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Nub theory?

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furandchandeliers Thu 26-Jul-18 11:33:41

Can anyone see a nub on my scan? Did me today at 13 weeks and 1 day smile

I have 5 other children and the nub theory was right for them all grin

furandchandeliers Thu 26-Jul-18 11:34:34

Whoops would help if I posted a pic grin

Tretchikoff Thu 26-Jul-18 11:39:04

OP your full name is visible on your scan photo x

furandchandeliers Thu 26-Jul-18 11:41:12

I don't mind I've got nothing to hide

CrabbyPatty Thu 26-Jul-18 12:25:25

I think I can see it and I think girl, but I'm no expert. My baba's nub is really borderline, so I really can't tell!

furandchandeliers Thu 26-Jul-18 13:38:34

Thanks crabby patty smile

TheCag Thu 26-Jul-18 14:17:26

I think maybe boy, I can see what I think they call ‘stacking’.

furandchandeliers Thu 26-Jul-18 14:25:14

What's stacking @TheCag ? Sounds interesting!

TheCag Thu 26-Jul-18 14:30:04

Here a picture from google, it’s two small lines (the start of penis and testicles forming I assume). I’m not an expert, just been reading online to try and guess for my own scan!

furandchandeliers Thu 26-Jul-18 15:02:39

Oh I see what you mean! Yes it does look like that on mine too grinexciting!

HopeNovember2017 Thu 26-Jul-18 16:48:02

I'd say boy! smile

HopeNovember2017 Thu 26-Jul-18 16:52:57

Can I jump on the wagon? I love a bit of nubbing! wink This was 12 weeks - I'm thinking girl? smile

BifsWif Thu 26-Jul-18 17:41:15

Both scan pictures - girls

Yakadee Thu 26-Jul-18 20:16:18

Can I jump on too please? I'm totally hopeless at this! Not even sure my baby has a nub on this lol x

HopeNovember2017 Thu 26-Jul-18 21:23:55


Yakadee Thu 26-Jul-18 21:26:35

Thanks @HopeNovember2017 - what makes you say girl (Sorry if it's obvious I've never done the nub thing before) x

HopeNovember2017 Thu 26-Jul-18 22:12:16

See the little white luminous line (just at the bottom of the belly) if that is parallel to the spine then they say it's a girl, if it's more than 30 degree angle (if it was pointing more upwards) then they say boy! So if the theory is right then I'd say a girl smile xx

Yakadee Fri 27-Jul-18 06:47:24

Ah OK. That's really interesting, thanks x

PenneyForThem Sun 29-Jul-18 16:57:01

Sorry to jump on the band wagon but does anyone what to guess for my scan please? Congratulations everyone on your lovely scan pics! TIA x

HopeNovember2017 Sun 29-Jul-18 18:37:29

I would say from that pic a girl smile

PenneyForThem Sun 29-Jul-18 19:20:00

Thank you for replying! I’m super excited to find out next month! grin

HopeNovember2017 Sun 29-Jul-18 19:35:04

@PenneyForThem let us know!! smile

PenneyForThem Sun 29-Jul-18 21:05:23

Will do @HopeNovember2017 x

Bwe123 Wed 01-Aug-18 20:44:35

Hi everyone,
New to this game and I'm curious about the nub truth I don't even know if I'm looking at the right part haha!
Any suggestions or thoughts for fun?
Thank you,

jazzyfizzles Wed 01-Aug-18 20:47:34

This was my 12 week scan, little girl. Not sure if it's helpful with looking at the nub!

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