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Think I'm gonna sneeze the baby out!

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Kitcat159 Thu 14-Jun-18 14:48:26

I'm 34 weeks and suffering with really bad hayfever.
Doctor said I can take loratadine and eye drops which I have.
Got olbas oil all over me, nose strips at night, red light therapy twice a day, air purifier at home etc
I'm stuck at work in an office with no aircon so all the windows are open, sneezing constantly, face feels like it's full of cement. Can't breathe.

2 weeks left till maternity leave but I'm struggling!

Does anyone know of anything I havnt mentioned that might help?

Oh and I put Vicks on my feet at night. Not much use in the office tho sad

Havetothink Sat 16-Jun-18 20:42:35

Dip your face in a sink of really cold water for 5 minutes (obviously coming up for air) it helps the irritated blood vessels constrict, helps me sometimes when I'm desperate, although it's not a long term fix it makes you feel a bit fresher.
My doctor has only recommended beconaise so far and turns out that it really aggravates my acid reflux and makes me sick in my sleep so I daren't use it now and will have to call the doctor again on Monday sad

freakinbananaspiders Sat 16-Jun-18 20:45:50

I've heard local honey can help. I presume you eat it 😂 Is there a farmer's market near you tomorrow?

Havetothink Sat 16-Jun-18 20:57:39

I believe the local honey theory takes some time for you to build resistance.

bedtimestories Sat 16-Jun-18 21:02:12

I chew airwaves chewing gum to clear the airways and I second the cold water on the face

Notlostjustexploring Sat 16-Jun-18 21:05:44

Go back to your doctor and get better antihistamines.
I'm also pregnant and I've got fenofexidine (sp?) which makes such a difference. I accidentally walked through a park with freshly cut grass in the evening during the recent VH pollen count and I only ended up with a really runny nose.

Other tricks are vaseline up the nose, and buy some prescription free glasses to keep the pollen out your eyes. I usually favour sunglasses but I imagine you'd look a bit daft sitting in sunglasses at your desk! Lots of face washing to get rid of pollen on your face.
And massive sympathy. I think the pollen count is due to fall over the next few days, so you could be lucky!!

Havetothink Sat 16-Jun-18 21:12:55

My doctor will not give me fexofenadine (which is what I normally have every year) I really miss it.

Lymphy Sat 16-Jun-18 21:22:49

Second the Vaseline suggestion and regular showers and change if clothes, keep repeating "two weeks to go" use that as your mantra! Bless you

Notlostjustexploring Sat 16-Jun-18 22:17:16

Havetothink that really sucks. I've had two separate GPs from different practices happy to prescribe it while pregnant. I'd probably break down sobbing if someone denied me it. Have you tried a different gp at your practice? I'm starting to find some gps are very sympathetic while others just think suffering is part of the wonderful, glowing pregnancy package. And I think we're all in agreement here that hayfever, is, indeed, suffering.

hayfever disappears during pregnancy, my arse it does

cheminotte Sat 16-Jun-18 22:19:42

Any chance of doing some work from home in the next two weeks?

RatherFetchingHat Sat 16-Jun-18 22:31:14

Pregnancy hayfever is horrendous! I found using a saline nose spray was helpful, basically washes all the pollen out. Similarly an eye bath and wiping my face with a wet wipe. I got in to a routine of doing all that every time I went inside which did help a bit. My GP was in the 'suck it up' camp - reading other responses makes me wish I'd pushed more for a prescription!

Kitcat159 Tue 19-Jun-18 14:56:26

Not able to work from home unfortunately.
I'm the only one in at the moment, my colleague is off sick.
Being constantly moaned at for sneezing.
8 work days to go. (Not that I'm counting!) grin

Havetothink Tue 19-Jun-18 19:27:10

My gp is a pile of poo. I'm the last two weeks he recommended beconaise which made me sick in my sleep, he said he'd never heard of that reaction in his 25 years of practice, great. Then something called rynacrom which I'd never heard of and the pharmacist tells me has been discontinued for years, brilliant! So now I've forked out again for something the pharmacist recommended (this after a different pharmacy told me I couldn't use anything but Vaseline), Prevalin which I'm praying does something/anything. I don't think gps appreciate how much hayfever can affect day to day life 😵

isambardo Tue 19-Jun-18 21:49:25

Some allotment folks told me if you sting yourself with a nettle (need to do it weekly so it builds up) you won’t get hay fever. Something to do with nettles being a histamine. Not tried it myself so can’t guarantee it!

Havetothink Tue 19-Jun-18 22:31:13

I had heard this idea, but quite frankly when I get stung by a nettle it hurts for two days afterwards, so personally, I'm not about to test the theory.

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