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Pregnancy on SW

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Wowthisisreal Sun 20-May-18 10:40:56

Hello... so as you may be able to tell from my username I (very recently) found out that I am pregnant! I've been doing SW for nearly about 16 months and have lost 3 stone and currently 7.5lbs away from target.

My question is... when do I tell my consultant? I'd like to call target now and let her know as I don't want to do anything that would harm the baby and know I need extra HEs.

I feel a little weird about telling my SW consultant before my family - what do I do? I know I need to have permission from my midwife but I'm not seeing one yet...

Any advice would be gratefully received. I should note I would still like to continue with SW during pregnancy to avoid unnecessary gains!

PickettBowtruckles Sun 20-May-18 15:07:34

Personally I wouldn’t tell your consultant yet. You won’t start gaining weight due to the pregnancy for a while yet and provided you just up the healthy extras to what they should be (double I think?) I’d just carry on as usual.

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