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When did everyone make their pregnancy public?

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Maedoula Mon 21-May-18 11:05:52

Just wanted to get some ideas as to when would be a good time to tell friends about pregnancy?

firstimer91 Mon 21-May-18 11:15:06

I waited until 12 weeks as that is when chance of miscarriage plummets way down. It's not easy waiting, you feel like you want to tell everyone you see!

But each to their own...

zaalitje Mon 21-May-18 11:17:56

I waited until about 28 weeks for some, (colleagues, friends) there's some I still haven't told and I'm due in a week.
Just feels like jinxing things and I can't bare untelling them when something goes wrong.

applecatchers36 Mon 21-May-18 11:18:05

Am 13 weeks and waiting for scan, blood tests etc..if they look ok then will start to tell people.

ChocolateChipMuffin2016 Mon 21-May-18 11:21:17

Told family and friends after the first scan. Didn't announce it publicly at all, though it made it onto facebook at about 6 months-ish (Friends who lived far away asked on FB how me and bump were).

Dietcokebreak1 Mon 21-May-18 11:22:10

For my first I kept it quite as long as possible and actually I wish I hadn't it was just awkward and an elephant in the room because people guessed. Relatives also got pisses off with us.

For this baby I told my family as soon as I got a positive test and did the cheesy fb thing after the 12 week scan.

BillywigSting Mon 21-May-18 11:27:36

At 8 weeks because I had to explain the constant vomiting to my boss.

He thought I was on the booze!

hammeringinmyhead Mon 21-May-18 11:30:20

Last week for colleagues and social media. I was 14 weeks. We started telling family and close friends at 12 weeks in person.

KatnissK Mon 21-May-18 11:34:42

At 8 weeks I told family and 9 weeks I told work. I had HG so it was pretty impossible not to mention it. If I hadn't had the sickness so badly I would have waited until 12 weeks.

Nothisispatrick Mon 21-May-18 11:38:10

About 9 weeks for my immediate team at work due to sickness, 12 weeks for everyone else.

namaste86 Mon 21-May-18 11:38:41

I had to tell work at 5 weeks (work in care and someone had shingles)

We told our parents at 8 weeks after private scan. Rest of family and friends after 12 week scan.

NickMarlow Mon 21-May-18 11:41:00

We told our parents and siblings pretty much straight away. Had a private scan at 8 weeks (we'd been trying for a long time, having tests etc so wanted to know if it was ok so far) and told close friends after that, they knew we'd been ttc.

Came home from the 12 week scan and told dd, after that it went public to everyone!

princesspeppax Mon 21-May-18 11:46:50

With my 1st only my DP knew until 13 weeks then i told family and work manager, and 16 weeks i posted on FB/instagram

With my 2nd I told DP, and close family right away and waited until 16 weeks to announce on social media

mehhh Mon 21-May-18 11:58:57

I told immediate family immediately (my side not dps though as he didn't want to mostly because of the size of the family), dps side we told roughly 10 weeks, my 12 week scan was annoyingly just after Christmas, everyone else just whenever I saw them really!! Xx

DappledThings Mon 21-May-18 12:10:00

As and when it came up. So friends I saw at 5 weeks I told then, some I didn't see until 30 weeks I told then. Immediate family pretty much as soon as we knew.

My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks. Didn't make me any less sure about just telling whenever we saw people and not waiting till the 12 week mark

LexieLulu Mon 21-May-18 12:50:11

We told MIL straight away (my DH was a mummies boy so practically ran to her house to tell her), we told my family when I'd been to the doctors.

I told work at about 8 weeks as I had some bleeding and I was crying in work.

Friends were told after scan.

Posted on social media a few weeks after that.

I don't think there's a right or a wrong time, if you would be comfortable telling people you've miscarried then I wouldn't wait. One of my friends told everyone from minute go, she said that if she had miscarried she wouldn't regret telling people

m4rdybum Mon 21-May-18 12:58:08

I think it depends on the circumstances- whether you're close to your family, whether it's you're first, whether you've had past MC's.

We've decided to tell people after my 8 weeks booking appointment. We've decided that if things do go wrong, we'd want people to know, and wouldn't want the awkwardness of announcing the pregnancy and miscarriage all in one go. It will only be parents, grandparents and siblings though.

DuchyDuke Mon 21-May-18 12:59:50

If you are going through IVF sometimes you have to tell work when you are ttc. Just depends on where you work and your duties etc.

Mousefunky Mon 21-May-18 16:11:11

I had two MMC last year and didn’t find out until the first scan so this time I waited until I had the scan and had reached second trimester before telling anyone. I also waited for the NT results to come back low risk.

Mousefunky Mon 21-May-18 16:12:38

Also, I didn’t tell many people I was pregnant the last two times so I didn’t have any awkward ‘I’ve miscarried’ chat as it was only those closest to me that knew.

I found my miscarriages incredibly painful and I wouldn’t have wanted pitying looks from everyone and their dog or to make a social media announcement.

Pebblespony Mon 21-May-18 16:12:40

12 weeks for general release. Pretty much straight away for family.

randomsabreuse Mon 21-May-18 16:15:59

1st time 12 weeks apart from my riding instructor and DH's parents. This time as it becomes obvious to people around us (boob and midriff expansion is hard to disguise!)

Thegirlhasnoname Mon 21-May-18 16:23:02

My family all knew at around 13 weeks after the screening tests all came back clear. The in laws still don’t know and I’m 17 weeks 😅

birdybirdbird Mon 21-May-18 16:40:33

We told close family (parents, siblings) after the 12 week scan. Friends, work colleagues, grandparents, aunties etc after 20 week scan. There are still distant relatives and acquaintances who don’t. I’m sure a pregnant looking photo will eventually pop up on Facebook which will get people asking though.

CookPassBabtridge Mon 21-May-18 16:58:50

First one- whenever we had the gender scan. It was our excited first time, quite a few social media posts, worked full time so all colleagues knew.

Second- kept it quiet until 36 weeks grin I hardly saw anyone during pregnancy (SAHM) so did an announcement two weeks before popping!

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