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19 weeks and I don’t feel pregnant.’?

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Kaitlin93 Thu 14-Jun-18 02:57:37

I’m almost 19 weeks pregnant with my first child and I just don’t feel pregnant! It makes me worried that something is wrong...My tummy has gotten bigger I have a bump but it looks more like I’m just chubby. I haven’t felt her move and I’m just worried I’ve had two miscarriages, but I’ve never been this far along I’m not sure if I’m just freaking myself out??

TroubledLichen Thu 14-Jun-18 03:13:58

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you have an anterior placenta that could be cushioning any movements. And 19 weeks it’s still very early, if it’s your first where you’ve made it this far (I don’t want that to sound insensitive, I’m very sorry about your miscarriages flowers) it’s not uncommon to not feel the baby yet. The sensation is often mistaken for trapped wind as it’s not anything like big kicks and jabs yet. Is it possible you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming 20 week scan?

MonsterKidz Thu 14-Jun-18 04:10:51

With my first, I didn’t find out I was pregnant until 22 weeks. Honestly. I had absolutely no symptoms apart from a little tummy bloating.

As soon as I found out, I suddenly felt very pregnant and felt movement and everything.

What I’m trying to say is, I think you are just on the cusp of feeling everything and any day/week now you will feel everything you imagine.

With my 2nd, I knew at 4 weeks I was pregnant and felt every single symptom from them. Very different scenario.

Hang in there, you will feel it all soon! Good luck!!

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