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Movement stopped at 18 weeks

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Eminybob Sun 24-Jun-18 03:47:37

Please talk me down, I’ve been panicking and can’t sleep.

I am 18 weeks pg with dc 2. I have felt movement quite a bit over the last few weeks, especially in the last week or so, but the last couple of days it has just stopped. I’ve tried drinking something cold, lying down, all the stuff they say but nothing.

I’m also worried because a few days ago I went to a theme park with dh and ds. I didn’t go on any rides obviously, but did watch a 4d show which had moving seats that jolted me around a bit. I didn’t realise it would do this and only saw afterwards that it is advised pregnant women don’t go on.

So I’m worried that has caused some harm.

My midwife said to call her if I was anxious and wanted to listen to the heartbeat, but the clinic isn’t open until Monday.

I know 18 weeks is still early to be feeling movement and I keep telling myself everything will be fine but I’m still worrying. Any advice?

Adambarlow Sun 24-Jun-18 03:52:26


FenellaMaxwellsPony Sun 24-Jun-18 03:54:10

It is very, very early - what you were feeling was more likely wind than movement. And even if it was movement, at that size, all it takes is for the baby to shift slightly and you wouldn’t feel it anymore.

Honestly - don’t panic. There’s a reason they don’t use movement as an indicator until 28 weeks.

blackdoggotmytongueagain Sun 24-Jun-18 03:54:18

At 18 wks it’s probably a position change and you can’t just feel the movement, but you should get checked to reassure xxx

SleepWarrior Sun 24-Jun-18 04:11:42

The theme park will be nothing, please don't worry about that. Your baby is ridiculously well cushioned in there. The theme park are just covering their own backs with those notices.

Perfectly possible that you can feel genuine movements at this stage, but they can go away again as the baby moves around and faces a different direction for a bit. Unfortunately alarming for you though!

If there was any sort of problem (which there probably isn't, honest) it's not anything that you would have caused, and it's not far on enough that would could do anything to help like hurrying in to get seen.

TroubledLichen Sun 24-Jun-18 04:28:14

If it reassures you at all I volunteer in a place that has a 5D experience show and there no restrictions on pregnant woman whatsoever. The theme park will likely be covering their own arses with the sign. You’re still very early to be feeling movements and the baby is really tiny so it’s most likely they’ve just shifted position. Do go get checked for reassurance on Monday but you really don’t have any reason to worry.

Rosti1981 Sun 24-Jun-18 06:15:00

I'm 18 weeks and I have felt some movement but then nothing for a few days at a time. Trying not to worry as it is early... I checked my firstborn's baby book too and apparently I felt some movement from 17 weeks but very sporadic and subtle for a while, it only settled into definite movements from 22+ weeks.

BrexitWife Sun 24-Jun-18 06:37:21

I dint think there is anything to worry about BUT if you are really worried you can contact the hospital and organise a scan.
Do you have th contact details of the ante natal department at your hospital?

flumpybear Sun 24-Jun-18 06:48:37

It'll be position change so you can't feel movements t now - ring EPAU and get advice and hopefully they'll scan you to reassure you

Eminybob Sun 24-Jun-18 08:14:10

Thanks for the advice.
I think I’ll see if I feel anything today and if not I’ll call the midwife in the morning.

Redrosebelle Sun 24-Jun-18 08:22:48

I had the exact same thing! I’m 18 weeks too. I phoned the triage unit and they said it’s probably just moved positions, to try a cold drink and hot bath. I also have an anterior placenta - do you?

JustVent Sun 24-Jun-18 08:53:49

I don’t think the Early Pregnancy Unit is appropriate. I don’t understand why people are suggesting this.

Also there’s dangerous advise on here telling you not to worry and giving their own experience of hardly feeling anything at 18 weeks yet.

Please please don’t listen to that advice.

It’s one thing that a person hardly feels movement at 18 weeks, it’s quite another for someone to have felt significant movements for a long time and for them to have suddenly stopped. There’s a very big difference between the two.

You need to call you maternity ward and get advice from them.

MrsMozart Sun 24-Jun-18 08:59:04

I don't know what the different places are (long time since I was pregnant), but I'd call or go to the hospital's midwife unit.

Grumpos Sun 24-Jun-18 09:20:37

Does your hospital have a PAU - pregnancy assessment unit? This is different to the EPU.
If it does then there is a very good chance they will be open 24/7 - mine is.
I’m totally guessing but at 18 weeks they may well be able to use a Doppler? I would find out if there is one - check the contact list in your notes - and if so give them a call.
If nothing else it will give you 24 hours head start on calling your usual midwife and may give you some reassurance for today.

I felt baby move at about 20 wks (FTM) but didn’t feel consistently every day until about 23 weeks.

Best of luck flowers

Eminybob Sun 24-Jun-18 11:15:34

I called the maternity unit and they told me to go in and they had a listen. Everything sounds fine, nice strong heartbeat (midwife is sure it’s a girl as apparently it sounds like a horse?).

Thanks for all the advice, I’m glad I went in, I felt a bit silly but the midwife was so lovely and it’s nice to have my mind put at ease, hopefully I’ll sleep tonight now!

MrsMozart Sun 24-Jun-18 13:38:41

Good that you're mind is at rest lass. Glad all is okay.

Eatsleepworkrepeat Sun 24-Jun-18 13:51:43

just vent in the third trimester you're advised not to take any chances because if the baby is in distress (placental failure, etc) it's safer to be born early than continue the pregnancy. Hence monitoring movements, etc. At 18 weeks a lack of movements is overwhelmingly likely to be because the baby is tiny and has changed position. Even if it is something more serious, I'm not sure there's anything that could be done at 18 weeks, as baby is far far too early to survive. So what advise do you think should be given?

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