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Spotting and constant worrying!

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SparklingNarwhal Wed 23-May-18 17:24:24

Omg, I knew it would be stressful but this is hellish!

I'm only 5 weeks and 5 days, first timer and every tinge causes worry. Doesn't help that my right hip has always had a funny nerve issue since I was little so now when it plays up I keep thinking it's an ectopic pregnancy.

To top it off, on Wednesday and Thursday after some tough BM I spotted sending my anxiety thru the roof!

The internet in its grand fashion says it's fine to everything is wrong! :/
I should call the midwife ...

ellalouise90 Wed 23-May-18 17:34:46

Call the midwife just to make sure every thing is okay, especially because your so early in your pregnancy x

Christiina Wed 23-May-18 18:33:47

I'm only 3-4 weeks according to FOUR home pregnancy tests which were Clear Blue digital ones but today I went to my doctor and their test came up negative!!!
I'm now waiting on results from a blood test! Can anyone tell me if this is normal or have gone through similar?! I'm so worried! Xx

SparklingNarwhal Thu 24-May-18 07:24:04

I'm afraid o can't answer that @christiina it could be a chemical pregnancy but the blood work will confirm or deny that.

I'm calling the midwife today talk about my symptoms, my anxiety I think it making mole hills into mountains

Kizykicks Thu 24-May-18 09:30:27


I am bang on the same pregnancy scale as you! I'll be 6 weeks on Monday according to my dates.

I've been a constant mess with worry - I've got a blood test today to check my HCG levels. I had a bit of spotting (not much) and cramps.
The last few days I've had sharp shooting pains in my right side and now my left.

Of course google is my best friend or worst enemy... some say it's round ligament pain which is your uterus stretching but that's not usually common until your second trimester and I can't even think about the other answers google is giving me sad

How are you feeling? I haven't had sickness but I'm so bloated and my boobs are aching.

Congratulations by the way! What's your due date?

Mines 22nd January.

We haven't told our parents yet x

SparklingNarwhal Thu 24-May-18 13:41:42

Hey @kizykicks

Yeah I had cramping, very mild on Monday and Tuesday and I wonder if that was what made my hip play up. It's been 'wired wrong' since I was a kid but never went to the doctor's with it. It flares up when I walk over 10,000 steps, stand up all day etc. My spotting has stopped. I think me and hubby fooling around Monday night and then the tough BM's along with cramping might of aggravated things.

I'm currently due either the 18th of 24th of Jan depending on which calculator you use.

I'm also a natural worrier and pessimist which doesn't help :/ thou today the aching has stopped, nausea is okay if I eat when prompted.

Kizykicks Fri 25-May-18 06:34:57

@SparklingNarwhal Congratulations!!

I'm a natural worrier too, I worry about everything and if I'm not worrying I'm worried about why I'm not worrying!

It's crazy how you find out you're going to go through one of the most amazing journeys of your life but very troublesome times and you've got to wait 12 weeks.. the wait is a stress

Kizykicks Sun 27-May-18 10:36:11

Just wanted to let you know about a chat I just had with the midwifery Center.

I called because the last two days I have no pregnancy symptoms, a bit of sickness but no sore boobs or cramps and I was worried.

I asked for an early scan but they said they don't do them unless there is a medical reason (I'm only 6 weeks)

She said do a pregnancy test every other day, the cheap ones that are only £1 are fine! Because it's early on I'm pregnant if the results are positive then it's good.

It's only if you're later in your pregnancy that you could get a fake positive result if you had a missed MC as the hormone takes longer to get out of your system.

surreygirl1987 Sun 27-May-18 10:43:06

@Kizykicks just so you know I had AWFUL round ligament pain in yh3 first trimester, around the 5-6 week mark! One knocked me off my feet and I went to A&E convinced it was ectopic! But it was absolutely fine and am now 22 weeks with no problems yet. The fact that you're feeling it on both sides not just one is a good sign actually.

SparklingNarwhal Sun 27-May-18 11:25:17

Hey, my aches I think are definitely ligament/nerve pains from my preexisting hip issues. I noticed they were strong in flat shoes than heeled. So i may invest in walking shoes and some fashion walking shoes too like Skechers. I can see this hip being an issue later.
No spotting again, but I did have the same like when my symptoms went away but they always came back with vengeance!

I actually looked up the statistics of MC's and that set my mind at ease funnily enough.

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