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Waiting - positive tests after mmc

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joliechoufleur Mon 28-May-18 08:00:29


I’ve never posted before but i’m going out of my mind. Would be so grateful to hear anyone’s stories or advice.

On April 11th i had an ERPC, I was nine weeks but the baby was more like 5 weeks.

Around a month later I had a positive pregnancy test so went to the doctor to check it wasn’t any left over tissue. i had barely any pregnancy symptoms apart from dizziness and a particular pinching/hooking pain i’d had the last time. No sore boobs or nausea etc. A clear ultrasound established that there was no old tissue in or outside the uterus, positive results mean it’s a new (very early) pregnancy. It’s two weeks on from there and i’ve had more positive home tests- I keep checking because I can’t believe it. However when I asked for blood tests to confirm I got an hcg level of 15 and then two days later a static result - I read somewhere this means <10 change either way. They said to come back if I don’t bleed within two weeks.

I know this isn’t good news. But I also feel like my boobs are starting to get sore. I don’t have any hope I just feel confused.

I’ve been pregnant in some way or another since February and my head and heart can’t take the uncertainty any more. Obviously I would love the blood tests to be wrong and a healthy baby coming but that doesn’t seem scientific at this point...

Thanks for reading xx

joliechoufleur Mon 28-May-18 08:03:27

I’ve also similar cramping to last time - light and stretching and lower back pain. As last time I also had a miscarriage I don’t know if this is good news.
That was my first pregnancy

edinbeezer Mon 28-May-18 08:33:39

I'm going through a very similar thing. ERPC on 19 April and still getting faint positive tests. An HCG test last Tuesday was at 31 and on Thursday had dropped slightly to 26 so I don't think I am pregnant but possibly had a chemical. I'm going to give it another week and if still getting a positive then I will try and book in for a scan. I haven't had a period yet and am getting so fed up. I wish my body would get back to normal.

joliechoufleur Mon 28-May-18 08:39:04

The waiting and not knowing is so difficult. Can’t move on in anyway. Hope you are doing ok

joliechoufleur Mon 28-May-18 10:26:55

Would a static hcg level ever rise? Could it just be earlier than they thought?

I’m travelling for work in a week and will be away for three months. If it’s going to be another miscarriage... I don’t know how I will deal with it.

joliechoufleur Sat 11-Aug-18 14:09:25

For anyone following - this was diagnosed as a complete molar pregnancy, with follow up at Charing Cross Hospital. If you have these kind of doubts, keep going back to the EPU until you have answers x

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