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Reassurance scan

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MountainGoats Tue 12-Jun-18 19:56:27

I have booked in for a reassurance scan on Saturday, I will be 6weeks. I am now starting to second guess my decision.

I booked it as we had a MMC 6 years ago and it's take us 3 rounds of IVF to get another BFP.

What would you do in my position?

1-Go, and there be a possibility of it being too early, thus causing stress.
2-Go and be reassured that you can see something.
3-Or wait till 8 weeks?

coffeekittens Tue 12-Jun-18 20:03:10

I had very early internal scans done at 5+4 (saw nothing) 6 weeks exactly (saw yolk sac), 6+3 (yolk sac, heart beat and foetal pole) then again at 7+1 where I was a little head the rest of the pole as well as arm and leg buds. My scans were done due to a suspected ectopic, except for 7+1 which was done privately.

That’s just to give you an idea of how much can change in the early weeks, personally I’d hold off until 8 weeks if you can.

I had a MMC in April so understand your anxieties, it’s shit, what ever you chose I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy flowers

TinyTerror1 Tue 12-Jun-18 20:20:08

I would wait until 8 weeks if you can as the chances of baby sticking after that are much higher, as well as the reassurance of seeing a heartbeat. Also quite a few people post here after very early scans worried as baby is measuring small and they aren't sure if it's still growing or not. So not sure how reassuring it would necessarily be.

jeanzbeanz Tue 12-Jun-18 20:25:31

I'm in a similar boat, am going for a scan on Friday and not sure how far on I am but will be approx 6 wks. Also wondering about postponing it for the same reason - don't want to make myself more worried. After talking it over with my husband we have decided to go for it anyway, and try not to get worried if there is nothing to be seen (as this is relatively common) but just book another for 8 wks. Hopefully they do find something though and we can see a heartbeat, in which case I won't bother booking another smile

Isittimeforbed Tue 12-Jun-18 20:29:41

Will you be able to afford a second scan? If you're only planning to have one then I'd wait until 8 weeks. If you'll be able to do two then go for one now and repeat it in a couple of weeks. Even if the 6 week one is fine it's still a long way until the routine scanning starts.

hoping2018 Tue 12-Jun-18 20:44:09

Hi @MountainGoats , if it's an ivf pregnancy aren't your clinic scanning you early? I've had a bfp post 2nd ICSI cycle and my clinic are scanning 3 weeks post OTD. They say that's there policy and should be able to see heart beat by then. I wouldn't want one earlier (unless I had any bleeding) as would just stress me out.

Longest wait every though - 6+5 today so slowly getting there - scan on Monday!

balljuggla Tue 12-Jun-18 21:00:44

I would second waiting until 8 weeks if you can as there's a much better chance of seeing a heartbeat by then. I had one last year at 9 weeks and DD was wriggling away like a little jumping bean, it was such a relief. At 6 weeks there may not be much visible yet and that extra worry wouldn't do you and bean any good? Best of luck whatever you decide and congratulations xx

MountainGoats Wed 13-Jun-18 09:55:31

Thanks everyone, I think I will see how I feel on Saturday.

The level headed side of me is telling me to wait but my heart is saying have the scan. I had a scan before my MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6w3d and then found out at our 12w that we had lost the baby - this is playing a part in me wanting to go to the scan - as ive seen something early before I think.

I have a scan at the clinic on the 2nd of July and will be 8 weeks. its just the waiting, I thought it would be a lot easier after the 2ww, how stupid was I ha.

I hope yours goes well beanz.

1Wanda1 Wed 13-Jun-18 14:44:30

I'm in the same position as you OP. 6 weeks in and very anxious and desperate to know if the pregnancy is developing as it should. Our clinic won't scan before 7 weeks and our scan is next Thurs. I had a bit of bleeding last week and even though it stopped quickly, I am so anxious about it that yesterday I booked a scan (at a private hospital) for tomorrow. I'll be 6+4 then. Hoping to see a heartbeat and then at the scan next week maybe more.

