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Anyone know much about first response lines? A miracle has occurred 🙏🏼

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VillageFete Sat 21-Jul-18 17:35:51

A miracle has very possibly occurred!!! 4 years TTC, 2 years of infertility treatment, 1 IVF miscarriage, 1 negative IVF transfer and then all of a sudden today I get a positive test!! Naturally!! I have PCOS and one blocked tube so this is a miracle.

Last month I had a failed IVF cycle, just paid to start a brand new one, waiting for AF and then it would begin. All my drugs are at home ready to go. I was cleaning up today and found a spare test, decided because i’ve been using supplements to improve egg quality and there’s no sign of AF that i’d just use it on the off chance. The line came up straight away. I nearly passed out with shock.

Does this look like a good, strong line? Not sure how far gone I could be. Any idea what that line could indicate? I had a negative test on 14th June, stopped my IVF medication and had a bleed on 18th June so have obviously conceived at some point since then.

Sophwalms Sat 21-Jul-18 17:40:42

I did mine with first response and mine was the actually the same I'm now 7 months pregnant. That is 1000000% positive! Congrats xx

Celebelly Sat 21-Jul-18 17:41:03

That's a good line! It looks like mine did around 15 dpoish.

twoheaped Sat 21-Jul-18 17:43:09

Oh wow, what a wonderful surprise smile.

Ever the practical, will they refund you the IVF you have just paid for?

Congrats flowers

SanFranBear Sat 21-Jul-18 17:46:08

I am so happy for you as that is looking like a good, strong positive! Good luck

VillageFete Sat 21-Jul-18 17:49:04

twoheaped That’s all i’ve thought about grin They bloody better had! I may very well have a pram etc to buy!!

I must have conceived in San Francisco then blush We had booked the holiday 9 months ago in the Thomas Cook sale and it just so happened to fall at a great time (just after our failed IVF) So we relaxed, ate and drank for England and had sex twice over there. It must have helped to be so relaxed and stress free?!

Mybabystolemysanity Sat 21-Jul-18 17:50:44

Huge congratulations, OP!

Hjkillas Sat 21-Jul-18 17:51:01

38 weeks pregnant tomorrow since getting diagnosed with pcos. It feels amazing!

That's a beautiful line. All the best 😁😁

Levithecat Sat 21-Jul-18 17:55:59

That’s a wonderful strong line! Huge congratulations flowers

VillageFete Sat 21-Jul-18 17:58:25

Thank you all so much, i’m so bloody happy. 4 years of hell and now this happens?! I wish I knew how far gone I was. I also had sex a few days before our holiday and put my legs in the air, just on the off chance that it’d happen, but to be honest I had given up hope at that point.

FordGirl Sat 21-Jul-18 17:59:11

Congratulations OP! So happy for you!smile

DramaAlpaca Sat 21-Jul-18 18:00:36

Oh my, how wonderful! Huge congratulations OP smile

Hjkillas Sat 21-Jul-18 18:16:45

A lot of the time something happens when you give up or take a break or holiday. It's like our bodies say we deserve it for giving ourselves a little bit of time off. It's wonderful I'm really happy for you. All the best xx

BertieBotts Sat 21-Jul-18 18:19:52

That is a very strong line! Pffft you would have to be the one for who "just go on holiday" works! wink smile

Congratulations, all the best with it.

Jeippinghmip Sat 21-Jul-18 18:23:34

Massive congratulations flowers

Waitingonasmiley42 Sat 21-Jul-18 18:24:38

Congratulations!!! How amazing after all that time. Hope you have an easy pregnancy now! flowers

orphanblack1 Sat 21-Jul-18 19:26:46

amazing news - congrats!!!! Looks like a v strong line to me! I'd get a clear blue digital with weeks indicator if you can as that will tell you how far (ish). xx

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson Sat 21-Jul-18 19:34:06

13+4 over here with PCOS! Got told to go away, lose weight and have lots of tests as it wouldn’t happen... pretty much gave up and I was already pregnant!


Stephisaur Sat 21-Jul-18 19:35:35

That’s a fantastic line! Congratulations!!

Agree with above - a clear blue with the weeks indicator will tell you when you conceived smile then just add 2 weeks to it xx

Pippinfi Sat 21-Jul-18 19:38:52

Yep definitely pregnant congratulations flowers

pleasegotowork Sat 21-Jul-18 19:39:37

I love love love reading posts like these. Congrats, OP, what wonderful news. Wishing you a very uneventful few months ahead.
From another IVF vet (5 failed cycles but got to adopt my beautiful, noisy, fun-loving daughter so very grateful it didn't work for us - although it was very shit at the time)

leighdinglady Sat 21-Jul-18 19:41:31

Huge congratulations!!!! It's much stronger than my one this week

IndianaMoleWoman Sat 21-Jul-18 19:50:52

Lovely news, OP.

If your last period was on the 18th June, you will be considered 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant today, and will carry on counting until you have a more accurate dating scan. You probably conceived mid-cycle, around 19 days ago. You will be 5 weeks on Monday. Your due date should be around 25th March 2019.

Congratulations! flowers

VillageFete Sat 21-Jul-18 20:05:50

Oh thanks so much all!!

I rang my local early pregnancy unit, just because my fertility centre was closed. They invited me to come in for an internal scan on Tuesday. Should I see a sac if I am approx 5 weeks?

pleasegotowork Oh that’s so lovely, that you finally became a mum after the hell of IVF. I bet she was truly worth every shitty second of it.

LegoPiecesEverywhere Sat 21-Jul-18 20:07:24

Nice strong line for five weeks. Huge congratulations. flowers

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