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11 weeks, had big bleed

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insywinsyspider Sun 27-May-07 22:23:03

not sure what i expect anyone to say but none of my friends have kids and feel completely lost, yesterday was out with dh and ds i stood up and had a massive gush of blood that soaked my jeans half way down my thighs, was bright red, went to a&e but was bank hol sat so no one could scan and how waiting till tues to find out if there is a baby in there or not... same thing happened but less blood after about 2 hours in a&e, am completely up and down, no bleeding today was all brown blood coloured discharge, so thinking thats positive or am i just kidding myself??

just needed to write it down somewhere... it could go either way, didn't sleep much last night

Caz10 Sun 27-May-07 22:30:56

Hi insy. Can't offer any advice I'm afraid but just wanted to say I am thinking of you and hoping that everything is ok. I am 11 weeks too. I've read lots of posts on here where people have had bleeds and been ok, and in fact my mum just told me the other day she bled at 12 weeks with me, and everything was fine. Can't believe no-one could scan you that is just ridiculous. Sending hugs and hope dh is being a good help.

lulumama Sun 27-May-07 22:31:06

sorry to hear that

you must be very anxious

have you had any pain? cramps? period like pain? abdominal pain of any kind?

might be ok if no pain, obviously without a scan, it is impossible to know

some women do bleed aroudn the time they wold have had a period

terrible you could not get a scan today

LynetteScavo Sun 27-May-07 22:34:53

This happened to me. It's very scary. I didn't have any pain, but did loose huge clots, which at the time I presumed was the baby. However, I didn't, and DD was absolutely fine.

mears Sun 27-May-07 22:38:30

Do you not have a maternity unit with and early pregnancy unit near you? You can call the maternity unit and they should arrange to see you - that is what happens in my area anyway.

dollydumps Sun 27-May-07 22:39:08

Thinking about you. I had a few bleeds throughout my pregnancy and I know how horrible it feels to NOT KNOW. Role on nine months and I have a beautiful (and healthy) baby girl. Try not to worry - so easy to say but in my experience things panned out fine. So many people I know have had bleeding of one sort or another and I don't know any who actually lost the baby. Think positive everythings on your side. I've everything crossed for you.

ENTP Sun 27-May-07 22:40:48

Message withdrawn

DumbledoresGirl Sun 27-May-07 22:43:13

Oh poor you. I know what it is like. I have been there. I had a bleed when I was 9 weeks pg. I was admitted to hospital overnight and found out the next day that my baby was fine (I had lost a twin though, but as I did not know about it beforehand, it was not something that upset me). There is hope for you yet. I am so sorry you have to wait until Tuesday. I found waiting 12 hours bad enough.

insywinsyspider Mon 28-May-07 07:43:49

thanks for your replies - I've had no cramps or pain, just a bit of period type ache which I had with ds as everything was softening and moving. Can't work out if thats good or not, the bleeding was bright red and really flowed, I sat on the toilet after the first one and it sounded like I was having a wee - no clots

The scan is with the early pg unit but they don't open till tues.... the waiting is killing me, I got the appointment on Sat so it'll be three days since the bleed, its so cruel because as I've had no more bleeding I'm being very positive and if I have miscarried then worried I'll have further to fall

dh is being amazing and really worried too but trying to keep open mind either way

bambino1 Mon 28-May-07 07:47:43

oh insy i've just read this thread. I don't have any advice but I'm thinking of you. I'm 11 weeks too and I just can't imagine how worried you must be. Try to stay positive. Keep us updated.

DrNortherner Mon 28-May-07 07:58:59

Hi Insy. Hoping everything is OK. The waiting must be awful. Not scanning on a BH Mon is appalling.

I miscarried last year at easter and got a scan on Easter Monday.

bambino1 Mon 28-May-07 08:02:49

I was just thinking, we're all due around christmas! Hope they don't close mat ward as it is a BH!

paulaplumpbottom Mon 28-May-07 08:06:04

Its cruel of them to make you wait. I'm so sorry honey I hope everythings ok.