Bluebirdsky Wed 13-Jun-18 14:46:57

I would also wait until 8 weeks as I think not seeing anything or not seeing very much can cause even more anxiety rather than providing the reassurance that you hope for.

MountainGoats Wed 13-Jun-18 15:15:34

Good look Wanda, I hope it all goes well for you!

1Wanda1 Wed 13-Jun-18 15:36:29

Thanks and likewise, mountaingoats

jeanzbeanz Wed 13-Jun-18 17:03:02

All the best @1Wanda1 and @mountaingoats
I was with a friend today who had a scan at 6, 8 & 12 weeks and she said that she saw the baby's heartbeat at 6 weeks which made her so much less anxious.
My scan is also tomorrow. Let us know how you both get on.

1Wanda1 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:21:55

Had scan first thing. Saw heartbeat so feeling relieved. I am 6+4 today. Hope yours goes well too Jeanzbeanz.

Liz3891 Thu 14-Jun-18 09:56:27

I think since you had one at 6 weeks last time and then went on to have a MMC you found out about at the 12 week scan, if it were me, I'd probably have an assurance scan sometime in between the two - maybe at 9 weeks? That way you don't have to wait tooooo long but you'll also find out sooner that something has gone wrong if it has.

MountainGoats Thu 14-Jun-18 10:07:07

Thats great news 1Wanda1! Congratulations!!!! Does it make it all seem a lot realer now?
Were you given a due date?
I hope Beanz has good news too, hopefully she will let us know smile

jeanzbeanz Thu 14-Jun-18 12:42:12

So pleased to hear the good news!!

Baby brain - my scan is tomorrow. So nervous!!

1Wanda1 Thu 14-Jun-18 12:57:27

It already felt quite real as I've been feeling so nauseous, but had been worried that perhaps it wasn't developing as it should, as I had some bleeding at the weekend. So now I feel reassured. Sonographer said the bleeding could have been leftover implantation bleeding.

It's an IVF pregnancy so I know my dates exactly - I think due date is 3 Feb.

Good luck for tomorrow Jeanzbeanz!

CrabbyPatty Thu 14-Jun-18 19:11:49

I'm going for mine on Monday (should be 7+1) after previous MC. After my last experience I can't imagine even putting myself through it but at the same time I'd rather know there's no baby as early as possible. We heard the heartbeat last time at just over 5 weeks which they said was rare but sadly we lost him/her a few weeks later.

MountainGoats Fri 15-Jun-18 12:49:25

Great news 1Wanda, I'm glad everything went well. I was hoping we get a due date as we wont know when implantation occurred, it was a 5dt and all calculators say 10-2-19.

I am going to go tomorrow, I feel the same Crabby id rather know than think its all going well like last time, should it be too early and us not be able to see anything, we have our 8w scan at the clinic too.

GL for today Beanz!

Kate123cl Fri 15-Jun-18 13:10:12

@MountainGoats have you had your bloods monitored? If your levels are about about 1500 then you should expect to see something on ultrasound!
I had one at 4+2 due to pain and saw nothing, not even a sac or thickened lining and went back at 6+2 and found a heartbeat and everything (internally) on the external scan they only found the sac and yolk.
Hope all goes well tomorrow!smile

Kate123cl Fri 15-Jun-18 13:10:37

Above about 1500* sorry!

MountainGoats Fri 15-Jun-18 13:17:19

No, my clinic doesn't do blood tests, just by a test and then 8w scan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positively, I feel different to last time so I'm hoping that's a sign.

1Wanda1 Fri 15-Jun-18 14:23:55

Hope it goes well tomorrow Mountaingoats and that yours has gone well today Jeanzbeanz!

jeanzbeanz Fri 15-Jun-18 14:47:00

Just come out! Saw the yolk sac and our little bean with a lovely strong heartbeat. ♥ So pleased.

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