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Are these things normal for a 1-week-old?

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birthofawoman Thu 24-May-18 18:03:55

1) Exclusively breastfed baby pooping after (and sometimes even during) every feed? This symptom started about 2/3 days ago. Can hear his digestive system/bowel grumbling during a feed, and before you know it a mushy, mustard-coloured poo is in his nappy.

2) Skin shedding/peeling like a snake? This came on [to this extent] just yesterday. Before then skin was dry but wouldn't shed/peel/flake. Doesn't appear to be red, raw or sore underneath - literally just peeling/shedding. No signs of pain or discomfort from baby in regards to this, just very strange-looking.

Will contact MW, was just wondering if any other parents had experienced this with their newborn?

muststoplurking Thu 24-May-18 18:10:03

Pooing - yes very normal. It will change over time, in the mean time at least it means the baby is getting plenty of milk! My two, one was a 'poo every feed' baby, the other was a 'poo every few days(or weeks!)' baby - both bf. no rhyme or reason to it.
Skin - no experience of this myself, wouldn't like to comment.

WonderfullySunny Thu 24-May-18 18:11:58

My DS is just over two weeks now and we've had both the poo during feed/immediately after and the shedding skin. He was 42 weeks so this is very normal apparently smile just be sure to top and tail him and ensure his skin gets air time.

TittyGolightly Thu 24-May-18 18:12:28

Was he overdue? Has he been bathed yet?

QueenAravisOfArchenland Thu 24-May-18 18:12:43

Yes and yes.

mummabearfoyrbabybears Thu 24-May-18 18:13:12

Both completely normal congratulations on your new bean

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 24-May-18 18:13:21

Yes both. DS1 was incredibly peely straight away as he was almost 2 weeks late. DS2 became peely at about 2 weeks old.
And yes, newborns are very poopy. They only have liquids so it follows that their poos would be liquidy! And their digestive systems are very new.

katmarie Thu 24-May-18 18:14:57

Yes to both, mine was a week overdue and exactly the same with both the pooing and the skin.

BroomstickOfLove Thu 24-May-18 18:15:54

Yes to both.

littleneepo Thu 24-May-18 18:16:53

Yes to both as well. The new milk seems to push out everything in their digestive system!!

CockOffPostmanPat Thu 24-May-18 18:19:41

Both absolutely normal. Newborns are weird beasts.

SoyDora Thu 24-May-18 18:21:23

Yes to both.

PhoenixDown Thu 24-May-18 18:22:05

Yes. As others have said, breastmilk stimulates the gut and has a laxative effect. Soft yellow coloured poos are a good sign baby is getting plenty of milk. The skin peeling is also normal, they're like snakes grin shedding their fetal skin to reveal lovely soft skin underneath! It should resolve in a few days.

Congrats on your new arrival!

AmazingPostVoices Thu 24-May-18 18:22:42

Absolutely normal.

Olive oil for the skin.

You can buy bottles in the chemist if you’d prefer but normal stuff will do too.

stellenbosch Thu 24-May-18 18:24:34

Could be a milk allergy. My dc had a rash and was pooing 12 times a day

PotteringAlong Thu 24-May-18 18:26:37

All 3 of mine breastfed, all 3 of mine did the poo thing and also did the skin thing! Completely normal flowers

sycamore54321 Thu 24-May-18 18:27:37

Frequent poos can indeed be fine and perfectly normal and healthy and a sign of good feeding. From an absolute abundance of caution though, I would mention to your midwife? It depends on what you mean by every feed - how many poos in 24 hours? If it's something like 12 or 15 there may be a risk of dehydration in case it's actually diahorrea. But it's 99% likely to be just fine.

Cakeandmarshmallows Thu 24-May-18 18:28:18

My 42 week baby, nowb4 and half weeks!! Had this as well!!

BananaBlaps Thu 24-May-18 18:28:43

Don’t put olive oil on a baby’s skin. It’s not recommended by dermatologists as it breaks down the skin’s barrier. It will be recommended by some midwives and HVs no doubt but shouldn’t be.

SecretStash Thu 24-May-18 21:13:55

NOT olive oil for the skin!

SoftSheen Thu 24-May-18 21:19:01

Both very normal. Don't put anything on your newborn's skin. Wash only with plain warm water. Congratulations on your baby flowers

DinoSn0re Thu 24-May-18 21:19:53

Both totally normal, experienced both with my DD. Found the skin peeling odd as I hadn’t noticed it with other newborns before but was assured by the midwife that it happens with lots of babies.

TittyGolightly Thu 24-May-18 21:57:22

Organic sunflower oil is the best for a baby’s skin.

MammieBear Thu 24-May-18 22:03:57

All normal, nothing to worry about, but for you peace of mind call your midwife or health visitor just to confirm.

PonderLand Thu 24-May-18 22:11:03

My ds was exactly the same, he'd feed, poo, sleep. He was ebf for the first few months and the skin peeling happened within a week. If the stools are mushy then that is normal too. Diarrhoea will be very liquidy and leak through nappies. Congratulations on your newborn

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