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Pregnancy 12 week + post IVF/infertility - general chat and support

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Janefx40 Mon 09-Jul-18 21:11:00

I thought I would start a thread for those of us pregnant post IVF/infertility. There are lots of pregnancy clubs on Mumsnet but it feels like a slightly different experience having got here the hard way!

I've put 12 weeks + because there is another group for women who have just got their BFPs. That is such an anxious time and definitely needs support.

But I thought this group might pick us up a little further along - over the first panic but still learning about the experience.

Not being exclusive tho - if you think this is the group for you, come along in...

So come and join us if you would like to xxx

Janefx40 Mon 09-Jul-18 21:12:55

@Liverpool19 @swimchick1980 @fox23

SouthernBella74 Tue 10-Jul-18 12:24:44

Hopping over from the BFP after IVF thread....

Thanks for starting this thread, @Janefx40 🤗

I’m 12w5 today and taking it day by day, especially dealing with the nausea. 😬

Can’t wait for this mythical 2nd trimester energy boost to kick in! 😂

Janefx40 Tue 10-Jul-18 13:27:24

Hi @SouthernBella74 congrats on making it this far - I am also 12w5.

Has your nausea been really bad? I've been ok ish but totally exhausted and no sign of that ending yet!!

Janefx40 Tue 10-Jul-18 13:28:34

Incidentally we are going to move over to the pregnancy boards as it has upset a few people having a pregnancy board in infertility.

Not my intention at all having spent a long time on these boards myself

Sorry if anyone reads this and was upset blush

Liverpool19 Tue 10-Jul-18 18:02:12

jane where is the new thread? Am sure you didn’t intentionally intend to upset people. We have got here the hard way ourselves haven’t we!! X

Janefx40 Tue 10-Jul-18 18:23:08

Hi @Liverpool19 this is it! They moved it for me so it is now under Pregnancy.

They were very nice about it actually - said they could tell I had meant well and would I mind if they moved it! I love Mumsnet.

How are you doing?

Liverpool19 Tue 10-Jul-18 19:34:12

Ooo ok 😂😂 baby brain has starting kicking in. It’s an actual thing I thought people lied about it.

I’m really good thank you. Just back from the gym. Got my “20 week scan” tomorrow I’ll be 19+4.

My tiredness eased off around 16 weeks but it does hit me in the face sometimes. I’m getting bits of heart burn but nothing I can’t handle.

How are you and that little miracle?!

Welcome southernbella and congrats!!


SouthernBella74 Tue 10-Jul-18 21:57:12

@Janefx40, I've been dealing with nausea since about week 5. Sometimes it's just for a couple of hours. Other days, it's all day to the point where I can't think. Luckily that tends to happen only on the weekend! grin This all just feels so foreign as I'm usually very healthy and active, but I've not been to the gym in AGES and my diet has been patchy. Normally I'd avoid bread, but lately, I've been consuming a lot to help with the nausea. shock

I'm convinced I don't yet have a bump, just bloated from the bread and dairy I've been consuming! grin

Congrats on your Harmony test results. I'll be calling to see if mine are back at the end of the week. Hoping all is okay....

Hope you're not suffering too much with your UTI.

Thanks so much, @Liverpool19. I'm so happy to have gotten this far. I've had my booking in appointment and 12 week scan already, so it all feels real.

Just waiting on Harmony test results so I can breath easier, then will be flying to see my family at the end of the month to tell them the news in person. shock

Good luck with your scan tomorrow! star I can't wait to feel up to getting back in the gym.

Liverpool19 Tue 10-Jul-18 22:12:50

Thanks southern i don’t have a proper bump either yet I’ve only just started to gain weight also but I’ve just got back from a weeks holiday so that’s contributed to the weight gain 😂 my nausea was a bit like yours. I think I’ve missed two weeks out the gym through this whole journey. I was just determined to prove people wrong when we finally told family I was pregnant after the scan they was like “ooo you’ll have to stop going the gym blah blah” so it’s made me so much more determined to go and thankfully I’ve stuck to it 😂 the bloat tends to stay a while longer yet. I’m finding it so hard to look nice in anything at the minute 😂
I opted not to have any tests done as I didn’t want the worrying hanging over me if anything did come back. Good luck for your results.


Janefx40 Tue 10-Jul-18 23:18:38

Hi @SouthernBella74 good luck with the results. It is a nervy time.

I have quite a big bump and am a bit embarrassed about it - I'm only 12 weeks pregnant! Not meant to have one at all yet. Someone even gave up their seat for me yesterday on the train!!! I may ask the Dr why I'm so big when I see her next week.

It is definitely partly bloat as when I had a terrible day of sickness last week and didn't eat, it was considerably smaller by the end of the day. It's also partly because unlike you two I am a lazy bones and don't do enough exercise - so my stomach muscles are non existent!!

@Liverpool19 where were you on holiday? And @SouthernBella74 where do your family live?


Fox23 Wed 11-Jul-18 08:23:37

Hi ladies,
Since getting pregnant I have joined few boards but there seemed to be so many posts that unless I started at the thread non stop there was no way of keeping up with everyone. I guess I’m just smaller group person.
Thank you @Janefx40 for starting this one 😊
So, about me- 15 years ttc and first ivf round last year ended up with ectopic where I lost the baby and the tube and hope that it will work. Thanks to some positive outcome stories on the previous thread I pulled myself together and tried again.
I’m 23 +3 today and on my way to the meeting.... my colleagues are all men (about 30 of them) and they don’t even know I’m pregnant (not something you share on group email...right?). I was so desperate to find something that fits me and I still look attractive... nothing! When you say you think you are bloated rather than having baby bump? Surprise... it only keeps growing. To be fair from week 14 it was obvious and from about week 19 there was no more hiding 🤭
I do get extremely tired on occasions still but never really suffered from morning sickness.
Ok, I’m on the underground about to lose reception!

