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Countdown to 12 Week Scan

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EeekPreggoAgain Fri 18-May-18 13:47:43

With 12 days left to wait and the anxiety growing. Anyone else got their next week and want to do some virtual hand holding, shared paranoia, general anxiety releasing?

Last night I was pleased I needed to pee more the last couple of days as I thought “ooh that must mean things are growing”. Today I’m worried because I’ve been totally off chocolate and I’ve just melted an Easter egg and eaten it with with some granola!! Arrrgh!

All madness I know, just got to wait and hope! X

Stephisaur Fri 18-May-18 15:05:21

Mine's June 1st so 2 weeks today. I just know these 2 weeks are going to drag!

I've been off chocolate lately too, but I love the idea of melting down an egg smile haven't needed to wee much more often, but I'm also not drinking enough (just can't bear it) so that's probably got something to do with it!

Currently debating with DH whether we should just be impatient and get a private scan in the meantime ;)

Trixie101 Fri 18-May-18 15:08:25

I had mine on Wednesday and I was exactly the same symptom spotting, even convinced myself I wasn't actually pregnant the night before and I'd have the scan and nothing would be in there haha. But I have to say (this is my first) it was the most mesmorising thing I think I've ever experienced I just found it fascinating seeing my child on a screen as soon as i laid back and saw baby for the first time all of that worrying just went I just want to have scans all the time now so I can see the baby again!

Also with the aversions I'm the same can't stand anything sweet at the moment but then ate 4 custard creams (now I feel sick though😂😂) Good luck with it I'm sure you will be fine xxx

EeekPreggoAgain Fri 18-May-18 15:18:26

That’s great Trixie, so pleased for you. I remember the feeling well from my first, I held my breathe until we heart that chugging sound and saw the baby! Then bawled with relief! Crossing everything it is the same this time.

@Stephisaur We had the same debate. There is a private place really close to us and I’m very tempted. I read a sad thread though about private scans being great if all is fine but it being quite distressing if it’s not because they don’t have any duty of care, it’s just pay your money and off you go. Then you have to go through getting in touch with the NHS and waiting for another scan etc, I have to say it put me off it. Doesn’t stop me thinking about it though!

I’ve had trouble with drinking too, I’ve been both super thirsty but not being able to fancy anything! I used to drink 10 cuppas a day and now I can’t stomach it! Been through countless types of herbal tea, peppermint seems ok at the moment or just some hot water and lemon. Sparking water is going down well, not something I’m normally a huge fan of. Strange isn’t it!

I have a load of Easter Eggs left over and suddenly just fancied one! Who knows why! Regretting it now though! Haha

Is this your first baby? This is my second. Be great to “hold hands” over the next 2 weeks! I’m the 30th.

SophieE1987 Fri 18-May-18 15:23:40

Mine is next Friday but I’m very anxious - I had some bleeding at the start so had a scan at 5+3 and 6+2 - baby was measuring 2 weeks behind my LMP dates (have really weird periods) so despite having seen the heartbeat I’m terrified something will be wrong - my symptoms have faded since about 10 weeks, didn’t have any sickness but was nauseous constantly, just have sore boobs and fatigue now, oh and weeing all the bloody time, trying to be strong for my husband because I suffer from anxiety anyway and I know my constant worrying can’t be good for him, have also been tempted by a private scan but put off by stories about when things go wrong (and the money)!

First baby for me, planned by unexpected after two months of trying.

Stephisaur Fri 18-May-18 15:40:24

@EeekPreggoAgain yes this is our 1st smile

We’re mostly thinking the private scan as we’re not 100% sure if DH can make the 12 week scan, so it’d be a way of making sure he doesn’t miss out. Our private place is wonderful so I hear, but it would be awful to get bad news there 😩

Mamababynumber2 Fri 18-May-18 15:48:43

I'm the 1st June too for the 12 week scan and feels like ages away!

EeekPreggoAgain Fri 18-May-18 15:49:29


Such a worry isn’t it. I know you shouldn’t wish the time away but I just want it over with! My husband actually said to me at the start, “I’m not worried about you being pregnant, I’m worried about you worryin about being pregnant”! Bless him.

