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Mucus plug at 17 weeks?

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ellsbells90 Wed 13-Jun-18 15:17:41

This might be TMI for some - sorry.

I am 17 weeks and have just wiped what can only be described as the size of a skittle, a greeny/yellow hard jelly type "thing" on the tissue.

Now I was in a&e Sunday as they thought my waters had broken, but my cervix was closed and scan revealed all fine. No infections. They asked me if a mucus plug had come away and it hadn't.

Now im thinking this is what I've just wiped.

Is this normal? I feel like im harrassing my midwives.

emoji Wed 13-Jun-18 15:19:09

I suspect if it's only the size of a skittle it wouldn't be your mucus plug, maybe just some discharge. Was there any blood in the discharge?

Guacamoledip Wed 13-Jun-18 18:02:49

I’ve had mucusy jelly type discharge from about week 7 and I’m not 17+5. I’ve had swabs done: all clear no infection. I’ve been having my cervix measured due to a previous premature baby and that’s fine.
Doctor said it’s probably just a pregnancy thing, some women get a lot of discharge and this can be really thick.
It’s probably okay if it hasn’t got blood in it and if you’re not spotting or in pain but if you’re worried phone the midwife, that’s their job. They can reassure you or tell you if you need any more tests.

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