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size of baby and size of pregnancy sac not consistent, miscarriage inevitable?

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gemwhitt Tue 08-May-18 18:41:04

Hi ladies,

Hoping for some reassurance, or just some stories of experiences with this.

Went for scan today at 7w+1d. I've not had much in the way of pregnancy symptoms the past week, and I had a bit of very light spotting at the weekend.

The nurse was far from optimistic at my scan and said my baby is dating at 6w+2, and the size of the sac looks tight around the baby, meaning it's not progressing as it should.

Has anyone else has this? If so, what was your outcome, good or bad? I'm just reading forum after forum trying to estimate my chances. This baby is very much wanted, and we are just devastated that all is not well.

Mousefunky Tue 08-May-18 19:53:40

I had a private scan in my last pregnancy (which ended in miscarriage) at six weeks and they picked up a heartbeat. I think if a heartbeat wasn’t found it doesn’t sound hopeful.

gemwhitt Tue 08-May-18 20:12:40

I should have said, they did see a heartbeat today. That's why I was so confused when the nurse was so negative. I always assumed a heartbeat meant much less chance of miscarriage.

Rachbones1992 Mon 14-May-18 14:09:28

I have something similar to this too. Should be 8 weeks now by BFP bt measuring 6 weeks with a heartbeat. Midwife didn’t seem concerned but I am :-(

Daffodil77 Mon 14-May-18 15:49:18

How did you calculate that you are 7+1? By my last period, I'll be 8 weeks but I have long cycles and track everything so know I'm actually 6 weeks. This might be why your behind.

I also think you'll find good and bad experiences on here which might confuse you more. Unfortunately with these things the only thing you can do is wait. Having gone through a MC, I don't say that lightly and know how hard it is.

Did they want to see you again soon? That's a good indicator of how serious they think it might be.

gemwhitt Mon 14-May-18 16:50:05

Rachbones1992 - did they say your sac was measuring small too?

Thanks Daffodil77, I have extremely regular (26day) cycles and know exactly I ovulated, so I was 99% sure I was 7w+1. Also you're right, there are some really great stories of surviving the odds, which made me hopeful. But at the moment, I'm sort of living with the expectation that I will miscarry. Then at least I'm prepared.

I had the scan about a week ago and haven't had any bleeding/cramping since. Although I know that missed miscarriages are a possibility, and perhaps my body just hasn't caught up to the fact yet.

They wanted to see me in two weeks (so next week), when they would have a clearer picture of how the pregnancy was progressing (if at all). It's just a waiting game now.

Rachbones1992 Mon 14-May-18 18:43:47

They basically did a TA and could see the sack and yolk but no fetal pole. She said the sack measures 5 weeks 5 days. Then they did a TV and saw the foetus and heartbeat. Said it measured 5 weeks 5 days. I know that I got a BFP more than 4 weeks ago so I can’t see how I could possibly be only 5 and 5? Then they said I didn’t need any further screening until 12 weeks as they had seen the heartbeat but I am worried baby isn’t developing properly as the dates are so impossible. I now have a scan booked for Friday as had a slight bit of spotting today. I just want to know what’s going on.

I’m praying for both of us. I know we are so early in our pregnancies but it is still heartbreaking and an emotional rollercoaster. People keep telling me to be positive and that a Hb is a good sign but I feel like I’m not pregnant anymore and baby has stopped growing or something. :-(

kitty1013 Mon 14-May-18 21:12:15

Sorry @gemwhitt when this was noticed on my early scans I did MC at 8+3 although I'd seen heartbeat at 7w. But the sac was very tight around the baby.
But hopefully it will be different for you. Thinking of you!
(I'm 21w pregnant now on a subsequent pregnancy, so this isn't a totally sad story!)

gemwhitt Mon 14-May-18 21:42:14

@kitty1013 thank you for your message. I am almost sure that I will miscarry too now. Had a bit more spotting today, and I just feel this isn't going to be our baby. As much as we want it. Congrats on your current pregnancy. Did it take you long to get back to a regular cycle after the mc?

@Rachbones1992, the not knowing is almost the worst part. At least if you are told you will mc, you can prepare yourself and start to move on. But having that glimmer of hope is a killer. I was told by my doctor that absolutely nothing you can do will change the outcome. The pregnancy is either viable, or it isn't. And that is more or less preordained from the beginning.

Rachbones1992 Mon 14-May-18 21:48:12

Yes I agree waiting is the worst part. I just don’t feel pregnant anymore and then I feel awful in case baby is ticking along in there and I’m almost giving up on him :-( when is your scan? Mine is Friday, I hope to god baby has grown and still has a HB x

kitty1013 Mon 14-May-18 22:12:45

@gemwhitt I conceived the second cycle after the MC but then MC that pregnancy at 8 weeks again( nb I was 42 then, so I'm sure that my age was a big Factor) ; then my husband got upset and had a vasectomy ; Then a year later he had it reversed (last Oct) and I conceived 1st Jan.

So a slightly long saga but I am totally sure my two MC were just bad luck, I am sure I am far older than you smile, it won't adversely affect your future chances of conception.

