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When could your DP feel kicks?

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HulaHunter Wed 13-Jun-18 14:31:22

I'm 20 weeks on Monday and have been feeling little kicks for a week or so now. It's super exciting and actually quite emotional after having so many miscarriages and never having experienced this before. I'd love my DP to feel these little bumps but he can't just yet. Do you think I'll have a great deal longer to wait? I feel like I'm being battered from the inside but nothing outside just yet! Thanks all (I appreciate I'm being impatient) smile

HulaHunter Wed 13-Jun-18 15:06:18


purplewurple Wed 13-Jun-18 15:09:34

A great way for them to feel them is to spoon him in bed at night or whenever and press your tummy against his back and just relax.

My dp used to feel every little kick this way so we done it every night and would fall to sleep like this. And sometimes he would actually get big kicks that poked him and made him jump

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Wed 13-Jun-18 15:13:50

I think I was about 19 weeks with my fourth but was slightly earlier on with my others as was a couple of stone thinner. I reckon any time round now.

HulaHunter Wed 13-Jun-18 15:15:52

Thanks both. I love the spooning idea!

I've had to pretend to 6 year old DSD that I can't feel anything as she's desperate to feel baby kick and keeps putting her hand on my belly. She's actually driving herself a bit mad with it.

Any time now! How exciting!!

chocomomma Wed 13-Jun-18 15:19:59

dh could feel about 3-4 weeks after i could, loved it at first but towards the end it was a bit sickly when youd see a hand or foot stick out about 2 inches and scrape across my belly. i loved it dh never could get his head around it hmm with both of them lol

guiltynetter Wed 13-Jun-18 15:21:06

i’m 26 weeks and my DH has only felt one kick! every time he puts his hand there, the baby stops kicking. it was the same with my first baby so i’d say you had a while yet..

HellaBella0 Wed 13-Jun-18 15:23:04

I'm 24 weeks and my DH has been feeling the kicks for about a week or so now, so hopefully not too much longer for you!

Hayleyxmx Wed 13-Jun-18 15:25:37

21 weeks with my first DP can feel, I’m quite small and petite 🙂

lifechangesforever Wed 13-Jun-18 15:28:03

I'm 35 weeks and DH has probably felt about 3 kicks in total and the first wasn't until I was about 26 weeks at least. She just stops whenever he tries, to be honest though - he's not that bothered, he's just happy that she's growing and it's now nearly time to meet her!

HulaHunter Wed 13-Jun-18 16:03:12

choco amazingly I have an anterior placenta and was told I wouldn't feel much but my bladder is taking a pounding, as well as my belly! Didn't know what was possible with an anterior placenta. I've been able to feel him/her since 18 weeks! I've been told 'it's probably wind' and 'it's not possible to feel your baby that early in your first pregnancy' - so many sceptics but I know what I can feel. They are kicks alright. Can't wait for DP and DSD to feel them.

chocomomma Wed 13-Jun-18 16:54:40

dd (1st) was about 19w and ds(2nd) was about 21w. i put it down to she was a bigger baby and i was skinnier with her. i dont believe the position of your placenta makes a difference, theres a real baby in you! your guna' feel it!!grin

LisaSimpsonsbff Wed 13-Jun-18 17:08:30

I was 25 weeks - I remember the date because it was on a plane when we were on our way to our holiday. The baby started moving a lot (he did this every time I flew) so I told DH to try touching my stomach and he was alarmed by how strong it felt!

MeadowHay Wed 13-Jun-18 17:11:18

He could feel some of them as soon as I recognised that's what they actually were. I think I was about 16-18 weeks and had been feeling them for a fortnight or so but wasn't sure if it was the baby or just wind. One day I took DH's hand and put it on my belly and said "do you reckon that's just wind or the baby?" and he jumped out of his skin and went "That is definitely not just wind!!!" blush grin. But it was quite awhile longer until he could feel everything, it was only the biggest ones for quite a few weeks.

Havetothink Thu 14-Jun-18 10:38:57

23 weeks, but this baby is being difficult and wouldn't kick in the same place twice, I'm sure it could have been felt weeks earlier really.

User0304 Thu 14-Jun-18 10:41:25

I felt them at exactly 16 weeks and DH felt them (when spooning) around 18-19weeks but my DS was an extremely active baby! He was never really still and still isn’t at 11weeks old.

Butterflyrosebud Thu 14-Jun-18 10:42:30

About 23 weeks. I could feel them sooner but every single time he would try to feel the baby would stop kicking! She still stops kicking now at 37 weeks when he tries to feel!

TinyTerror1 Thu 14-Jun-18 10:49:27

I've been able to feel them on the inside regularly since about 19/20 weeks and very occasionally on the outside since last week. I'm now 23+4 and last night she was giving me a proper pounding, very obvious from the outside. Of course, she stopped as soon as DH put his hand there, but he definitely would have felt them if she hadn't stopped! I have an anterior placenta but I think the most obvious kicks must be off to the side of it.

BlueBug45 Thu 14-Jun-18 11:21:39

@HulaHunter I have a posterior placenta and felt mine at 14 weeks. Initially due to all the advice I thought it was something else but it definitely wasn't. Not sure when my OH could feel them but probably a couple of weeks later.

TwinkleMerrick Thu 14-Jun-18 11:27:03

Oh just you wait until the third trimester and you can actually see feet and hands coming out your's freaky but fun. You won't have long to wait, many congrats smile I'll be honest I don't miss the sleepless nights having my Girl head butt me in the crotch haha

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