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public transport with morning sickness

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Anon14992 Fri 18-May-18 21:17:43

Past week or so I have been getting really bad nausea to the point where my tablets and ginger nuts aren't helping at all. I have a hospital appointment on Monday and as we don't drive and my dad's car is broken we have to rely on the bus and it can be around 45 mins - 1 hour to get there.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can survive the bus journey feeling so ill? I struggle to travel at the best of times long distance. I will take my tablet before I go, take my ginger nuts to nibble on the bus and a bottle of water to sip on. I know I can get off at any stop but I can't risk being late and the bus isn't exactly the most frequent. I'm having a scan but because of the travelling aspect I am dreading it.

Bobbiepin Fri 18-May-18 21:19:33

Plan to get there early, so if you have to get off the bus you can do. Eat if you feel you can, bottle of flat lemonade rather than water and sandwich bags just in case (no holes). Good luck!

Havetothink Fri 18-May-18 21:46:56

I found boiled sweets or Murray mints kept the nausea at bay.

Anon14992 Sat 19-May-18 03:08:02

ahh thank you!

I actually forgot about mints they usually help and will definitely take bags and flat lemonade. Will have to try to get there early. at least on the way back there is no time limit.

octoberfarm Sat 19-May-18 03:21:01

Poor you. I found that ginger chews really helped, even with the horrible travel sickness morning sickness combo - they're readily available where I live but not sure how easy it is to find them in the UK - maybe worth a look?

amysaurus87 Sat 19-May-18 03:31:53

Have you tried those travel sickness bands? You can usually get them in Boots. They saved my life in the early days as I had a 40mins train ride into work!

AlfredDaButtler Sat 19-May-18 03:39:34

Travel sickness bands helped me massively in the early days, as did chewing gum/mints and having lucozade to sip on.

You have my sympathy, the first trimester was my least favourite part of pregnancy.

NameChangeCuddleBums Sat 19-May-18 03:56:44

I had hyperemesis my entire pregnancy. Take sick bags and use them if you need. I have been sick almost everywhere, you can’t help it. Feel better soon.

Anon14992 Sat 19-May-18 04:56:57

thank you all. I will look at ginger chews and anti sickness bands. Hopefully they work. I blame a midwife I saw. She jinxed me! She asked if I had been having any sickness and I was like a little and she was like ohh nothing you cant handle? nothing worse than having your head stuck down the loo. I swear I have been feeling this way daily since I saw her lol

BubblesPls Sun 20-May-18 14:30:53

Would it not be worth just getting a taxi?

I'm currently suffering awful nausea and public transport is killing me. I'm at the point where the thought of one more ginger biscuit makes me wanna puke.

LBOCS2 Sun 20-May-18 14:34:37

I found carrying a mint teabag helped too - at points the idea of putting anything in my mouth made me queasy, and it's often all the smells which make you feel worse - so I'd sit and sniff a mint teabag which helped cut out both of those issues.

Anon14992 Mon 21-May-18 02:54:58

both good ideas and I guess I could ask how much a taxi would be. probably wouldnt be cheap though but itll be quicker and easier.

Mint teabags to sniff sound good too.

Bluebirdsky Mon 21-May-18 07:50:07

I commuted into work on the train and tube through my morning sickness, it was awful!
I wore the sea bands on my wrists and I think they helped although it was difficult to tell as I didn't really ever try without them.
Also a carrier bag or two in my handbag for emergencies.

butlerswharf Mon 21-May-18 08:35:27

I had to get on the tube with morning sickness and found that having an ice cold bottle of water in my hand really helped.

Anon14992 Tue 22-May-18 20:11:47

Thank you all. I survived but it was horrible. Next appointment is in 3 weeks and I need a very full bladder too so that'll be fun

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