yes, it is riskier, but if you look at the actual percentages it’s tiny amounts compared to the number of larger women who have perfectly healthy pregnancies.

When you have your booking in appointment you might get offered three months of free slimming world. Up to you whether you want to take it. You’ll probably get refered to a consultant and get extra growth scans. The extra appointments are annoying, but it’s mostly just ticking boxes. There are a few extra things such as glucose tolerance tests that you’ll probably be offerred.

But try to relax! There’s never a perfect time to have a baby. And it’s good motivation to eat well and look after yourself.

Vampyress Fri 10-Aug-18 16:23:54

I am obese with high bmi for my last 2 boys and I am 1 day past due with my 3rd and so far had no issues! your delivery options may be reduced as you won't be able to have a home/water birth if you are consultant led. You may be prescribed a higher dose of folic acid and low dosage asprin and they will want you to have a glucose tolerance test, all of which are safeguards to avoid any possible compIications.

All your bmi will mean is you have a few more appointments including the possibility of 3 scans instead of 2, and you might have have more back pain than a lower bmi than mummy due to the extra strain but I am sure your baby will come out gorgeous and perfectly baked.

Congratulations flowers

dellabrew Sat 11-Aug-18 21:41:42

Thanks so much everyone all your messages help me so much!! TBH more scans and more appointments will probably help me with the whole anxiety thing anyway smile! So weird how slow time seems to be going atm....cant wait til I am past the 12 week mark will feel so much less worried then hopefully!...atm am just getting through one day at a time and every day is one day closer to baby day smilesmilesmile I do want to get back onto SW, had success with it in the past but am rubbish at sticking to things but I know it works. And have got some extra folic acid so hopefully all goes well smile

Baby160P Sun 12-Aug-18 16:39:49

My BMI is high too (37 I think)

I'm 12 weeks and had the same panic.

I follow slimming world which is pregnancy friendly and have lost 3lb in the first trimester.

I wouldn't go crazy and lose too much but if I could finish my pregnancy around the same weight as I started hat would be ideal.

I've also heard of people being lighter after they've had the baby than before which seems to be common.

I believe I will see a doctor around 24 weeks and might be put on a low dose of aspirin which protects you from the negative things and clots etc.

Try not to worry I'm sure we will be fine

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Sun 12-Aug-18 18:55:10

Try not to worry! My BMI was 47 (I’m 5’ 9” so you can imagine how heavy I am!) I’m 17 week and I’ve lost just over a stone through eating healthier. I’ve taken up swimming, aqua aerobics and yoga to help tone up and improve my health, nothing too difficult but enjoyable, low impact sessions.

You’ll need extra folic acid and vitamin D due to your higher BMI. I suggest the shops own version of Pregnacare, Tesco, Asda, Boots and Superdrug all sell it at a fraction of the price. The midwives have been lovely and really positive. My 12 week scan was a little blurry but the sonographer was lovely too. I don’t know if all ladies get a referral to the anaesthetic clinic, but I will have one at 28 weeks or so. You’ll also get two extra scans later on around the 28 week and 36 week mark as ladies with higher BMI are at a greater risk of smaller babies.

I’ve been reading horror stories too about how it will have to be a forceps delivery but, to be honest, I’m hoping the extra exercise I’m doing will negate that.

I was quite surprised at how many larger women were also waiting for scans and it made me feel a bit better. I’d daftly assumed that all pregnant women were aged mid 20’s and size 8 and looked like they had swallowed a beach ball... it was my paranoia about my weight and age talking. Its both eye opening and reassuring to see the variety of mums to be at appointments.

SharedLife Sun 12-Aug-18 19:47:56

Thank you for asking this, I'm 4 weeks with a BMI of 43, that's after losing 4 stone by healthy eating! I'm going to keep on with the "diet" I'm not calorie counting or anything, just not eating crap - so don't see why I'd change that now I'm pregnant.

Congratulations and good luck flowers

captainshortie Sun 12-Aug-18 20:46:06

Im 14+5(due in feb) with a bmi of 48 (im5ft2) my 12 week scan was quite difficult as she really pressed down to get a good photo but you can deffo see a baby in there!
I was referred to the consultant who wants to see me after every scan but said bar that ill be midwife led.
And bar the greater risks in diabetes, etc etc ill have a normal pregnancy and a normal birth. They just have to prepare "just in case" which doesnt mean anything is going to happen, just better safe than sorry!
Ive got to get extra scans as theyll not be able to measure my belly for actual growth like normal so get growth scans, which honestly make me so happy as ill see my baby more grin
So 20wk scan in september, then a scan in november, december and 2 in january.
Honestly dont stress too much, youll be fine! <3

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