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5 weeks acne

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AliceRR Wed 13-Jun-18 17:30:20

Hi Ladies

I have recently found out I am pregnant (5 weeks + 2 days I believe but my DH is convinced I might have been pregnant the month before that - not sure).

I’m so pleased and excited but keeping it quiet as I am anxious about getting through the first trimester in particular. I’m slightly superstitious even about telling you on this forum but I have told my mum, MIL and a close family friend. DH told his brother.

I have several large spots. This was a clue that I was pregnant as I often get hormonal breakouts but not large bulbous spots like this.

I am wondering whether you have any tips on what to use - ideally actual product recommendations.

I’m also worried about products I’ve been using for the last few weeks as I didn’t know I was pregnant. Things like a Biore face wash and Glam Glow Supermud mask as an overnight spot treatment (just on certain spots) which both have salycilic acid in them.

I’ve also drank a lot of wine and eaten things I might not have eaten had I known I was pregnant (but assume this is normal?!)

Obviously I am trying to avoid all of the “bad” stuff now but there is a lot!


AliceRR Thu 14-Jun-18 17:05:39

I’m stressing less about this now. Firstly cause I can deal with a few spots and I am so pleased to be pregnant although obviously still anxious and hope I will feel better at 12 weeks. Secondly I see some consider topical products are not a major cause for concern so I’m just trying to keep my skincare simple and avoid salycilic acid.

Aspenn17 Fri 15-Jun-18 07:48:18

Congrats on your pregnancy! Don’t worry about what you’ve done up until now, most people don’t know they are pregnant for the first month and carry on drinking and eating what they like etc. Just try and be as healthy as you can now you do know smile

I was the same when pregnant. I went from perfectly clear skin to basically acne about 1 week after conception! It was all hormonal so no products I used made any difference for me I’m afraid. By the 2nd trimester though it was much better. Some days it really got me down but i just tried to remember that my body was growing a baby, spots are just a small thing in the grand scheme of it all! Everyone kept telling me spots mean it’s a girl 😂 old wives tale I’m sure but in my case it was true! Good luck x

AliceRR Fri 15-Jun-18 08:00:49

Thanks Aspen.

That’s what I’m thinking now. Spots are a small price to pay and also I can’t change what I’ve eaten etc in the past. It’s just difficult not to worry as I want everything to be ok 🙂

TinyTerror1 Fri 15-Jun-18 08:26:22

As pp says don't worry about what you've had so far. Remember for the first 2 weeks you aren't even pregnant, and then baby doesn't implant for another week, and even now the nutrients are coming from the yolk sac and not your placenta so there is less risk of exposure to alcohol (although I'm not saying go on a bender grin).

Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. These boards are full of anxious people who will make you anxious, and Google will make you anxious, so steer clear of anything that will make you worry about an incredibly rare condition that you hadn't heard of before. That's my main advice from the extreme wisdom of 23+5 wink. Good luck x

Mousefunky Fri 15-Jun-18 09:57:28

I had terrible acne right throughout my first trimester. Tried lots of different products and methods but I’m afraid I had to wait it out. As soon as I hit the second trimester, my skin cleared up and has been fine ever since.

Congratulations flowers.

Lavendersblue42 Fri 15-Jun-18 10:21:32

Had a similar situation where did not realise I was pg until week 5 and that my spots were due to pregnancy hormones and not just weirdly more than usual! Skin has pretty much settled back down again now at 9 weeks

AliceRR Sat 16-Jun-18 09:30:17

Thanks ladies. Like most of the ladies on here, I really want this baby and I’m getting a bit anxious but realise that can be counterproductive. Last night I think I was experiencing anxiety in a way I haven’t before and felt I couldn’t breath properly and just couldn’t relax. Then worry that is harming the baby!

My skin already doesn’t feel quite as bad as it was a week or so ago. I’ve left it alone a bit more now. I’ve just been washing my face twice a day with Simple face wash but no spot treatments or anything. Sometimes messing about with your skin too much doesn’t help.

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