Liverpool19 Wed 11-Jul-18 08:41:43

jane my friend had a big bump at 12 weeks and her placenta was at the front which made her look bigger. Welcome fox and congrats! I work for the railway and work with men also I have to be taken off normal duties and put on light duties when pregnant so when all men where asking why I said I was sick for 12 weeks 😂😂 I’ve only just started to look pregnant. Some days I have no bump other days he’s out 😂
jane I was in Dubai for a week. It was nice to just chill out and relax! Xx

Janefx40 Wed 11-Jul-18 09:52:17

Welcome @Fox23 and congrats. I can't believe you are 23 weeks already! Good luck at your meeting.

@Liverpool19 Dubai sounds amazing.

Liverpool19 Wed 11-Jul-18 11:41:40

jane it really is. Every time I go it gets better. One of my favourite places ever xx

Decafplease Wed 11-Jul-18 12:17:54

Hi all!
I was on the bfp post ivf thread right at the beginning but stopped posting regularly as time went on as felt it was more for the early stages. Thanks Jane for starting this thread! I’m 21w now. Still a little in shock that i’m actually pregnant! Its been such a long journey (4th transfer, 1 previous mmc). Had my 20w scan, and saw the little frog wriggling around. Just started feeling movements too, little light flutters which is amazing! Took quite a while to feel anything as my placenta is anterior. Bump is pretty big now, no hiding it anymore. Starting really popping out around 17-18w for me, about same time sickness finally eased off. Anyone else feeling movements yet?

Liverpool19 Wed 11-Jul-18 13:12:19

Hi decaf I’ve started to feel like a wave going through my belly. Feels like I’m standing in the sea 😂 x

Fox23 Wed 11-Jul-18 15:54:28

Meeting finished and I felt like walrus 😆 of course I got lots of hugs and congratulations but it’s so different! Glad my best friend was there, at least he maintained some sort of sense of status quo for at least a while. I do want to feel like me, not the pregnant lady all the time...
little rant that I’m sure is all because of hormones aka baby turning me into emotional wreck! Seriously I can cry over anything! Loo roll advert- I cry, watching sheep in a field- I cry, hanging washing out- yes, I cry. Total madness
@Decafplease I’m the same- antherior high placenta. So happy for you that you can feel your little one already as I really struggle with that- she has kicked me about twice. That’s all. I do get twitchy sensations few times a day now, but I do get jealous in the best way poss, when other mums to be get to feel their babies. I just keep my fingers crossed my little one will get stronger and kick the placenta harder- so I can feel her 💕💕💕
On my way home now - and get ready for football!!!! What’s wrong with me??? I’m so swept away with all this football madness 😆

Janefx40 Wed 11-Jul-18 16:50:16

Hi @Decafplease nice to see you here!

21 weeks! I can't believe how fast time seems to have gone (not to you tho I'm sure)

How lovely to feel movement. I've a while to go before I get there. Just hoping the baby is still in there and growing. I've over the panic of the early weeks but it's hard to feel totally confident isn't it?!!

Decafplease Thu 12-Jul-18 09:11:53

Wow fox is proper movement! liverpool mine feel sort of like yours - a little twitch that I mostly only feel in bed at night. Can’t wait to feel a proper kick.
jane i also can’t quite believe i’m half way through- still have moments of panic. Haven’t bought any baby stuff yet. I think with our histories its never going to be the full on optimism that other people have!
Oh, and gutted about the footy last night. Our boys had a good run though!

Janefx40 Thu 12-Jul-18 09:19:46

@Decafplease yes I know what you mean. It's hard to trust that it's actually going to happen! You have tons of time to buy baby clothes still.

Yes shame about the football but as you say they did us proud.

Have any of you booked into an NCT course yet? People say you need to book early but I'm not sure how early x

Liverpool19 Thu 12-Jul-18 11:46:45

What’s the NCT course jane
Oh I have bought everything 😂😂 he’s got a lovely little wardrobe building aswell. Can’t help myself!
decaf I have started feeling movements in the day now but only this week that started happening!


SouthernBella74 Thu 12-Jul-18 11:53:15

@jane, my family live in the States and I haven’t seen them in person for over a year. So, me being pregnant will be a BIG surprise! 😂

Amazing to read when everyone’s bumps started appearing. I’m really hoping I don’t really show for a few weeks yet, as me and my OH want to tell our families before I tell work. 😬

Glad for cooler weather so I can wear blazers again! 😂

@fox & @decaf, so cool you’re feeling movements. I can’t wait, but a little scared as will be on movement watch from then on 😬

Just hoping baby is still growing. I go for another scan on Monday, so can have another look 😊

Fox23 Thu 12-Jul-18 12:45:18

Wow baby stuff.... I didn’t get anything until after 12 week scan.... then..... I think I have everything that my baby will need to graduate college 😆😆😆

Janefx40 Fri 13-Jul-18 13:46:40

Hi @Liverpool19 sorry I didn't respond before. Seem to have a permanent migraine at present so looking at screens not ideal.

National Childbirth Trust run courses teaching about pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding etc. People I know have done them and it's how they have met other new families. It's quite pricey tho.

@SouthernBella74 So exciting to be able to tell your family in person. I'm sure they will be thrilled !!!

Not sure when I'll feel confident to be able to buy things...there is a second hand Baby sale near us in October so may wait until then !

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