MrsMills Mon 28-May-07 08:12:53

It's a terrible wait for you, but to perhaps give you a bt of hope, exactly the same thing ahppened to me with my first pregnancy. I was 13 weeks and I got a sudden gush of blood, loads and it did literally gush out. I was terrified. I went to the epu, did a scan, though I waitied for about 3 hours as I was forgotten about. Anyway the baby was fine and no reason could be given for it.

But nothing will really stop you thinking of the worst case scenario, I understand that. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow.

berolina Mon 28-May-07 08:45:24

Exactly the same happened to me, but at 17 weeks (and again at 21). In my case it was placenta praevia. 11 weeks is a bit early for that (it could possibly be from a 'low lying' placanta, though?), but really it was exactly as you describe. How horrible not being able to get a scan - poor you.

beansprout Mon 28-May-07 08:48:57

Am so sorry to hear this, you must be very anxious. Is there not another hospital you could go to? A&E could see you and refer you on, it does sound odd that you couldn't get a scan.
No pain sounds good though. Will keep everything crossed for you.

insywinsyspider Mon 28-May-07 09:31:06

we saw the registra on sat and he did a check of my abdomen (I guess for eptopic pg??) and took my blood pressure and temp but thats it - he was lovely but very much of the opinion that if the baby has gone there is nothing we can do, he said no one on duty was trained to do pg scanning so trying to look could give us the wrong answer and he didn't think that was fair, I'm counting down the hours now till tomorrow so think all I can do is hang on in there - if I'd had more bleeding I'd go back and demand a scan but doc said if I can get to tues without anymore bleeding thats a good sign

thanks for all your messages (they are making me feel a bit more positive - sounds like a gush of blood and no clots could be ok?!?)

bambino - I had my booking in app last Sat and asked for a home birth because I was worried about there not being docs around in hosp to discharge me within a reasonable time at xmas (was out in 6 hours last time) looks like that wasn't completely unfounded! our hosp seems to grind to a halt on weekends

mears Mon 28-May-07 12:16:23

I am sorry you are having to wait till tomorrow but certainly no further bleeding or pain is a good sign. I think it is terrible that there are no scanning facilities on a bank holiday - our EPAS unit stays open.

peanuthead Mon 28-May-07 12:40:22

Hi Insy
Exactly the same thing happend to me at 11 weeks - I lost loads of blood with clots, it was everywhere and the nurse at a and e said I'd probably miscarried there was so much. I only had to wait till the next day for a scan though and all was fine - felt liek a miracle. I really feel for you having to wait - we just assumed the worst but please don;t - it can still be ok. Hope the next 24 hours pass quickly - mustt be like torture..

peanuthead Mon 28-May-07 12:41:07

Oh yeah, forgot to say, I had no pain at all which is a good sign. WIll keep everything crossed for you.

LynetteScavo Mon 28-May-07 14:46:04

Thinking of you insy. Good luck for tommorow.

insywinsyspider Mon 28-May-07 20:23:20

thanks everyone - can't explain how good it is to have someone to talk too, this time tomorrow we will have an answer, tried to keep busy today but don't think I can face work tomorrow so will be calling in sick although idea of milling round the house with nothing but the scan to think about doesn't appeal!

whoops Mon 28-May-07 20:25:49

I had exactly the same thing happen to me except gushed for a while. This happened on a Sunday & I had to wait til the Tuesday to have a scan.
Everything was fine though although and I now have a hyper 5 year old!

Lizzer Mon 28-May-07 20:33:54

Oh insy, so sorry, no advice just (((hugs))) Try to get an early night tonight, people seem v positive on here so that's good news...I'll be thinking of you tomorrow xx

tigi Mon 28-May-07 20:38:44

Another one with a massive bleed at 17 weeks, it was everywhere. Took me down for a scan, and heartbeat there, I really couldn't believe it! After that I bled every time I did too much, even walking. kept needing anti d injections. DS born at 36 weeks 4lb 13oz with a very small placenta. He was fine though (but hyper now!)

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