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All I want to do is find a bloomin' pram!

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agnesnitt Wed 16-May-07 18:03:51

I can't find an online retailer that sells prams of a sensible sort for a decent price.

I want a two in one (carry cot and then seat unit) type thing that preferably has swivel front wheels.

Can anyone post me any links to suitable retailers? Mothercare, kiddicare and babiesrus have nothing I like the look of.

I'm at that nearly 31 weeks and stroppy point so am doing some research now.

Thanks in advance


J20BABY Wed 16-May-07 18:08:47

kiddicare don't know if its got anything you want but at least you get to have a browse

peachygirl Wed 16-May-07 18:11:45

look at the silver cross 3D

elsieanjoanne Wed 16-May-07 18:11:46

cheap site not sure it will work still learning the link thing!!!

elsieanjoanne Wed 16-May-07 18:13:01

oh no doesnt work you may have to put it in search bar two left feet, its very good site and they delivery free so it makes it bit cheaper

peachygirl Wed 16-May-07 18:14:05

two left feet have a really bad reputation on here

Ceolas Wed 16-May-07 18:15:57

mamas and papas mpx chassis has swivel wheels. You can buy cheaper than from them direct.

So does the silver cross linear chassis.

Someone was recommending the inglesina otutto earlier too.

Tis a minefield indeed

Ceolas Wed 16-May-07 18:17:20

FWIW, I think Glasgow Pram Centre is very competitive in terms of price. Have heard good things about their online service on here too.

MrsApron Wed 16-May-07 18:18:20

<flexes fingers>

Do you
1) walk mostly
2) drive mostly
3) how big is your boot
4) Have you accepted that you are very very likely to mull over this for ages and then buy a maclaren anyway?
5) Height? Yours is v important Dh less so unless he is a stay at home dad
6) Public transport? which sort and how often?

<taps keyborad impatiently>

agnesnitt Wed 16-May-07 18:40:58

Do you
1) walk mostly

Yes, all over the bloody place

2) drive mostly

What is this driving of which you speak?

3) how big is your boot


4) Have you accepted that you are very very likely to mull over this for ages and then buy a maclaren anyway?

Not really, as I haven't seen one I like

5) Height? Yours is v important Dh less so unless he is a stay at home dad

I'm five foot eight and the male is not important seeing as he is off playing happy families with his hussy

6) Public transport? which sort and how often?

Buses maybe once or twice a month, all low floor with good facilities for wheeled appliances

MrsApron Wed 16-May-07 19:06:24


will be back later bath/bed time here.

J20BABY Wed 16-May-07 19:08:57

what about on here?

any good?

mad4girls Wed 16-May-07 19:21:48

good one mrs A all the things i would have

i would certianly suggest the silvercross 3d as its nice as a pram/ pushchair very sturdy and long lasting pushchair suitable for a todler,but does umbrella fold forthe bus if needed not really 1 handed though.
i would go for the mamas and papas pliko pramette which is pretty much same desing as the 3d but bit more exspensive.

also is it worth thinking about 2nd hand or are you compleatly against it, just thoght, or not even 2nd hand just try ebay, u could get m and p mpx chassis as some one suggested quite cheap(about £50) and there are always 2nd hand and new 2 in 1 seat units for sale on their own seen some for buy it now about £30, this as a set would normally be about £350 new

anyway its worth a thought plus if you find its not suitable or grows out of it u can always sell it on again and you wont lose much if anything,HTH

weepiglet2 Wed 16-May-07 19:39:28

we have ordered one of these after trying it at the babyshow: four wheels with swivel at the front - adjustable handle for tall people and can face either way

honeyapple Wed 16-May-07 19:48:50

Nice- but how much?

I am starting again as PG with number 3 after a bit of a gap... and everything is SO blooming pricey...I think the pram business has gone slightly bonkers in the last few years (what with bugaboo hysteria)...

MrsApron Wed 16-May-07 20:06:46

oh and
7) what is the access like into your home?

weepiglet2 Wed 16-May-07 20:12:54

Honeyapple:-I know what you mean - the bugaboo prices give me a cold sweat.

We got the speedster model for under £400 including carseat - some of their other models are a bit cheaper but my 6ft 4 hubbie (who is going to be stay at home dad at least for a while) got really hooked on this one.

Havnt looked to see if there is a better deal on line (dont want to now that it is on order!)

notsofarnow Wed 16-May-07 20:29:59

whatever you do do not buy from twoleftfeet

J20BABY Wed 16-May-07 20:36:07

how come?

never even looked at them, but might have to have a nosy now. have they got a bad reputation?

Ceolas Wed 16-May-07 20:37:17

Twoleftfeet have had bad publicity on here for shocking customer service.

Ceolas Wed 16-May-07 20:39:18

if this doesn't work, search for threads with two left feet in the title

Nobody has a good word to say

notsofarnow Wed 16-May-07 20:39:40

promise you the world until something goes wrong then you can't get hold of them for toffee. I ended up reporting them to trading standards in the end and they didn't get any joy with them either and said that where their based was inundated with complaints.

J20BABY Wed 16-May-07 20:55:00

ok wont use them

agnesnitt Wed 16-May-07 22:31:55

I've jotted down some notes from the suggestions here. Am upt o my eyeballs in 'stuff-to-do!' feverishness this evening so will look tomorrow.

MrsApron, access is fine as I'm in a house with a nice big hallway I can 'drive' straight into

Thanks again everyone, will be back tomorrow when I've got this bee out of my bonnet (must tidy!)


MrsApron Wed 16-May-07 23:28:59


Nice big hallway good!

5'8" means that loads of prams will be too short (I am 5'8" lol)

From experience big air filled tyres are far far easier to push so if you have the space and you walk a lot they are fabulous.

My phil and teds is an easier push with both kids in it than my mamas and papas 3 in one (ultima chassis) with the baby in.

I would think you could do with a biggish basket too if you have no car.


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