EeekPreggoAgain Sat 19-May-18 13:35:21

Ack, I don’t feel any where near as sick as I have been feeling today! How’s everyone else? It’s got me worrying hmm

Stephisaur Sat 19-May-18 16:19:09

My nausea comes and goes. Today I haven’t felt AS bad, but I still don’t feel 100% so I guess I’m feeling it in other ways 😂

EeekPreggoAgain Sat 19-May-18 18:01:37

Here’s to not feeling 100%! 😉 I think my hormones were at least playing up today, I found myself crying at the 5 mins of the royal wedding I saw and I honestly couldn’t give a toss about them! 😂 I don’t know what came over me. Lol

DoAsDreamersDo Sat 19-May-18 19:16:08

My 12 week scan is on 29th May (a week on Tuesday). It felt like ages away when I first got my appointment through but it’s coming round quite quickly now. I’m already feeling a bit nervous. My nausea seems to be getting worse, rather than better though 😫

I also cried watching the wedding today, but I cry at most weddings so it’s not too unusual for me 😊

Stephisaur Mon 21-May-18 17:17:08

DH has managed to get time off to come with me to the scan, yay! We work together for my parents so trying to keep it secret but also keep him involved has been difficult 😂

EeekPreggoAgain Tue 22-May-18 20:25:53


Yay! Great news. What a relief to know he can be there. And how are you hiding it from them?!! That sounds really hard to do! Well done.

How is everyone feeling today? I had plain spaghetti do tea! Weird I know it’s all u could fancy! Lol

EeekPreggoAgain Tue 22-May-18 20:26:13

For* tea, not do!

Stephisaur Wed 23-May-18 08:21:37

It's really difficult, but thankfully I'm just pretending to get fat grin

I've also been lucky because I've not had much actual sickness, only nausea, so I don't think anyone really suspects just yet.

I had pie and mash for dinner last night, but ate too much of it and felt sick the rest of the night sad

EeekPreggoAgain Wed 23-May-18 21:11:12

Oh no! That keeps happening to me. I think when I finally fancy something I then over do it! Luckily any really fatty or unhealthy foods have been the worst so it’s put me right off them! Tonight I had a veggie stir fry and it was honestly the best thing I’ve ever eaten! Lol!

Talking about pretending to be fat... my trousers are getting so snug! I’m back in my pjs the first chance I get after work!

This time next week I’ll know whether it’s all good or not! I keep lurching from excitement to dread!

Hope you’re feeling less sick tonight! X

EeekPreggoAgain Sun 27-May-18 07:27:04


How did you get on Friday? X

Rose2887 Sun 27-May-18 07:52:17

My scan is 20th June, excited but also nervous!! Can’t wait to see the baby, I did get a doopler heart beat thing which has been quite comforting smile £15 on eBay so a bargain! Xx

EeekPreggoAgain Sun 27-May-18 14:05:42


Have you found it easy to use? I was worried I’d get one and then worry myself stupid by not using it properly. I also suspect I might become utterly obsessed with it! 🙈

Laurakasia23 Sun 27-May-18 16:09:01

I’m still waiting for my appointment and I’m nearly 13 weeks, absolutely terrified. Hate this waiting game.

Stephisaur Sun 27-May-18 18:27:13

@laurakasia23 have you tried calling the hospital to chase it? You should have had a date by now sad

xLeanne128 Sun 27-May-18 20:23:57

18 days to go for me!! Currently 10+1 can't wait but also very anxious as had a previous MC and have no symptoms at all!! Bring it on!!

EeekPreggoAgain Sun 27-May-18 21:41:03

Just got to get to Wednesday now. Feeling more and more resigned to bad news I think. I’m such a pessimistic person! Crossing my fingers and wishing on every loose eyelash! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Laurakasia23 Sun 27-May-18 22:49:54

Yeah midwife is chasing it up for me, I’m away as of tomorrow for a week too so chances are I’m going to have to reschedule anyway! 😭

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