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35 weeks pregnant and DC1 pushing boundaries. It’s exhausting.

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AKP79 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:25:12

I’m 35 weeks and really struggling with DC1s behaviour. He’s 6 and such a lovely kind boy usually, but the last few weeks he’s been extra testing and has been really pushing the boundaries.

I’m at my whitts end and don’t know what to do. He’s not being extremely naughty he’s just consistently seeing how far he can push things.

Anyone else in a similar situation and have advice on how to deal with it?

I don’t know whether it’s all because of the imminent arrival of a baby or just his age? Or maybe both? I want to be sensitive to all the changes that are probably worrying him, but I need to sort this boundary testing too!

Levithecat Tue 12-Jun-18 22:14:33

DS is nearly 5 and playing up a bit too. I def think he’s processing the impending change and doesn’t have a way to express his worries, or even doesn’t realise that this is what he’s worried about.
I am trying to keep to routines, as realised I was trying to make a fuss of him and do special things with him before the baby came but that was probably not helping at all, instead it was introducing more unpredictability, if that makes sense. So trying to be very normal, keep good boundaries and not talk too much about what’s about to happen.
I think Janet Lansbury (elevating childcare blog) has some reassuring and helpful things to say on the topic.

AKP79 Wed 13-Jun-18 10:16:11

Thanks @levithecat it's so reassuring to hear that I'm not the only one going through this. I think there are probably lots of ups and downs to a big age gap, but one of the downs being that because they are more aware they feel the uncertainty more.

I realised in half term that planning special things was a bad move. I'd booked the week off and hoped to do lots of lovely things but each day was a battle.

We don't talk about the baby much when he's around and let him lead those discussions. He's really excited and after years of putting 'a baby brother or sister' on his Christmas list cant believe he's getting a sibling, but I'm acutely aware his life is about to change and he must be too.

I'll definitely check out Janet Lansbury.

Thanks again for your reply.

Levithecat Wed 13-Jun-18 20:10:46

Standing in solidarity with you! You’re right about them being that much more aware.

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