While I was sad about my MCs , I was glad they happened naturally without intervention and that my body realised for itself that something wasn't right. I didn't need to take any medication and feel this helped my hormones settle down again quickly.

Good luck. If you do MC there is no reason not to TTC on the very next cycle .

KeefBurtain Mon 14-May-18 22:36:39

I had a scan at 8+4 but they dated me at 6+6. Heartbeat was seen. They said I could have ovulated later or that baby will have caught up by my 12 week scan, But I knew in my heart it wasn’t going to end well.
I too had no symptoms and unfortunately I miscarried naturally 3 weeks ago at 11+3, but my baby hadn’t progressed much past the first scan.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that your outcome is not as sad as mine

Rachbones1992 Tue 15-May-18 10:51:04

@keefburtain yes I worry I’ll have a similar outcome. They didn’t want to rescan me until 12 weeks but I’ve had a small bleed so now I’m having one on Friday. I’m trying to prepare myself for bad news while still holding out some hope. Pleased I don’t have to wait six weeks as I don’t think I could manage it :-/

KeefBurtain Wed 23-May-18 16:59:55

How were your scans? @gemwitt @rachbones1992

gemwhitt Wed 23-May-18 18:21:46

Hey @KeefBurtain. I had my scan yesterday and it confirmed that pregnancy has ended. Although I still have not had the miscarriage.
It was all ok, I was 100% prepared for the bad news and the scanner and nurse were both very supportive and sympathetic.
Whereas last time I could clearly see the foetus and heartbeat, this time, although the sack had grown, the foetus looked like a ball, rather than anything baby shaped.
I've been given medical and surgical options, but I'm going to wait a few more days to see if the miscarriage will happen naturally. If not I'll opt for the pill rather than d&c I think.
While I'm disappointment it's ended, I'm not downhearted, in fact feeling hopeful for the future.

I think its really important for the professionals to give the worst case scenario in instances like this. Had the nurse said there was hope, when I was at the first scan, I would have hung onto like for dear life. But thankfully, I knew miscarriage was probable and have had the last 2 weeks to come to terms with it.

KeefBurtain Wed 23-May-18 18:30:48

I’m so sorry for your sad news.

I completely agree with your last paragraph- it’s better to be prepared for what could happen. I think the doctors/nurses all realise that we’re straight on google when we get home so they’ve got to be straight with you.

I think, in my case at least, knowing that there’s a possibility it’s not going to be a good outcome allowed me to come to terms with it before it happened, which has also made it a bit easier to cope, and I felt a slight sense of relief (not exactly relief but can’t think of the right word to describe it) when I finally did miscarry.

I sincerely hope that the next few days and the coming weeks are, at least, bearable and if you would like a shoulder you’re welcome to pm me.

Rachbones1992 Wed 23-May-18 23:55:11

I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t get good news :-( in some ways I think it must be a relief to know what is happening. I completely agree with you about being given the complete truth and prognosis.

Feel free to message me if you would like :-) I can’t offer much comfort but sometimes it’s nice to talk these things through.

Rachbones1992 Thu 24-May-18 00:00:01

@keefburtain thank you for asking, we are still waiting. When we went on Friday baby had grown a little bit and still had a strong heartbeat. They said growth was more like three days not a week. None of the midwives or sonographers could give us much information and kept saying that everything looked perfect if we didn’t compare to last weeks scan and note the slow growth? I really am struggling with this because they couldn’t give us much information (one midwife even just said maybe baby was going to be very small?). They seemed to not want to discuss chance of MC but I would have liked to know how to prepare myself. We have another scan next Friday to assess growth again and tbh while I am trying not to dwell I have kind of prepared myself with the mentality for bad news. Does that sound awful?

Rachbones1992 Thu 24-May-18 00:01:50

Sorry I should clarify I mean awful in the sense I feel I have given up on this baby already but I just have such a strong gut many emotions right now. I don’t even know if my posts make sense I just can’t think straight about it all 🙁

KeefBurtain Thu 24-May-18 00:16:01

Not at all. I totally get it. It’s kind of a self defence mechanism and I think we all (who have been in a similar situation) can understand.

I sincerely hope that everything is ok and I have everything crossed for you. Please update if you feel able to x

FuckMyUterus Thu 24-May-18 07:12:26

This was my scan at 8 weeks. My sac as u can see is extremely small. I miscarried around 2 weeks after this, despite seeing a perfectly healthy heartbeat.

Rachbones1992 Thu 24-May-18 15:45:04

This is mine (they say 6 weeks), they’ve said that everything looks perfect if they didn’t know the dates :-( doesn’t really help tbh!

Keefburtain Fri 25-May-18 09:52:38

@rachbones1992 is it your scan today? Will be thinking of you x

Rachbones1992 Fri 25-May-18 16:53:33

@keefburtain no it’s next Friday, wish it was today :-( thank you for your thoughts though :-) it’s nice being able to talk to people who understand :-) xx

KeefBurtain Sat 02-Jun-18 18:59:25

@rachbones1992 how is everything?

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