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High risk downs-what happens at 20 week scan?

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Gemmamarie92 Mon 11-Jun-18 15:58:37

Hi, at my 12 week scan my trisomy 21 came back 1:140 which is classed as high risk, she told me that if it was 1 in 1:150 they would not have even had to ring me and tell me but because it was that little bit off I was offered the further tests which I chose not to have as the risk of misscarage was more chance than baby actually having Down syndrome, and even if it came back that it was there’s no way I’d be able to do anything I’d still carry on so there was no point in risking anything happening to baby. But I didn’t know if anybody has had the same sort of odds and if any soft markers came back at 20 week scan? I’ve got mine on Wednesday, I did have a 4d scan at 16 weeks and she said everything looked fine everything was looking how it should the heart chambers etc. It was lovely to see baby aswell so small but it was so clear and baby looked happy wriggling away!

Any advice or own experiences much appreciated thank you in advance!

BlueBug45 Mon 11-Jun-18 16:21:41

They take lots of measurements and if things are in the normal range you are free to go.

Be aware that your baby may decide to be in a position so they can't take certain measurements so it could take up to two hours. They will first get you to wiggle and change position to move baby. If the baby refuses to budge they will send you away to have some sweet food and/or drink. They will then try and get the measurements they haven't got. If this still doesn't work they will give you another appointment in two-three weeks time.

Gemmamarie92 Wed 13-Jun-18 21:47:47

Thanks for the info! I had my scan today and all the measurements she could get were perfect there were just a couple she couldn’t get so got to go back next week as baby was being a little monkey!
But she said some of the soft markers they look for for down syndrome baby doesn’t have any of those so that’s reassured me.

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