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What happens in the 20 week scan?

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Carrla Wed 23-May-18 21:51:11

20 week scan due in 4 weeks. Not sure what to expect...
- does the sonographer tell you the results or do you see a midwife after?
- what do they actually look for?
- is it a long scan?

Feeling nervous and still 4 weeks to go!

GreenMeerkat Wed 23-May-18 22:02:34

It can be quite long as they are looking for several different things, and sometimes baby doesn't always cooperate so can take a while to get to one area (my DD had her head buried in the placenta so couldn't see her lips, had to have a drink and go for a walk). They are looking at various different parts of the body for abnormalities. I think my first one (uncooperative DD) took around 40 minutes and second one took around 20 which is about normal. Thankfully I had no issues but I think the sonographer will tell you there and then if there are, and then arrange for you to speak with someone afterwards.

If you don't want to know the set of your baby tell the sonographer before she begins the scan and they can subconsciously use gendered pronouns. Ours kept saying 'she' but we'd already found out at a private scan so not an issue for us.

Some info here about what they are screening for:

LeeGee86 Wed 23-May-18 22:05:50

I had my 20 week scan about 3 weeks ago. It was slightly longer than the 12week one. Basically they are doing a thorough exam looking for any abnormalities as well as measuring the baby to make sure baby is growing wellsmile they are also able to tell you the sex of the baby if you wish them to, but you usually have to ask or they ask of you wish to know.

NaMajesty Wed 23-May-18 22:15:25

As PP have said they are scanning to measure baby, find any abnormalities and also can tell you the sex (if you want to know).

The time it takes will depend on whether or not baby co operates. With my 1st it took nearly an hour. She checked everything but DS wouldn't lay still enough for her to check his spine. He kept swaying his back in line with my back(which meant she couldn't see his spine). I was sent out to do cartwheels in the corridor and run up and downstairs go for a walk to move baby's position. She ended up having to tilt the bed at crazy angles while scanning me to get a look at his spine. grin I was a bit scared I would fall off the bed but I didn't, was a hell of an experience though!

It really isn't anything to worry about, and the pictures you get this time will be so much better quality than the 12 week ones. You will also have a few minutes to watch the screen and see your baby (and how much they've grown in just 2 months). I also asked the midwife to talk me through what she was doing, and she was happy to do that for me which was nice of her. She told me 'I'm measuring X part, I'm finding X part, this organ is fine, the bones are measuring X amount etc. She was brilliantsmile

Nothisispatrick Wed 23-May-18 22:19:02

I had mine on Monday. It was quite long, sonographer checked everything from brain, face, arms and legs then internal organs and spine. She also checked where my placenta was. She talked us through everything she did, then at the very end she checked the sex.

She told us everything was fine as she went along, and we didn't see a midwife or anyone else during the appointment.

Probably lasted about half an hour.

BridgeFarmKefir Wed 23-May-18 23:35:12

Ours was about an hour - sonographer was checking everything thoroughly, but couldn't get feet and arms as she was in a funny position, so I had to go for a walk. Thankfully she turned and the sonographer got the rest of the measurements. They will talk you through it as much as you like and let you know if anything needs looking into. Sonographer asked at the start if we wanted to know the sex (we did!) though was clear she couldn't guarantee anything, and of course, that's not the point of the scan.

We have to go back as there was a bright white spot near the stomach, but this seems to be a pretty normal occurrence and the sonographer was lovely and reassuring.

BlueBug45 Thu 24-May-18 05:30:07

Mine lasted about 45 minutes then I had another 15 minutes after a 30 minute break as baby wasn't co-operative.

The sonographer scans you and takes lots of measurements to check everything is developing normally. They should tell you while measuring you what they are looking at. Some hospitals allow you to video the scan on your mobile while others don't so ask before hand if you want to do this.

Depending on your hospital you may have your whooping cough vaccination afterwards.

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