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Preparing for a second HG pregnancy

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happydays00 Fri 25-May-18 07:39:20

My DD will be 2 in November and my DH and I have started to have conversations about trying for another baby.

I'm looking for advice from other HG survivors on how you coped with a HG pregnancy and a toddler? My crippling nausea started at 4 weeks with my DD and the sickness came at 6 weeks and lasted until the day after she was born. I also suffered with 2 weeks of migraines around the 20 week mark that left me unable to even stand upright to brush my teeth.

DD is currently in Nursery 2 - 3 days a week and my mum has her 1 day a week. I work on a freelance basis so have flexibility there if needed.

gamerchick Fri 25-May-18 08:26:04

If you know you're going to be incredibly poorly and effectively absent from your firsts life for months, wouldn't it be better to wait until they're at school and easier to deal with? I can't imagine looking after a toddler while feeling like that confused

No advice, just bumping for you

Hedgehog80 Fri 25-May-18 08:32:26

I’ve had 4 HG pregnancies. For some reason number 4 I just had minimal sickness.
With my fifth baby I was given Ondansetron and that helped immensely as I wasn’t in hospital as much as with the other HG pregnancies.
With 1,2 and 3 it lasted till 22 weeks with 5 it lasted the whole time.

I found the most difficult pregnancy to be when I was expecting my third as my son was 2 and it was dreadfully difficult so yes if you leave a bigger gap I’d advise it

Hedgehog80 Fri 25-May-18 08:35:19

My coping strategies involved a huge amount of CBeebies and magic painting books and using a playpen so I knew he was safe and contained but it was really hard.
He also had a lot of snack lunches (I kept the goodies range in business I think and just about managed to slice some cucumber and fruit for him too as preparing food was ghastly)

StatisticallyChallenged Fri 25-May-18 08:42:03

I'm currently on my second HG pregnancy but I have an 8 year gap - I have to admit I couldn't imagine trying to do it with a toddler.

PP mentioned ondansetron - if you weren't given this last time then make sure you push for it as it's relatively new I think and seems to make a huge difference for a lot of women. I went through every other med, sometimes several simultaneously, before they finally put me on it and it was/is a game changer.

RexManning Fri 25-May-18 11:16:15

Sorry, OP, if this isn’t what you want to hear, but this is why I have a five year gap between my DC. Is there a particular reason why you want a smaller gap?

Hedgehog80 Fri 25-May-18 11:36:16

yes to the 5 year gap ! Between 1 and 2 I had 5 years and between 4 and 5 nearly 6 years was a lot easier

Gennz18 Fri 25-May-18 11:46:11

Ondansetron! From about weeks 6 -14 I was taking 1 pill every 6 hours on the dot. I'm now 35 +2 and take one every morning before I get out of bed. Occasionally the vomming/nausea breaks through but for the most part it has really helped me manage. I don't know how I would have coped without it especially with a toddler.

Also DS is 3.5 and in full time Childcare (nanny & crèche). I also have SPD (I suck at being pregnant) so really wouldn't have coped running round after him.

First time round I worked up to 37 weeks - this time I've been on mat leave since 32 weeks.

ALadyofLetters Fri 25-May-18 11:55:54

I had two HG pregnancies, Dd1 was 18 months when I was pregnant again. I found it much easier to deal with the second time as I knew what to expect (vomiting all the way through to birth) and had strategies to help e.g fizzy drinks, ritz crackers to nibble etc. I’ve not eaten a ritz cracker or drunk lemonade since!

Also medics took me seriously straight away and I was on Ondansetron much earlier than for my first pregnancy. I couldn’t have coped without the drugs!

happydays00 Fri 25-May-18 18:27:36

No, you're all right. It's not what I want to hear but a bigger gap might be the only feasible option. I wanted to try and keep around 3 years between them but I'm just not sure I'd manage it. I tried ordansetron at around 25 weeks last time and whilst it stemmed my vomiting I still had the crippling nausea so gave up after a few weeks. Thanks all and for those who have survived multiple HG pregnancies you're all heroes!

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